Shah Rukh Khan is rightly termed as one of the biggest superstars of the Indian film industry alongside the likes of Amitabh Bachchan, Dharmendra and other two Khan’s i.e. Salman Khan and Aamir Khan. The actor who made his Hindi film debut with Deewana in 1992, is known as one of the most consistent Indian superstars as he has delivered hits one after another at regular intervals. The period from 2000 to 2010 is the best phase of Shah Rukh Khan’s career, and he continued his good run the first half of this decade as well.


Although in the number game, he is quite behind the other two Khan’s this decade, one can’t deny the fact that his films are still opening to phenomenal response in India and it is the content that is not living onto the expectations. Be it Ra One, Chennai Express, Happy New Year, Dilwale or Raees, all the Shah Rukh Khan films except Jab Harry Met Sejal have taken a promising start at the Box-Office this decade. In today’s time, Shah Rukh Khan is the only start apart from Salman Khan whose fan following can get the traffic at bandstand in Bandra to halt. The craze on ground is unprecedented, and one needs to see the amount of people outside his house on 2nd November. Although a section of people has written him off, we truly believe that it is a matter of good film that Shah Rukh Khan will set the cash registers ringing and according to the inside reports, the film in question would be Zero, which is slated to release this Christmas.

8 Years, 10 Films, 1295 Crore – Shah Rukh Khan’s Rough Phase Is Better Than The Best Of Most Actors!
8 Years, 10 Films, 1295 Crores – Shah Rukh Khan’s Rough Phase Is Better Than The Best Of Most Actors!


Talking about his run this decade, Shah Rukh Khan has acted in approximately 10 films (excluding extended cameos), and the aggregate collections of the 10 films in question is Rs 1295 crore. The average collection per film is approximately Rs 129.50 crore, which falls very short of Aamir Khan and Salman Khan’s average collection per film, but none the less third best of the industry. The number should have been better considering the fact that films like Ra One, Don 2, Happy New Year were solo festive releases, but sadly the content of none of these films managed to live onto the expectations. Leaving that aside, his films like Jab Tak Hai Jaan, Dilwale and Raees faced a clash at the Box-Office that hampered the commercial prospects. The real value of these films without clash would have been at-least 20% higher than the current collections, however ifs and buts never really happen and hence it is better to stick to the facts. Shah Rukh Khan is now gearing up for the release of Zero, and this film is expected to set the cash registers ringing. The film needs to earn approximately Rs 205 crore to get Shah Rukh Khan in the Rs 1500 crore club at the Box-Office, and with the right content this should happen with ease. Shah Rukh Khan – The Superstar always does his task of providing respectable opening to his films, and it is about time his super-stardom is justified by the right script.

Shah Rukh Khan Films This Decade:
My Name Is Khan: Rs 72.75 crore
Ra.One: Rs 125.00 crore
Don 2: Rs 112.00 crore
Jab Tak Hai Jaan: Rs 121.00 crore
Chennai Express: Rs 227.00 crore
Happy New Year: Rs 204.00 crore
Diwale: Rs 149.00 crore
Fan: Rs 85.00 crore
Raees: Rs 137.50 crore
Jab Harry Met Sejal: Rs 62.50 crore
Total: Rs 1295.75 crore
Average Per Film: Rs 129.57 crore




  1. Koimoi team praising their favorite actor as always. Earning more doesn’t mean his films are successful. His films are always at-least 80-90 Cr budget, and that’s no surprise that he earns around 100 cr for most of them. If you look at his budget and earning, he has the worst phase comparing to any other actors.
    I am one of his fans, but I don’t think he has made any good movies in this decade except for JTHJ & Raes. 8/10 of his films are just waste of his talent. But Koimoi team can’t give less than 3.0 rating for any of his movies including disasters, while giving around 2.0 rating for good movies of other actors.


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