Ra.One Review (Ra.One Movie Poster)
Ra.One Review

Business Rating: 3.5 / 5 stars

Star cast: Shah Rukh Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Arjun Rampal, master Armaan Varma.

What’s Good: Individual sequences; stars’ performances; excellent visual effects; the superlative action, the ‘Chammak Challo’ song; eye-filling photography; extraordinary background score.

What’s Bad: The first 20 minutes and some portions in the second half which are boring; the story, which is about a video game, will not be fully understood by the computer-illiterate older generation.

Verdict: Ra.One has novelty and great visual effects to see it through at the box-office and ensure profits in spite of its very high cost.

Loo break: A few in the first half.

Watch or Not?: Definitely watch Ra.One for the superlative performances and the grand visual effects and the 3D effects.

Eros International and Red Chillies Entertainment’s Ra.One is the story of Shekhar Subramanium (Shah Rukh Khan), who lives in London and who is so clumsy and uncool that his young, school-going son, Pratik (master Armaan Varma), does not consider him as his hero or idol. In fact, he doesn’t even respect his father like a son should.

Shekhar works in a gaming company and he alongwith his colleagues makes a video game, Ra.One, in which the villain, Ra.One, is almost invincible. He makes the villain so powerful because his son tells him that heroes are boring and villains are cool. As luck would have it, Pratik, who plays games under the name of Lucifer, defeats Ra.One upto a level. Ra.One then loses his head and escapes from the computer in search of Lucifer. Soon, he kills Shekhar when he lies to him that his name is Lucifer. Shekhar takes on the blame in a bid to save his son’s life. But Ra.One, who has now taken the identity of Shekhar’s own colleague Akashi (Tom Wu), does not give up his search for Lucifer alias Pratik.

Meanwhile, Pratik goes to his dad’s office and between Jenny (Shahana Goswami) and Pratik, the two decide that G.One or, in other words, the Good One from the game would have to be released from the game to combat Ra.One.

Pratik and his widowed mother, Sonia (Kareena Kapoor), leave London to return to India and are given a hot chase by Ra.One. After a lot of misses, Ra.One finally confronts the mother-son duo but G.One emerges in the form of Shekhar to save them.

Now, G.One, Sonia and Pratik come to India after G.One has almost eliminated Ra.One. However, Ra.One is re-constructed one day and lands in India. What happens next? Does he find Lucifer? Does G.One protect Sonia and Pratik alias Lucifer? If so, how?

Ra.One Review (Ra.One Movie Stills)

Ra.One Review: Script Analysis

The story, penned by Anubhav Sinha, has been liberally borrowed from several Hollywood films but it has been suitably Indianised. The Indianised screenplay, written by Kanika Dhillon, David Benullo, Mushtaq Shiekh and Anubhav Sinha, is fast-paced for a good part, but the first 20 minutes, and some portions in the second half are a bit boring. Perhaps, the most heart-touching Indian sentiment in the drama is when G.One comes to the rescue of Sonia and Pratik for the first time, appearing like Shekhar. There are other emotional moments like when Sonia takes a promise from G.One that he would save Pratik’s life, come what may, and when G.One and Pratik join forces to try and combat Ra.One in the end. Also, how Pratik is made to realise that ultimately, it is the hero who is good, and it is the villain who is evil and that good is what one should pursue, is subtle yet effective. But the emotions are understated and although they touch the heart-strings, they do not draw tears from the audience’s eyes. Had the sentiments been more pronounced, it would’ve been better as the viewers would be moved to tears.

However, where there are less-than-required emotions, there are some sequences which are absolutely brilliant and constitute major highlights of the film. Among such highlight sequences worthy of applause in the cinemas are the one in which Ra.One chases Sonia and Pratik; the one in which G.One appears all of a sudden between Ra.One and the car in which Sonia and Pratik are seated (in this particular scene, there will be deafening applause in the cinemas); the action sequences between G.One and Ra.One; the taxi-stand sequence at Bombay airport; the Rajnikanth sequence; the sequence showing the re-construction of Ra.One first and G.One later; the train sequence, etc. Here, it must be added that although the writers and the director have taken care to explain the technicalities of the video game in a simplified manner, yet, the drama will be more understood by the city and multiplex audience than the audience in the smaller centres and those frequenting single-screen cinemas. Again, since the base of the story is the Ra.One video game, it will not be fully understood by the computer-illiterate older generation. On the other hand, kids and the youth will love the drama for the very reasons the older generation wouldn’t – it has a lot of technical jargon, the drama is more subtle and less over-dramatic; and the experience is absolutely novel for the Indian audiences.

Comedy is enjoyable and entertaining but the film could’ve done with more of it, especially in the pre-interval portion. The visual effects are excellent and so are the 3D effects (for those watching in 3D). Another plus point of the drama is that it is not stretched too much. The climax, in which the young son of Shekhar collaborates with G.One, to fight the evil Ra.One is exciting in a different way – more than a nail-biting and edge-of-the-seat climax (which the chase by Ra.One in the first half is), it has heart-warming sentiments of father and son.

Ra.One Movie Review: Star Performances

Shah Rukh Khan does a splendid job and is the life of the film. He is good as Shekhar and fantastic as G.One. The look of G.One is wonderful. Kareena Kapoor is also lovely. She looks gorgeous and acts with effortless ease. She is brilliant in emotional scenes. Both, Shah Rukh and Kareena’s dances are remarkable. Arjun Rampal makes an effective villain and looks very handsome and formidable. Master Armaan Varma makes a sensational debut. He looks charming and acts with such aplomb that it is difficult to believe, this is his first film. Tom Wu is menacing enough. Dalip Tahhil is stylish as ever. Shahana Goswami is as natural and realistic as can be. Satish Shah and Suresh Menon evoke laughter. Rajnikanth appears in a single scene in special appearance and makes his presence felt with mersmerising effect. Sanjay Dutt and Priyanka Chopra don’t add much in special appearances. Amitabh Bachchan’s voice over in a portion of the film heightens the impact.

Ra.One Review: Direction & Music

Anubhav Sinha’s direction is good. Credit goes to him for giving the Indian audience a supremely novel experience. He has excelled in the visual effects department as well as in extracting good work from the actors. Music (Vishal-Shekhar) could’ve been better. While the Chhammak Chhallo song is extraordinary, the others could’ve and should’ve been better. The Dildaara song is appealing. The other songs range from fair to good. Song picturisations (Ganesh Hegde and Feroz Khan) are very eye-filling. The picturisations of Chhammak Chhallo and Criminal songs (both by Ganesh Hegde) are extraordinary. Background score by Vishal-Shekhar is wonderful. Nicola Pecorini and V. Manikandan’s camerawork is marvellous. The film looks just too beautiful. Visual effects are outstanding. Action scenes, choreographed by Parvez Khan, Spiro Razatos and Firoz Boss, are mind-boggling. Sets (Sabu Cyril and Marcus Wookey) are lovely. The conversion from 2D to 3D (by Prime Focus) is remarkable. Production values are just too grand.

Ra.One Review: Komal Nahta’s Verdict

On the whole, Ra.One has the novelty factor and visual effects as its greatest plus points. It may be lagging in the other departments but these two – novelty and visual effects – will definitely see the high-budgeted film make profits for all concerned. Looking to the almost unprecedented hype and huge craze for the film and its grand opening, it will sail past its safety mark in the first week itself (after considering all the other sources of revenue too) and then go on to yield profits.

Ra.One Trailer

Komal Nahta, the Editor of Koimoi.com, is Bollywood’s most trusted trade analyst & film reviewer. You can follow him on Twitter and check out his Video Blog.

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  1. The First Half Is Excellent..!
    But The Second Half Some Seconds Train Scene Copied From Robo And Some Boring But Second Half Little Bit It Should Have Good.!
    You Would Expect More In The Last Fight But It Is Not Like That…!

    • first record is bodyguard. sharuk ke fans pahele tho yesamaj lo bodyguard ke samne ra one movie release hona chanahita lekin nai howa kyun soch loooooooooooo salman ke hasli body ki samne sharuk ke body rukega kya. bolthe hai kutttttttttttheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

      • as komal said: RaONE will not be fully understood by the computer-illiterate older generation … here he is talking about Salman n his fans … so grow up otherwise bollywood will sink cause of salman n his fans … his stardom requires copying south movies – now thats cheap n sluggish ..

        • I totally agree with you. Sallu fans are coolies and taxi drivers. Video game and computer stuffs will never be understood by them. I loved the movie. Going again this weekend.

          • i m fan of salman.bodyguard is not a gud movie i accept.and wt is dis RA ONE and ROBOT copy of will smith I-ROBOT.Do u know who james cameron is dont forget his avatar and titanic.Bollywood dont try to b hollywood u already fail dude.

        • who cares movies is sci-fi or standard or crap over budget. as long as it does not entertain. At least salman movies is good to watch…..


      • abe srk k samne tera sallu kuch bhi nahi ………aur bodyguard mai esha kya hai jo accha lage. …. abe uska to screenplay bhi barabar nahi hai

      • hey salo lalo urf bander kota fans u can’t tolerate king khan success lolz but ur right bcz every times srk won chahe award hu or about movie bussiness hehehehe Srk always won poor salo lalo & his fans
        Ra One best movie of this year no doubt
        salo new movie ek tha bander hehehehe


      • Hey Santosh Do u remember Janeman & Sawariya released with Don & Om Shanti Om . So plz stop . Don & Om shanti Om was best hit in that year but Janeman and Sawariya kab aya & kab gaya kisi ko bhi pata hain kay ?

        • ok ok.. while talkin about style, i do spouprt srk.. but he is nothin in front of mohanlal as far as acting is considered.. mohanlal’s acting is recognized world wide.. those who spouprt srk, can u please paste a link of srk’s which shows his acting??I bet you I can post 100s of other videos of lal which can beat srk if you ever find any good vided of srk other than his goat groaning.

  2. 100% opening hai pure India mai…Minimum 30 crore first day in India!!!!……..And overseas-Huge!!!…

    Vo Salman ke fans kha gye jo bhonk rhe the kai dino se. Chup gye sab bill mai. SRK rules. Rest sucks.,

  3. allow me to quote ” all reviewers of trade n experts given excellent reports to ra.one except some haters who r here n everywhere to destroy films record” go n watch this mov is like of its 1st kind in INDIA..RA.ONE SIMPLY ROXX ..loosers haters

  4. I am a big SRK fan………but I am sorry to say Ra.One sucks big time………screeplay is horrible……songs r not to good….waiting for Don 2…

  5. Guys i am a die hard salman fan but was amzed that ra.one is awesome
    will like that all salman fans should forget this rivalary and move to theatres for this movie

  6. There is no doubt that Ra.One is gonna break all previous records across the globe ever by a Hindi film..100 % opening in whole India!!!

    But one thing that screwing my mind is that how Salman fans r behaving after release? Retards! Morons!
    Before release, they were boasting that Ra.One won’t break record of Bodyguard. Now Ra.One thrashed Bodyguard, they r giving poor reviews without even watching the flick and misleading the people?
    I’ve came across many such comments on many websites even before 9 Am and 10 AM?..How ironic!!!.Tab tak phla show bhi pura nhi hua tha…LOL!.

    Cheap mentality people!!!!
    Come on guys, appreciate the stuff which gonna take Hindi films to next level. Don’t be jealous.

    And it’s Bollywood film which ought to have songs, sentimental elements and some boring family meet scenes. So don’t get confused with story.
    Little bit copy of Hollywood is okay rather than making exact copy of Telugu movies. :P

    The most I loved about movie is screenplay. Movie unfolds in outstanding way. It’s a wholesome entertainer. Action scenes gonna get u on d edge. Go watch it people otherwise u’ll regret later.

    SRK! Bring it on. The Undisputed King!!!

  7. Just imagine SRK in not his fortay yet again a movie with complete thrill…for the 1st time in INDIA with all deadly V/Effect and sure to watch movie cause of his unbeatable acting skill….once again its a must watch movie….

  8. SRK..rocks…n in d film industry..nd the movie was amezing,gr8 suprb fantastic… he is a real king of bollywood and will be forever..ye salman jaise jhandu stars jhandu movie hi bna skte h …they can never think like srk to make a diffr film from others……………..
    I Love youuuuu shahrukh…………….

  9. It’s a very good movie, the scenes are breathtaking. I have just seen it in 2D, I will be going back to watch in 3D. Bollywood is finally catching up with Hollywood.

  10. Highly disspointing.

    Very nice special effects but story is to comlex & confusing.
    First 30 minutes are so boaring.

    Kareena & Arjun acted very well.

    Direction is poor.

    SRK acts very well but he doesn’t look like a superhero.

    If Rakesh Roshan as a director & Hritik as G.One do the same film with that budget then it should become superb superhero film.

  11. Awesome, specially the scene shot at VT station is mind boggling. Compares with Hollywood standards. Don’t miss watching in 3D.


  13. first record is bodyguard. sharuk ke fans pahele tho ye samaj lo bodyguard ke samne ro one movie release hona chanahita lekin nai howa kyun soch loooooooooooo salman ke hasli body ki samne sharuk ke body rukega kya. bolthe hai kutttttttttttheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  14. hello guys,

    I waited in line for 2hrs in nottingham and watched this movie as I am a huge SRK fan and I must say I was very disappointed by this movie..what is he thinking? Not only is it a childish movie, the plot doesn’t kick off until 5 minutes before the interval. I sure hope people watch this movie but I am very disappointed by SRK especially bcuz this was his first movie this year.

  15. salman buddies get suck coz SRK rokzz aur vaise bhi salman kanha aur SRK kanhaaaaaaaaaan koi comparison hi ni hai…LOL

  16. This is blady nonesense fusion of typical bolly n holly due to which neither typical audience nor modern will love it.srk is geek n film is gayish

  17. Movie is not for villagers n narrow minded….. and the train scene actuall was done first by Ra.one after the release of Robot they found iot exactly same so they reshooted doing lil differences………. movie is just awesome a treat fot x-men , iron man fans

  18. all salman fans are illiterate and taporis…they can suk it…the movie is not made for them..its th next level..so please ignore the losers and watch the magnum opus!

  19. Ra one achi film hai.ise opening 30 crorer hone chahiye. Bollywood me pehle bar aise film dekhne ko mila hai. Aur ise jo bhala bura kahega wo sala pagal hoga

  20. sorry
    but i hav 2 say that this diwali time srk disapointing even me this is disaster nothing new
    es se to a66i salman aur kareena ki jodi hai
    salman is the real super hero

  21. Hi guys ra.one is totally boring movie i am big fan of srk i bougt first day first show ticket nw i m totally disapointed don’t waste ur money & time enjoy ur holidays other things like picnic with ur family sorry srk i am sure don2 will rock at the box office good luck for upcoming movies pls comeback in a romantic role Happy Diwali to all of u

  22. Unbelievable movie!!! Super!! Wat r u reading reviews!!???? Watch it yaar…. Dhamaal…. Not 1 minit to get bored like bodyguard! Super hit!!

  23. The ra.one movie is rocking. Amazing. The film contains every recipe like it has comedy, romance, action, special effects, stunts, masala. nice songs, nice music. There is everything for every age. DON’T MOTIVATE BY NEGATIVE CRITICS. USE YOUR BRAIN. GO AND WATCH THE MOVIE. THEN DECIDE WHICH DECISION IS RIGHT.

  24. Honest verdict after anticipating this movie for over a year…Its a childish “KIDS MOVIE”.

    I am a huge SRK fan and I don’t understand why he is making these movies, he should stick to romantic movies which he is best at.

    I took over 12 of my foreign friends to watch this movie in Melbourne and they all thought it was a joke, SRK disappointed BIG time this time. I really hope DON 2 is good. Any other overseas people who plan on taking their foreign friends, please don’t do it for this movie because they will call Indian’s silly for thinking this as a blockbuster.

  25. Shahrukh u are a new superhero. I hope this movie would be the biggest blockbastar of bollywood history salman should learn acting from this movie.
    Assi movie maine kabhi nahi dekhi

  26. salman is dabaang of bollywood

    why? i will tell u..

    bodyguard film budget :- Rs 40 cr.
    business-110 cr.

    so net profit is Rs 70 crore.

    shahrukh’s Ra One film budget :- rs 150 cr.

    business 120 cr.

    so LOSS = 30 cr

    so technically SALMAN ROCKS……

  27. went for the movie cuz im a big SRK fan…kids would enjoy the movie very much neglecting the adult comedy scenes…otherwise a one time watch….a valid effort but cudv made better avaoiding the tamil teasing parts n de poor vitts in de beginning!

  28. You know, writing a review do not mean giving away every tiny detail of the story. It is not story telling but analysis. First learn how to write it and then publish anything you write. Read it first.. figure if you are giving anything you dont want to know before you watch the movie.

  29. srk rocks!!!!
    one more time he made bakwass movie.
    3rd time disappointed frm srk. Next time i’ll never watch srk’s movie . . .

    Iam not gonna say anythin abt salman’s films well…His movies are For dumb ppls…Bodyguard..aSERIOUSLY???? It sucks like Himesh’s Songs

  31. i have to say RA one is good movie but you can not hate salman khan everyone’s stars film is different salman in his position and sharukh in his don’t fight with each other for salman and sharukh if salman next will break records of ra one then also you will fight like bull shit….

    N Dear Shahruk Khan Fans, he is a dead actor.. looks like a cartoon, next time he should making a cartoon movie for himself. Don’t compare such idiots with super heroes like salmaan and aamir

  33. maha bakwas movie h….saala puri movie robot aur hollywood ki kai movies copy karke banaya h…aur kon kahta h ki ra one BODYGUARD se acchi h,bullshit on them…

  34. ra one is the worst movie of the decade,,,,its so boring ,and its only good for under 12 children not for matured people …. Any ways if u dont have any other work go and waste ur 2.30 hrs watching this waste super hero flick …..

  35. this movie rocks no one can does it better than him but this time srk did no better but the best of the best rockk onn srk

  36. amazing work done by srk ,he has prived that he is the most talented actor in bollywod. he is been taged as most romantic hero but he has doen it something diffrent this time very efficiently.gr8

  37. salman salman hain aur shahrukh shahrukh….compete when when the film base level is equal…if competing raone then compete it with koi mil gaya ..krriss….first real superhero of bollywood industry….if ra-one wants to give a superhero..then videogame concept is not good..i think superhero is krrish not g.one…but ra-one is good and mustwatch movie…love to see shahrukh…as g.one…

  38. I hate the very fact that movies like this Ra.One and Bodyguard are made so big… And it is because of this, these guys get the awards and the much deserving movies which released this year like Shaitan, Soundtrack and Bol will get nothing. You compare this movie to a Hollywood flick.. Bullshit!! Is one word that can describe this movie.
    C’mon guys…wake up.. I am not telling don’t like these stars, i pretty much understand that u r a fan and u like them..but the fact still remains that the two of the top movies this year didn’t have anything in them…

  39. This is really embarrassing, I really don’t understand why the people are so biased for some particular one. Both Salman and SRK are very good actors. So rather than criticizing some one better we to enjoy the movie.
    I guess Ra.one is really a good movie. go and watch it guys.
    Both Salman and SRK roooockzzzzzzzzzzzz

  40. what is in RA-ONE movie i tell u dude
    best movie, best 3d effect,best action, best roll of G-ONE, best beckground song, very best chhammak chhallo song and costume in song.

    ye film aap or aap ki femily and special baccho ko jarur dikhana.

  41. I felt that the movie was strictly for the kids … the dialogues were very irritating and too many of mindless jokes … i was really hoping for some serious kick-ass sci-fi movie from SRK but sadly i felt like the movie was making a mockery of itself…. One has to be really delusional to compare it with any hollywood sci-fi movie…even the B-grades ones …
    Just hoping that Don2 will rock…

  42. Guys watched in 3D & on the positives the VFX thing is mind blowing . Needless to say never seen this kinda stuff (although copied from Hollywood) in Hindi Cinema before Hats off to the techie guys who worked on this .Would recommend the movie is worth a watch definately once in 3D

  43. SRK its rock & he is Proof he is the best Ra.One Breaking the all record where is Salman Jhandu fans look it Budy its a movie Its a Craze & Its a SRK…….Come on SRk Lets do your best & brake the all records…..

  44. Best blockbuster movie in 2011 …. Aab sahrukh khan na sabit kar diya…. Asli superhero king vo hi ha ….. Movie bhaot acchi thi …bodyguard ready jasi bakar movie kabhi nahi dhaki ….. Best to ra.one hi ha

  45. Hey…SRK Fans go through all the websites of boxoffice…Ra.One is not make a New record for first day sallu is history…and he is the real king and Badshah of Bollywood…Even super stars also agree that poor SRK fans..and Salman fans is more faster..stronger and intelligent than SRK fans…Under stand….

  46. This years best booring movie .Completely disastrous movie ever i have seen in my life .. and i am sure no one can made the movie the SRK do .SKR please retired soon ….its request …by my frnds….

  47. There are some people though our bollywood has done great movie compare to hollywood they purposely critise the work of Bollywood.Guys your judging capacity has to be enhanced as our bollywood has stepped a head to beat other countries entertainment industries.Overall this was amazing and Robot was not great compare to ra-one.

  48. The movie is fully waste of time…i think only SRK fans will like the same. Even I dont like Bodyguard, it was horrible.

    Guys just dont like movie becoz its belong to SRK or Sallu… i think most of the movies in this year are pathetic..

    I feel Pyar ka Panchnama or Tanu weds Manu are best of the movies in this year…

  49. hey guys i do hail from south india, all these body guard , wanted was a remake of south indian stories..it waz better down here in regional languages, the hindi ones are just bull shit!!, i couldint compare the hindi version of bodyguard wuth the south flick..horrible guyz, RA one is a gud try..mite be it became more like a game but the visual treat is just splendid nd srkz lukn absolutely superb..guyz this an indian cinema nd still itz havin an holy appeal…yea defenitly i do admit dat story is not kinda convincing…could have been done better, bt still dont ever compare it with bodyguard or wanted.absilutely ridiculous!!

  50. itna paisa kharab kia n itni bakwaas movie banai . i suggest dont make its sequel . most imp. 2 inform u all
    one of my friend fell sick after seeing dis rubish………………….

    S R K ROCKS………..

  52. Sharukh ka jawab nhi…….
    He is the first guy who try to make bollywood as hollywood…….
    Those who says movie is superb flop actually they don’t have an idea about movie…..
    Those says that srk acting is bad in this movie
    than they watch srk movie “devdas,ddlg” etc,…..
    Bcoz there is no need of acting bcoz he is a super hero……….
    I m proud to be srk & i wish srk gives such type of movie again…….
    All the best sharukh…..

  53. Love u. Bollywood King Shah Rukh Khan
    Thank you So Muche

    The Ra-One Best Best Best Best Movies of BOLLYWOOD.

    SRK ki Jai ho
    SRK ki Jai ho
    SRK ki Jai ho
    SRK The Best Best Best My SuperStar.,

  54. all of u r stupid … they are actors and they are making films of our entertainment ok …… so enjoy each n every movie wheather its of shahruk or salman or amir khan…… just enjoy.

  55. Chammak Challo

    Oh? I luv u. SRK.
    & Love u Ra-1 Team
    I M So Happy k mujhe
    Frist time mujhe 1 Bahati Khuvsurati Film Dekh ne Ko Mila. Thank u so muche.
    My Life Is Best Superhit Film Ra-1

    DìL SÉ JèÉTè JÅTì HÅì

    Thank u.? Anubhav Sinha

  56. Ra.one is not a bad movie for its visual effects………..but I dont think srk is suit for the role of G.one…….shekhar ka jo charecter hai uska liya fit hai………par G.one ka liya nahi……….kyuki maximam stant to stantman na kiya hai…….srk is a unfit actor………action uska liya nahi hai…………action ka ek hi king or khiladi hai……..akshay kumar……..

  57. the movie was ok but the missing part was tht ra.one “arjun” ky scenes thody aur hone chahye thy…..n we cant compare bodygaurd with ra.one both the films are tottaly different frm each other….ra.one jaise movie bollywood main aaj tak nhi aaye

  58. Who the hell is talking nuisance about salman.?? Guys…Ra.One is something international. So please avoid salman and his aawesome masala movies from this talk.

  59. Don ko Pakarna Mushkil hi Nahi Namumkeen Hai..

    SRK ko Pakarna Mushkil hi Nahi Namumkeen Hai

    SRK’s Dialogue was right Nobody can catch Him.He is the real King Of Bollywood.Baap of all Entertainers.

  60. awwsumm movie..with nice concept.i..thnk..this is realli a fast developing Indian movie.with technologies..SRK..rocked this diwali..!!..

  61. Ra-1 Ra-1 Ra-1 Ra-1 Ra-1 Ra-1 Ra-1 Ra-1 Ra-1 Ra-1 Ra-1 the Best Best Best Best Best Best film Of Bollywood. Thank you SRK. AnuBhav Sinha. & kareena. Arman. Arjun rampal. & thank you so muche Ra-1 Team.

  62. See There Are 192 Comments [And Still More To Be Written] For This Movie Ra.one On The Second Day Itself…!
    And This Shows The Popularity Of King Khan Shahrukh Khan…..!
    Sab Log Deewali Me Ghar Me Rah Ke Bhi 18 Crores Collection Lenewali Film Hai Ye Ra.One….!
    I Think Sablog Samajh Gaye Honge…….!

  63. Shahrukh has given new Identity to Bollywood in world cinema. his effort is great and three cheers for his success. RA-one is truly a great movie which is loved by whole family. A great entertainer.

  64. I cant understand y u guys r impressed in that film.guys it is just like a video game.wat s more n that.even u r fans dont tell that movie s superb its only avg…

  65. Salman Khan ke bodyguard was Remaking of south indian flim kavalan ….. aur koi new flim tho nahi melagi… remake he sahi salman ko kuch tho kam melraha he bhichara…………………. the one and only one Sharukh is bestttttt….. ra 1 is rocking

  66. nice movie watch
    bcoz is theory fully movie,not like robot,
    it’s better and mixer movie .
    you enjoy it……………………………..

  67. I am feeling sorry 4 loser salman khan and his even bigger loser fans bcause SRK(Super Rocking Khan) aka G.One is going to blow them by his ‘power blast’.

  68. First thing ra one hindi version collected 14.5 crore while bodyguard had collected 21.5 crore all this happen: salman is not available for bodyguard promotion while srk promoted this movie everywhere whether on tv shows, on advertise tie-up , by launchin video game and also via internet, other thing it was released more prints then bodyguard, in 3d , increased ticket prices, and having 5 holiday while bodyguard has two holiday on eid and sunday so if ra one will collected more than bodyguard in its extended weekend its not big thing still salman be greater than ra one. So all srk fans first look at the facts and ra one will get avg verdict. Keep ur mouthshut abhi jab amir khan ki film ayegi tab pata chalega and remember highest grossed movie is 3 idiots so srk not king only one of a superstar.

  69. Despite all the negative publicity going on Ra.one would cross bodyguard’s weekend collection. Don’t worry people it’ll make it. SRK is not the king of bollywood for nothing. He’s the best. If you don’t believe go ask Salman Khan, he himself would tell you.

  70. love da movie RA.ONE…..an excellent n terrafic entertainer indian cinema ever gave..SRK has done a great job….luv SRK…da movie was far better than boring,copy cat n all time same style sallu bhai’s movies…

  71. bodygurad is disaster…….ra.one is faaaaar better than bodyguard…….srk rocksss…dis tym dis movie break evry record……..srk is a true superstar………

  72. Ra.1 is very pathetic movie,its better to play a video game in pc rather than wasting money for ra.1 in theatres,story is very poor,2nd half is totally boring,ordinary performance by srk,overacting by kareena,please dnt waste ur time n money,rating 2/5

  73. I have a conspiracy theory….Both Shah Rukh and Salman had that big fight years ago remember???Well since then both superstars(there’s no denying that) have had huge hits to their name….basically there are two camps of audience now…die hard srk fans and salman fans….so salman’s fans always are the first to see a srk movie and trash it and srk fans are the first to see and trash a salman movie….so no matter how much trashing of their films go on everybody sees the movies regardless how good the movie is….so the fight may be deliberately played and both maybe reaping rewards of their fans buffoonery…no offense to anyone…i’m just saying its possible

  74. awesum movie…!! guys please stop fytin over it nw,every1 has a diff taste n diff point of view! n ders no comparision betwn ra.one,krish,robot n bodyguard,ready,dabang….!!

  75. Omg Awesome Superb News For Us Srk Fans Finally Ra One Breaks Salo Lalo Records Fantastic & Ra One Derserve Best Movie Of This Year Srk Real Superhero Of Bollywood Iam Prould To Be Srk Fans
    Ra One Team Congratulation’s Gread News

  76. salman n sharukh’s fans stop fighing and just go and get urslfs chillaxed by watching world’s most talented actor’s movie DAMADAM..;)…no puns intended…himesh bhai rocks man it takes guts to do such movies

  77. why don’t u people stop fighting like cats and dogs and go for DAMADAM it takes alot of guts to watch a Himesh’s movie….cmon a very talented actorand should be justified and put into the highest level of acting…no puns intended….a real courageous hero just imbibing his passion by acting…Can anyone please stop this man

  78. Shahruk or sulaiman both are khan and khan and baloch are rocking the world, love you muslims of india, love you pakistan …

  79. yaaro na sallu rocks na hi salman……………ANNA ROX………….M*******D ne price bhi bada di movie release karke aur yeh salman ka time bhi bas khatam hone ko hai…..jaise akshay ka time khatam hua tha…………sterotype movies karne ki aadat si ho gayi us buddhe ko………….its time to grow up

  80. I just watched this movie with my girlfriend who is a HARDCORE SRK fan and she said that if I don’t like the movie then she will do ANYTHING for me.

    Guess what?

    We’ve been in bed since last night because thats how bad she felt for taking me to this movie. In fact she called off work today as well because she feels that she hasn’t repaid me for my 2hrs20mins of time in the theatre. Right now she’s on a cigarette break and I just wanted to see what other peoples thoughts are on this movie.

    So at last, Im sorry to say this but this movie is a joke. I mean WTF do people see in it and call it good?

    GF is back g2g ;)

  81. Ok agreed the special effects are good, but surely they are not only Indian technicians. The film has many overseas technicians working. So its a joint success between Bollywood and Hollywood.


  83. Its amusing how your review seems to be longer than the movie yet equally boring.Utterly disgusted by the current state of indian cinema and the so called deprived fans(especially overseas) who would pounce on any indian so called sci-fi/blockbuster/thriller/action/romance(insert overrated promotional gigs) turd dished out.

    Its a cheap attempt at impressing the imbecile kids who are either ignorant or need to broaden their cinematic horizons!
    Ra-One seems like a cuisine which has the so called flavour ripped from other movies!
    Pathetic and I’m not at all proud to witness the downfall of indian cinema with the so called sensible/commercial movies!

  84. Ra.one ko koi b bodyguard fail nahi kar sakta.Shah Rukh
    khan ke to iske jese bde bodyguard sharukh ke neeche kam karte hai.Sharuk ki agar koi purani pic b ho to b nai lagti hai aj b dil wale dulhania le jaige nai lagti hai

  85. shawn ne thik kha jo bhi ho apna dimag mat lagao filme to dono chalni chahie akhir he to bollywood k hero na so dnt angry frndsssss.


  87. Guys what the hell is wrong with Bollywood and Indian crowd, u’ll are supporting Ra- one, Robot, Bodyguard its all bloody copy for some Hollywood movie. SRK n Sallu are earning on movie that are crap n worthless to watch can someone tell them STOP COPYING N USE THEIR BRAINS, COPY RATS. SRK is a looser he can never make n move worth watching. SRK sucks big time

  88. i think RA-ONE and BODYGUARD both are not good movies in term of story. ra-one spectial effect is much better than bodyguard and both movies actor only mak big hit that type movies.

  89. Boss bhai ki movie par ungli karne ka nai………sallu is best even he make remakes …….no story……..no screenplay..wat ever sallu bhai muuaaah…

  90. Ra one can use all ur money. Bakwass people say that is not good. I went to the first show in Inox (marghat road).
    It is the best movie ever seen. You have to go for this movie.Some people don`t understand this but if u see it serious it is awesome

  91. Ra one can use all Ur money. people say that is not good. I went to the first show in Inox (marghat road).
    It is the best movie ever seen. You have to go for this movie.Some people don`t understand this but if u see it serious it is awesome

  92. bolyhood market growd bcoz of SRK.so all records r dedicated to him always,so no need to compare with BODYGUARD.

  93. Its ok what we need that saharukh sud back with ssome extra it and he did it.movie is gud speciallly for those who are in middle of his /her age.thats age group 12 to 20yrs.

  94. lado maro sar phad do ek dosre ka abey in dono(shahrukh or salman) ke chakkar mein apna kimti waqt kyon barbaad karte ho yaar investment unki profit bhi unka wo bhi tumhari jebon se tumhe kya mila ghanta think abt it.

  95. Ra. One is a video game, it’s not a movie. It is a bull shit. It is a simple waste of time. The film has been rejected by the masses. Some newspapers give good rating to SRK movies just because SRK pays them for it.

  96. ra-one is a brilliant attempt by king khan…. Although it is not as gud as a superhero movie shud due to more of comedy n romantic scenes than action scenes… But having briliant special effects n superb acting of SRK it is a must watch…. I hope it breaks all records…..n i don’t knw hw bodyguard earned that much that it deserved…

  97. Toba toba itna propaganda ra one budget 150cr body guard budget 45cr this is all prpoganda basically underworld wants that their black money is converted into white so that’s why they publicise actually body guard cost around 20 lac salman works free because producer of this movie is brother in law of salman and ra one is just a video game nothing else so please stop making people stupid

  98. I am a regular viewer of your show. Now I don’t feel that your analysis on the movies is fair. Whatever rating that u has given to bodyguard, ready, ra-one and many other movies were not fair. Kindly give fair analysis on the movies because many of us go to cinema halls by listening to your comment on the movie.Thanks

  99. today i had watched the movie…frankly speaking it was just rubbish….. there was nothing to watch…. SRK just cheat us…. robot was far far better….. there nothing issue about SRK or SALMAN …..bt it was just a children movie.my brother was with me….. so he was enjoyed very much……

    few think i will shere
    1. what was the need of the 1st scene
    2. there should be more action in it… bt nothing
    3. best one is the chsng sequence… bt nothing else
    4. why in the last part SRK behave like a commic character…. there was a do or die sitution……. bt G.ONE was joking
    5. lots of think should be more realistic….. it was funny
    & just like a foolish thing…..
    6 .1st 30 mnt and after the intermission i just didn’t watch again……
    7. in the climex part why it is shown like that …….. it was better if they give us the remort and we play the game….
    8. in the train sequence SRK just jumping like a child…. there was somthing try to copy from SRYDER-MAN
    8. finally i can say that i was lots of lots of expectation from this movie bt i was just surprised……nothing else……

    i m a big fan of SRK bt i just can’t take it anymore………

  100. Most important all shld knw b4 watchng Ra one s dat climax is a flop(in ma opinion) itz just bcoz its a game. This flm wld bcme a evrlstng suprhro if d clmx ws shwn in real life. I lve cmptr gmes bt SRK wot hppnd 2 u..! A rqust if u mke a 2nd mve of dis den pls try to undrstnd d grwnups, keep n mnd not babies r wtchng ur flms.. Are yar kya 3d he ispar kuch nhi 2d s enough. I nvr flt 3d. Wthout dis rubbish game climax itz a superht mve.

  101. RA.ONE: awsum muvi…..superrrrrhittttt!!!!!
    srk is d best n he is d only king of bollywood..
    he has taken d indian cinema to anothr level..his first attempt to present an indian sci-fi. muvi n an indian superhero is fabulous..
    he did his best n acc to first tym d mistakes r vryyyyyy few..d muvi had evrythin in it..sci.fi,visual effects, screenplay,backgrounds,photography,action,emotion,
    story,gud acting by evry actor,rocking songs….!!!!
    wat else do u want guys…
    nw stop being jealous n criticizing srk….he is d best…
    love you shahrukh…

  102. guys i hd read all the comments whtevr u gave….but…in simple words i wanna say tht both srk n salman rokzzzzz evr nd evr….though i m a big n huge fan of srk,i appreciate both of thm….lovely…

  103. ra1 rocks its a great movie ever made in india srk rocks
    salman is not a actor he is a joker and srk’s enemy likes farah akshya, faraha’s fool husband (sirishkunder) are trying 2 make a movie flop but they can not success farah gets name and fame by SRK without srk she can make biggest disaster like tees mar khan

  104. awesome movie..that ever seen from backside rating………….story writter ko tho pakad pakad ke marunga……salla falthu mein purey paisey barbad kardiya…..isse tho achaa tha ki ek video game khel-letha..SRK rocks but RA-ONE sucks…………

  105. VERY GOOD MOVIE…. I liked criminal song most…. SRK againg proved that he is GLOBAL KING…. waiting Now for DON2

  106. hy i am sameer khan
    mujhe ye film bahut acche lagi or is film ka music osam songs are so nice like dildara chamak challo criminal or all songs thanks sharukh or apke aane wale nai movie don2 se bahut ummed hai hamari sari dua aapke sath hai by your loving fan sameer

  107. both kahns r good in there own way.. both have great attitude….salman is copying south films &making him self super hero..this srk he dont have other stories so he came with this iddiot script..fulll of illusionsssssss… he done a such a big promotions of this movie

  108. ra one is the best movie now .i like that so you must see that. it is the block buster film and sarukh’s and bebo’s acting is very natural.

  109. Its over Mr. SRK, stop doing copy & paste. Now show some creativity like Aamir. Ra One really suks. BAKWAZ only glamour is avlbl in d mvi nthng else.

  110. Please stop comparisons between Salman and Shah Rukh. This is all about the movie review. So, please comment about the review.

  111. It’s an awesome and full entertainment movie.this is the first movie of this kind.everything is in this movie which we want to see.SRK rocks……yooooooooo..superb movie we enjoyed so much and my baby also liked it….

  112. its really a rocking movie the fight of end is great super animation overal a total blockbuster i saw its collections it is already a hit 176 crores all over the world

  113. ra-one’s the most bakwas film of srk i had ever seen.just the waste of time n money.regional film robot is much better than ra-one in every respect.

  114. Ra one is the most horrible movie srk movie i’ve ever seen in my life!
    I wonder how raone comes out of t game & ppl can get fooled by such a direction!
    The only good thing about t movie’s kareena performance! Its mindblowing & i’m sure she will continue to keep her fans happy!

  115. The film has created history by taking over the mantle of the biggest domestic earner so far. It has touched the highest individual collection in circuits such as Mumbai, Delhi, Punjab and Rajasthan.
    I enjoyed this movie with my brother cannot forget the expeience of watching this movie at Wave Cinemas on Bhai Dooj a small present from my bro ‘s side.

  116. SERIOUSLY GUYS – who ever thinks Bodyguard or Robot is better than Ra.One needs to get their brains checked out.

    YES Salman is prettier and Rajnikanth’s fans are almost a cult, BUT LOOK at the Graphics of Ra.One? Can any of the bollywood movies come even close to that? Bodyguard’s action sequences are the typical south indian movie action sequences which are completely over the top and cheesy – How many times more does a hero just bend down and then jump up to throw away all the goon sending them flying in all directions???

    Same goes for Robot – the scene where Rajni as Chitti brings the girl out of the burning colony is ridiculous to say the least – and even more ridiculous is the mosquitoes talking scene? I mean SERIOUSLY????? WHAT WAS the director thinking???

    Ra.One is a great movie, but it may not be for the INDIAN AUDIENCE – because as passionate as SRK may be to take Indian Cinema to the HOLLYWOOD level – INDIAN AUDIENCES are not literate enough to be able to enjoy creativity and movie making. They are happier with the same ridiculous love stories, gangster movies and the lame graphics.

  117. Superlative action by srk., as well enough supporting background combine with emotion.., really great movie according to my point of view…..however 3D Special effect is nt much strong., n indian people who r nt habitate to hallywood will give negative review….bt it is very ambitious film of srk, it gives turn to boaring ordinary script of bollywood.,further dildara n criminal is much effective…………

  118. Jo v bol raha hai ki Bodyguard k saath RA-one realese ke wareme yaaroon tum loog kya sensor mai ho kya Film certification board mai ho jo tum date fix karoge…ya tum koi movie produce ya direct kiye ho jo bologe ki iss time mai us time mai realese hona cha hiye…han Kahawat hai kisi language mai ” Dossa khane wale usmai chhed nahi ginte..” samjhe..

  119. RA.ONE…I think this movie should be acted by Hrithik Roshan He is real superhero.. All things could be different dance on ‘chhamak chhalo’ and acting and imagination if he did this movie..

  120. RA One :- Awesome experiance , Best Movie of 2011

    Salman’s Bodyguard was good but Singham was Better but RA One is best

    Now w8 4 DESIBOYZ………

  121. I think minus part of Ra One is 90% importance given to fictions there is no parallel human story. Without human story, a film is nothing. I am sorry am not an action fan and am only film fan.

  122. salman srk ke sam ne kuch bhi nahi sharukh will surely rocks the don2222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222

  123. shahrukh ki life dekho aur salman ki apne aap pata chalegha k kon hit hai bus arreyyyyyyy shahrukh rockks hai n shahrukh king hai shahrukh don hai n salman us ka bodyguard hai abh batao kon bada hua

  124. srk he is only one man
    who prove every time best
    srk is best
    no one can beat him
    salman ko agar takkar lena hi hai srk se to bina remake copy wali movie bana kar bataye
    copy karke to koi bhi hit de sakta hai

  125. sharukha airport scene is excellent n bebo sharukh criminal song owesome n overall music akon song n the anubhav sinhs direction superb

  126. I luved this movie it was scary and exciting I really wanted to watch this movie in nov 26th but couldn’t but when I soon got to watch it with my sister we both luved it great acting sharuk,kareena, arjun and more superb job please make ra. One 2 good producing Gauri!!!!

  127. It’s a pity you don’t have a donate button! I’d most certainly donate to this excellent blog! I guess for now i’ll settle for book-marking and adding your RSS feed to my Google account. I look forward to brand new updates and will talk about this website with my Facebook group. Chat soon!

  128. SRK rockzzzzzzzz…………sallu suckzzzzzzzzzz………………he is a useless crap with no acting at alllllll



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