Shah Rukh Khan, who has left no stone unturned to make the marketing and promotion of his dream project, Ra.One, unprecedented, must be a happy man. After all, the advance booking reports of the film pouring in from all quarters suggest that Ra.One will not only take a great opening on October 26, but the superhero film might even cross the opening day record of Salman Khan‘s Bodyguard. Yes, you read right, Ra.One is most likely to break the earth-shattering opening day record collections of Bodyguard (Rs. 21 crore net). Here’s why:

Shah Rukh Khan in Ra.One & Salman Khan in Bodyguard
Shah Rukh Khan in Ra.One & Salman Khan in Bodyguard.

More Screens: As compared to Salman Khan’s Bodyguard, Shah Rukh Khan’s Ra.One will release in far more screens in India and abroad. The exact numbers vary when you listen to different sources, but one thing is for sure, Ra.One is releasing in the most number of screens ever.

More Money from 3D: Ra.One, which is also releasing in 3D, will generate additional revenues from the 3D version, as the ticket prices for the same will be higher than those for the 2D version. Bodyguard, of course was in good old 2D.

Diwali Rates: Diwali is a time when people like to spend money on festivities. So people are not going to complain when multiplexes increase the ticket rates for shows of Ra.One, for both the 2D and 3D versions. Salman Khan’s Bodyguard, released during Eid, saw crowds flock theatres. But the ticket rates were not as inflated as are in the case of Ra.One.

Tamil & Telugu: It is anybody’s guess how much Ra.One will work in its Tamil and Telugu versions. Oh yes, one forgets the star appeal Rajinikant’s special appearance might add for the audiences down south.

What do you think? Use the comments section below:

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    • Only in your pathetic dreams. Go google “Huge Response to Ra. One Advance Booking As it has Started in Many Places across the Country”.

      Do give us your address so we can send you some boxes of tissue papers. We dont like when people cry.

      • haha copied different scenes from all the hollywood superhero movies. even the poster is copied from batman so u guys can stfu. STFU means to shut the f**k up. just incase u didnt know what it means. have a goo day.

        • Oh really??? No one watched Ra One yet. But you did? We should send cops to get you arrested. It is a crime to watch pirated movie.

          And learn to spell….Seems like just like Sallu, you did not go to school. Oh wait! I now get it. Internet is now in every home. Perhaps, that’s why coolies like you get to be on this site.

        • If Ra.One’s poster is copies then first Check Veer Zaara’s first poster and then BAtman’s….So, Batman copied it from VeerZaara????? LoL!!!!!

  1. I don’t think will break Bodygurad’s record.The main fact is that is a game character of this movie.I thing viewers won’t accept it

    • at any stage Ra one will not be a flop make 100 cr in 5 days it release in india in 3500 screen
      3500screen × 5 day ×4show in a day ×300(75-80% seat filled of minimum 400 seat in a theater) ×rs 50 (ticket rates) =105 cr mind it

      • Sorry.. it released in 5000 theatres.. still COULD NOT BREAK Bodyguard’s first day collection record, which released in 2800 theatres only! LOL..

        Even RAJNIKANT could not help srk to beat SALMAN!!

  2. what a joke………….Ra-one will become a big disaster for Bollywood…………n setting a new box office opening record will remain his dream only……………

    • lol look at Salgayman fans ,RA. One will f**k every Records ,,u all Salgayman fans will cry after 26th oct hahhaha get well soon loser ,,SRK is BACK
      Now no one interested in Majduur and Auto walon ki movie like Ready and Bodyguard

    • aamir and salman are nothing in front of srk……he made his grounds and his own world…..not by licking or polishing family contacts to get into films.

      • Aamir and Salman never used family name to get natural talent from God and love from audience! in fact Salman was never allowed from his home to become a hero but he struggled, slept 10 days in Mumbai footpaths then started with a small role in a small film ‘Biwi ho to aisi’ but his hard work, ‘no give up’ attitude made him the biggest mega star of the country.. SRK doesnt have any parents, he is a love child and tpo get films he licked Salman Khan’s feet in earlier days.. SRK himslef told in his tv show KBC-3 that how Salman helped him in his struggling days.

        • Oh yeah? Aamir was introduced by his relative’s home production. As for Salman, he got break only because his dad had name in Bollywood. Otherwise, who are Aamir and Sallu? They knew they were going to be actors without any problem. Thats why, they did not even go to college. Aamir at least has a high school degree. But Salman does not even have that.

          • OK, i agree that Salman and Aamir have filmi families… but what will audience do with their families? u dumbass… its the audience who make Superstars… not the family name otherwise Vivek Oberoi, Abhishek Bachchan, Kumar Gaurav, Bobby Deol, Esha Deol, Abhay Deol, Mimo Chakraborthy (Mithun’s son), Javed Jaffery, Shadaab Khan (Amjad Khan’s son), Fardeen Khan, Zayed Khan, Rajeev Kapoor (Raj Kapoor’s 3rd son), Akshaye Khanna, Rahul Khanna, Shruti Hasan, Arbaaz Khan, Sohail Khan, Ayub Khan (Dilip Kumar’s nephew), Puru Raj Kumar (Raj Kumar’s son), Sanjay Kapoor (Anil Kapoor brother, producer Surinder Kapoor’s 3rd son), Arya Babbar, Pratiek Babbar & Juhi Babbar (Raj Babbar’s sons and daughter), Kishen Kumar (Gulshan Kumar’s brother), Arman Kohli (Director Rajkumar Kohli’s son), Pooja Bhatt, Rimi Sen, Raima Sen, Tushar Kapoor…. all of them would be Super-stars…!! Talent, Charisma and Public appeal matter… not family connections… understand u fool?

        • 3 bollywood hero who are get break from his own talent
          shaharukh khan 4 his acting
          akshya kumar 4 his martial art
          john abraham 4m modelling
          else all had a back strenth 4m their rel,family

          • Well Said Riku

            SRK made it purely on his acting Skills. I mean how can people forget Darr, KHKN, Chak De, Devdas, MNIK, DDLJ etc etc etc.SRK played any & every role to perfection. A graduate from National School of Drama. Da Man came, he saw & he conquered through hard work, luck & talent. NO bollywood contacts, NO connections. Even to this day, 70% of Bollywood khandaans hate him for stealing the show from their kids like Aamir & Salman & Ranbir & Hrithik etc etc.

            Some celebrate SRKs failures. SRK is truly a common man’s hero. Like one of us.

        • BS.

          Aamir comes from Bollywood Nasir Hussain films family. He was launched in QSQT by home production. Aamir lacks real acting capability & style to build his character even to this day. Aamir is way too overrated as an actor.

          Salman also comes from celebrity Salim Khan family. He grew up in all the luxury & with huge stars connection. A reason why he is still forgiven for aish, killing footpath guy etc etc. Salman is completely spoit, arrogant. He can never learn acting & change his single facial expression.

          SRK had NO Bollywood contacts, NO links, NO help. He made it to bombay with hard work on TV, Theatre. graduate of National School of Drama. Learned proper acting technique. Even to this day, he is hated, treated as an outsider Delhiwallah by bollywood khandaans with extreme jelousy against him.

          Many in Bollywood enjoy when his films flop.

          • Salman is super succesfull in every catagory whther its Romance, Comedy, Tragedy, Family Drama or Action.. he has a heroic face and he is enought make a film Blockbuster… but SRK has a monkey face.. goat’s voice… mayyyhhh….mayyyhhhh… thats how he speaks… only because of Yashraj and Dharma Productions films.. SRK is a so called star.. otherwise he is a flop-master and ill-mannered dog who stabbed his friends from back, makes fun of seniors and fellow actors, even a junior like Neil Nitin Mukesh told hi to ‘Shut Up’ in front of Public.. LoL… shameless SRK’s nonsense fans.. in other hand Salman gives breaks to many struggling people.. he gives chance to new-comers like Himesh Reshamiya, Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Afzal Khan, Sneha Ullal, Bhumika Chawla, Katrina Kaif, Sonakshi Sinha, Hazel Keech, Sajid-Wajid, Abhinav Kashyap, Singer Mamta Sharma, Amrita Kaak, Aishwarya Nigam etc.. helped his struggling friends Govinda, once upon a time friend Shahrukh Khan, helped Hrithik Roshan and Saif Ali Khan for physique, started fitness mantra trend in the country.. in total Salman Khan is a super actor with 22 years of successful experience and love from audience with a Golden heart, helping nature, Lion’s attaitude, stylish performance, innovative dancing styles, extra talents like Painting and Singing.. on the other hand Shahrukh is a selfish, has no parents (a love child), no manner, no respect for others or at least seniors, copies other actors and remakes Hindi film again in Hindi language, Goat’s voice, Dog’s face with all the wrinkles because of jealousy and hate for others, pays money to media to praise himself only, calls himself King where in history no great man declared themselves great, its people who identify them as great. Shahrukh is so egoistic and a proud attitude’s person but Salman is a down to earth human being… u can check Salman on a TV show with Karan Johar ‘Lift kara de’ was the name of the show. Salman is a Mega-star in TV as well and he is declared as the India’s best TV Anchor ever.. SRK’s jealousy started from there.. as SRK felt defeated because SRK was the TV’s child and Salman captured his home.. with superhit TV show ‘Dus Ka Dum’ and because of this show Shahrukh’s ‘Pachwi Pass’ was flop.

      • Dude look at the history of Aamir (Lagaan, 3 idiots, tarazamen par, ghajni, Fana) all superhit movies in different genre; salaman(tare naam, partner, bodygurad, dabang); Ajay Devgn (OUATIM, Golmaal series, Singham, Rajneeti). but srk goat movie all the same s*** love story only opposite different actress. even his same acting is s***..

          • My name is khan is the worst movie ever not because of it’s story but because of srk acting. the movie doesnt look real at all. it look like a fictions. if you look at amir’s ghajni, salman’s tere naam or Ajay Devgn singhm, Outim you feel as if the movie is real though there are fiction. but My name is khan though it is real story but it look fiction

        • But Srk gave more hits than those retards. He has always been the superstar. But go read, RGV’s blog. His crew urged him not to do Rangeela with Aamir cuz he was not a big hero at all that time. By the way, altogether, Aamir gave 13 flops. And as for Sallu, if he is so good how come Yash Chopra never did a movie with him? How come he has such a hard time in winning best actor award?

          • Dude how many flop movies does RGV gives in recent years. i dont even think he is a director because he is going from good to worst. as far as Aamir there is no need to say y aamir is the best ever actor in history of Bollywood because all his movies tell. Public dont look at the brand the look at movies, Yash chopra who cares. Amir is the father of all theose kind of people. As far as acting goes Aamir, Ajay, sallu far far away a head of srk

          • bro he gve hits becoz of salman khan movin out 4rm movis lik bazigar n da india 1 i forgt d name yaar n amir khan also bckin out so admit dosti srk no mtch 4 salman n aamir

        • Dude look at the history of SRK (Baazigar, Darr, DDLJ, KHKN, Chak de, Devdas, Swades, MNIK etc etc etc).

          SRK’s best performances are >>>>>>>>> Aamir’s above average performances. SRK got a style to build his performance & aamir does not.

          Go watch 3-idiots, Shirman joshi & Boman stole the show. Go watch DCH, Akshay Khanna stole the show. Lagaan is NEVER known for Aamir performance but Darr is known for SRK’s killer scary performance.

          SRK is National School of Drama trained stage actor. & can play any role. NOT Aamir. He can only play selective roles. When he has to play historic role like SRK in Ashoka, He flops badly like Mangal Panday.

          SRK is a bigger star & much better actor than Aamir can ever be. Aamir cannot develop character.

          • When Lagaan story was choosed every film-pundits were saying its gonna be flop because of new director, old story but Aamir Khan dared to do that film, Rani Mukherjee was 1st choice for heroine then people said Aamir is insuring his films with a hit-star Rani thats why he requested Rani to leave and appointed an unknown face called Gracy Singh. in Asoka Shahrukh acted like cartoon and the film was big flop but watch Mangal Pandey.. Aamir did an amazing performance and the film was at least average not flop like Asoka. Darr was Yash Chopra film so SRK only played his character. An OMG…. hahh…hah…hah… LoL… what u said 3 idiots and Sherman Joshi and Boman Irani??? LoL… people forgot the other characters already.. only one thing people know that 3 idiots Bollywood’s biggest Hit ever is because of Aamir Khan and belongs to one & only Aamir Khan.. did u ever see b4 a chocolate heor doing ‘Ghajini’s action packed performance? but the genius Aamir Khan can do anything and he doesnt copy Dilip Kumar and Amitabh’s acting like SRK does… and DCH… Akshaye??? LoL… u lost it completely… think once… in the same year.. 2002 Aamir did a core rural role ‘Bhuvan’ of Lagaan 18th century’s character and again in the same year he did an explendid job as a 21st centry’s stylish urban youth in DCH…!!! Its possible only for the genius called Aamir Khan.. pocket size Atom Bomb. Shahrukh is a super-star (because of some stupid fans)… but even though he is a star… but please don’t compare with the genious Aamir… he is really Aamir (rich) with natural talent… no need to go to any school of Drama but yet he got The National Award of Best Actor, whilse SRK never and will never win any national award. its a challange.

  3. sallu is biggest looser cheap SOUTH remaker,,0creativity..dont ever dare to compare king with dat women-beater killer b***** salgay..poor worst actor,,he is just good in remakes or 100cr club,,uske upar ka uske bas ka nahi h..waise bh he is goin to buy remake rights of RA.ONE in 2013 n release it in 2014 n again join in 100cr club.

    • u shameless jealous haters can’t bare the back to back blockbuster success of Salman Khan thats why u always start barking with old stories, public love him the most and his films just shatters the box office records..!! Salman remakes some south films but with original directors like Prabhudeva’s Wanted and Siddique’s Bodyguard which are new to Hindi audience as the were never made in Hindi but the copy-cat monkey called SRK remakes Hindi film again in Hindi language like he made Devdas and Don, and copied even the dialouge and the songs of the old films… shamless dog SRK is your hero?

      • Rajan why so much love for Sallu? Did he feed you his mom’s home cooked meal in jail? Only criminals can love sallu, the murderer.

      • you retard. Aamir copied scene-to-scene Tamil already blockbuster called Ghajini. Salman copied every tamil, telugu alrady blockbusters. They both play it safe because they cannot play south indian programmer & take a risk lik SRK did.

        SRK is more popular & face of bollywood after Big B in Europe, Africa & Russia. Internationally, They dont like 4 foot midgit called Aamir Khan

    • Ra.One’s story has nothing new either but a son-father story backed by superhero roles. It is obvious that so many in scenes in Ra.One are lifted from the films like Iron man series, Batman series, Spider Man 2, Robot, some ideas from terminator 2 and even from X-man. It has no innovations and creations. So Ra.One is just fooling the Indian audiences

      • Oh you watched it already? In pirated format? Should we send the cops to get you arrested? People like you should be put in jail. You are a shameful bug that eats away other people’s money.

    • I dont know if you have any information about Hollywood movies. if dont let you know that G-one character is 100% copy of iron man character and Ra-one character is 100% copy of X-men character. at least sallu make a better movie than it’s original but this movie(srk goat) is sh***er than the original hollywood movie

      • Salman is the most handsome man in Asia, the sexiest man in india, the most desiring man by female in South Asia and Middle-East, why u tell lie while u know the truth that SR-Gay looks joker with the dirty wrinkles on his ugly face. Salman is charming, dashing and amazing but SRK is a goat and does monkey act by copying Amitabh and Dili Kumar’s films and their actings.

        • Yeah, salman the murderer only has a face and not acting ability.Thats why, it is hard for him to win a best actor award.

          • Salman doesn’t need to win (or purchase) any cheap awards… he is happy with winning the people’s hearts with his original extra-ordinary performances with full of charisma and innovative skills.. unlike copy-cat SRK who openly copies Dilip Kumar sahab and needs help of other super-stars to make his film Hit. Salman gave 34 Hits and 27 flops but the copy-cat Dog with goat’s voice Shahrukh gave only 21 Hits and 28 flops.. count one by one.. u will have the accurate figure.. Salman’s only 5 films (Maine Pyar Kiya, Hum Apke Hai Kaun, Dabangg, Ready and Bodyguard)’s box office collection is way bigger than the moron SRK’s whole life time’s films+ad+dog dance in wedding parties collections. Mind it.

      • Fathima ji, Salman kant make expression on his face, because he is a hero not an actor, and SRK is a zandoo bam actor, He can act but cann’t do action, uske action pachane layak nahi hote.

        Madam SRK is not only looking older but also cartoon in that uniform.

        finally it’s a RAjinikant’s movie not a SRK’s movie

        Mind it!

  4. the biggest hit of the century…….will rock the world due to it’s rocking fiction…..great to be watch it in cinemas guys….after 2yrs SRK is releasing his movie with long of oits making with Rajnikant in guest appearance!!!!!!!!

  5. hahah so many haters, expect this only from sallu fans..wont go on his own articles..would go on srk’s articles and write rubbish…speeling ‘career’ as ‘carrier’..the height of illiteracy. and as for the movie, just 5 days to go idiots, lets see how you react then..

    • what about your spelling of ‘spelling’??? check your own collar b4 finding others’ dirty collar… ok…?? its not ‘speeling’ as u wrote rather ot should be ‘spelling’.. o highly literate stupid.

  6. u srk haters…………….the movie has already recovered its investment of over 150 crores. whatever it makes at the ticket counters is all profits. Ra.One is going to be a kick ass movie and SRK is going to thrash the records of Aamir (Notorious) Khan and Salman (Pagal) Khan in 3D style

  7. First day is difficult as business will be less due to puja during evening shows. But second day and saturday will be biggest ever day. atleast 2 days will touch 25 cr in first 5 days of long weekend.

  8. It may break it, but if it BARELY breaks Bodyguard record, I give Bodyguard the edge because of all the factors that Komal Nahta points out.

    Personally, I dont want it to because, to me, Salman Khan is WAY better than SRK, Salman Khan right now is the King. SRK is promoting the film too heavily to a point where he is practically begging people to see it.

    • Ra.One breaks Bodyguard record. Credit must go to Ra.One entirely.

      Bodyguard is a 3rd remake in Hindi. It was Blockbuster in Malayalum & then in Telugu.

      Ra.One is very risky. Its Science fiction & superhero & gaming. which is not popular at all. Audience may get disconnected very early & easily unlike Bodyguard & Ghajini which were proven blockbusters in local language.

      Ra.One can easily flop. If it breaks Bodyguard, all credit to SRK alone for backing a very risky project that is not proven hit in local languages yet. Its not a scene by scene remake like Wanted, Ready, Ghajini, Bodyguard or even a very poor copy of Dabanng called Singham.

  9. Who the hell cares whether it makes more than bodyguard or any other film certainly not salman khan fans or aamirs´ srk is just using raji for him

  10. As u said the ticket price are very high. Film is releasing on more screens. Film budget is more than 150 Crores. If shahrukh broke record of bodyguard (to kon sa teer marlegaa. Shahrukh policy for ra one is that (paisa se record toreegaa)or phir bhi nhai torega to the end start of shahrukh khan. After 2 3 films shahrukh will start character roles like big b. Hope u all agreed.

  11. I think it may beat Bodyguard, but if it BARELY beats it, then advantage has to be given to Salman Khan as Komal Nahta mentioned excellent points above.

    Personally, I don’t want it to because to me, Salman is WAY better than SRK, and now, Salman is the King. SRK is promoting this film way too heavily to a point where I think he is practically begging people to see the film.

  12. We know that salman n amir fans are bad mouth people.. By thier slangs we can understand thier quality how they are… N its truth that people are jealous of srk success… N its fact that elephant keep going while amir n salmans dogs keep barking

  13. oh i hate shahrukh whos mostly jealous of salman. 1st he copied salmans body before he had ugly body, 2nd he started producing his stupid ra one of father and a son when he copied from salmans dabbang like stupid shahrukh once said ive seen dabbang. before he played as father to a daughter and now hes trying to release his movie in more than 5000 screens worldwide, he never did this before, which he is trying to beat bodyguard. and top of al people cal shahrukh king of bollywood but stil acts realy cheap and trys to beat salman. to me shahrukh is so low if he carries on doing this and he wil never beat salman and once again i hate shahrukh but that dosent mean i luv salman its just that salman is more of a humble being to his fans and a down to earth person which he dosent think big of himself. a person cals himslf no1 he is not no1. SHAHRUKH WIL NEVER WIN.

    • Hahahaha. baldy sallu is about to be destroyed. Ra.One will cross $300 crores & Don 2 will cross $200 crores look like. Both in 3D. Its SRK all the way. Sallu & Aamir are the most jelous of SRK. SRK is no spoilt bollywood khandan decendent brat like Sallu & Aamir. He is an outsider & stole the ’90s decade from Sallu & Aamir. He is still king Khan in 2000 decade.

      While sallu loves playing it safe to his homosexual fans with whisles remaking scene-2-scene of already tamil telugu blockbusters wanted, ready, bodyguard with same south directors too. SRK taking huge risk with Ra.One & Don 2 as he will be playing ultimate villian.

      SRK will destroy steriod using baldy sallu just like Aishwarya did.

  14. no srk movie has crossed 100cr rupees but salman gave back to back 3 movies of 100cr rupees . Salman bhai is real bodyguard of bollywood, shahrukh uncle is ravan.


  15. The thing is, people should realize that this isn’t salman vs shahrukh, which by far are the biggest names in the industry, its RaOne vs Bodyguard. I respect both actors BUT i can’t pretend to see both the movies in the same calibre! RaOne is very well able to take Bollywood to a whole new level with its greatly impressive quality and highly international look, please try to appreciate that regardless of being a fan of salman or shahrukh, mark my words this war will end and we will see Karan Arjun working together in no time

  16. Thank you the insight Komal Sahab! Your valuable analysis helps me better understand trade.

    I completely agree – Ra one is heavily targeted towards the audience down south, who are more exposed to the
    Sci-fi genre – add that to highest available screen and inflated prices – I think its fair to say it has the potential to beat Bodyguard’s opening record. My question, Will it sustain the opening? also how will it perform in B and C markets, single screens particularly? I think not great.

  17. The statement u have mentioned regarding the comparison of srk and salman is bearable. But, the provoking style u used in comparing bodguard and is impossible. I would take the privilege of asking u as to how can a bullshit filled film like bodyguard be compared with a classy sci fi thriller Being a writer in a business oriented koimoi website, are u mindless to utter the words’ may cross bodyguard’s collections?’ Every common cinegoer infact knows that kick starts great boxoffice bang. Seems like use ur commercial brain only on salman films.

  18. tu jo koi bhi hai karamveer hai ya dharamveer jara internet phir check kar ayr dekh ki darr hit thi ya flop aur mai tuje bata du ki south ki remake se koi megastar nhi banta aur salman ki hit aur srk ki hit ki calculation dimaag thikane pe rakhkar karega to samaj aa jayega tuje, salman ne pichle 5 saalo me hit se 3 guna jyada flop di hai ,so comment krne se pehle soch liya kar aur Salman ki dabangg+reaady+bodygaurd ka hisaab pura kar degi confirmation komal sir se le lena

  19. RAONE will the best blockbuster hit bollywood ever witnessed …. GOOD LUCK TO SRK N HIS TEAM … n all the hater get the FFFFKKKK out of here .. u guys can’t see advancement in bollywood … can’t appreciate someones hard work …

  20. U r saying it will beat bodyguard the use of more cinemas etc is the ploy but let srk use the same cinemas and see the results he is riding on the fame of ab and raji he is a sly one

  21. Saala itni jaga screen play rakhega toh sawal hi nahi ootha kyuni bodyguard na promotion hua na jada screen as compared to raone. Kuch time tak rahega lets see let them fight

  22. oyee salman khan best and best super hero hi……..
    SRK budha ho gaya hi RA.ONE flop hogi
    so faltu paise mat udaooo sweet khao and DIWALI manoooooooooooo

  23. will b the biggest blockbuster ever in the will break all the box office record 4 surely.i wish Shahrukh and his full team of best of luck guys. SRK is the best of best.i will watch it 1st day 1st show at any cost.

  24. The Movie will be a big Flop, Plz dont compare SRK with Salman Khan, salman can make a movie hit on his own shoulders and will not take any one’s help for it but SRK he wants Sanjay Dutt, Big B , Rajnikanth, A-kon , Priyank chopra , If such super stars are their in the movie their will be high expectations but it will be a flop

  25. at any stage Ra one will not be a flop make 100 cr in 5 days it release in india in 3500 screen
    3500screen × 5 day ×4show in a day ×300(75-80% seat filled of minimum 400 seat in a theater) ×rs 50 (ticket rates) =105 cr

  26. If SRK breaks the record of Bodyguard also, It’s not a big deal. Becoz records are made to break,today srk tomorrow aamir and later salman.
    Just wait and c

  27. As a salman khan fan why should we care about srk he means nothing to us his nose and mouth too big and he has no sex appeal on screen like salman

  28. will be the biggest blockbuster of all time..
    And salman, aamir and hrithik’s ass r gonna be jealous so badly…

  29. sahrukh jis tarah tere team kkr mein dum nahi hai usi tarah tere RA.ONE mein koi power nahin hai.SALMAN bhai se panga lega toh bhai tera DOUBLE WATT! laga dega.

  30. Whether it breaks record or not. m going to see on first day. 3d mein dekho. Bodyguard to ghar mein dekhne layak bhi nahi thi. Ek gana aur kuch nahi. See movie trailers they r amazing.

  31. it doesnt matter if ra one breaks any record or not what matters is the two stars salman and shahrukh abt whom we are talking right now.And the fact is that shahrukh has to become a superhero to make his films hit while salman is the real superhero of bollywood who does not need such cheap roles and publicity like shahrukh to make his films hits,his mere screen personality is enough to make his films work,just look at wanted,dabangg,ready & bodyguard he played human charcters and his films worked.This is called star power.East or west salman is the best.He rules the hearts of millions of indians and after ek that tiger he will rule the overseas markets also.

  32. salaman, Aamir, Ajay makes movie with cost under 100 cror and their movie do over 100 business. but srkh spend more than 150 cror and his movie is going to do 0 business in boxoffice

  33. To all Ajay Devgn, Aamir khan, Salaman khan and other actors fan! dont WATCH THIS SILLY BABY MOVIE>
    To all Srk Goat haters DONT WATCH THIS SILLY MOVIE

  34. it will be d biggest hit d bollywood had ever seen……….ye kutta salman to sirf apni star power ka use kar ke hit ho jaata hai …..ab srk dikhaega hard work aur acchi film bana ke kaise hit hua jaata hai

  35. SRK looks old becuz he didnt go for botox..Salllu has more botox than blood in his body thats Y he became expressionless..If u say srk is gay i say sallu is namard chakka..he didt even get married..bodybuiding steroids ka side effect?

  36. do not compare bodyguard to ra1, salman even cant do much promotion of his film,here srk without his sleep day night promoting his film,still then there is less chance to breake salman’s first day record. Wait and watch if Ra1 break Bodyguard record Salman’s Ek tha tiger will boom like anything. that will break all records.

  37. lol.. even if you hate srk, if u claim raone will be a flop, u are only showing that u are a moron.. it has aldready bagged 132 cr form all the rights and with the advance bookings and the srk craze amongst his fans (u might not realize it coz u hate him, but there are many more who really adore him) , it is in for a humunguous box office collection.. i like salman and aamir too, so i don’t wanna defame anybody but raone, from pure sensibility is gonna be a blockbuster!

  38. Salman vs SRK …Battle of Boxoffice numbers

    be neutral ….SRK has done great pormotion and will get befit as well..SRK has done seventh month of extensive pormotion for creating hype first promo released in las IPl matches,…But salman on other hand has done onlt 20 to 25 day for pormotion and films creating records…

    writer of this article declare Salman khan is the boxoffice champion , beacuse bodyguard and dabnag has no factors as he describe above, keep in your mind 3 idiot and My name is khan has higher ticket, when films measure with boxoffice number and gamble with audience mind ….its not …nobody talking about Attendance factor ..beacuse all writers knows Salman is far ahaead in this competion….if 3 idiot ticket prices were low so it could never managed to make 200 mark… now this time for, writer of this article telling you SRK have some chances just beacuse 3D
    version have higher prices and overall ticket prices are up….but salman has only eid factor not ticket prices up like raone and 3 idiot…thts why Salman is boxoffice king…..if you camapre any actor form other so please talking about Attendence not boxoffice numbers

  39. salman ki ek, do film kya chalne lagi uske fans apni marvaane lage, bhul gaye 12 flops lagataar salman ki to sun lo heroes, hello, god tussi great ho.., babul,saawariya, shaadi karke phas gaya yaar, saawan, yuvraaj etc etc… Aadmi ko apni aukaat kabhi nahi bhulni chahiye jaise salman ke fans bhul gaye hai. SRK is giving consistently superhit films right from the start of his carreer that’s why public calls him king khan, badshah of bollywood.

  40. Bodyguard grossed 20.66 cr nett on day 1 … Don’t think srk’s will settle less than 25 cr.. Though sallu has more fan following in india.. Bt u can’t deny the fact that srk is biggest star in world… And his fans will do anything to make this film biggest film.. Trailers r just mind blowing , eye popping..

  41. Abe us terriorst , killer , gay , mental patient salman se king srk ko compare mt kro .. He’s biggest a**hole in world.. And will f**k up all b.o. Records..

  42. This will not happen as Salman is the super star and srk is nt able to break his recor.never ever.
    Forget it SALMAN KHAN is the biggest khan of bollywood as well as box office.

  43. *SRK is beyond all these foolish controversies….all his movies are superhits to biggest hits of all the past years…He wins maximam awards ever…we are really proud to get him as an Indian…if he goes to hollywood, there also he would be the Best as he is always…This is the reality…

  44. i srk myself declare that ..and this new film of mine is a total copy of many hollywood movies..i have spent my whole lifes earning on this film and want it to run badly or else i will be bankrupt and will be labelled as bhikari of please go and watch this movie in theatres even though i personally know that its completely c*** movie.

  45. i salman khan surrender in front of srk’s ra one and don 2, sorry fans but i am guilty of copying almost all films and i consider srk no 1…please watch ra one and don 2 1st day 1st show, this is how we will end the fight..

  46. are bhai y u all r fighting…… ek baat suno jitne b comments yahan pe h un sab k like or dislikes count karlo and then compare it wid shahrukh and salman khan
    a all will come 2 know that salman is no way near king khan he is the god men no matter if the film goin 2 b a hit or flop i will definately watch it….a men from india is goin to make us proud for the first time in technoholic manner it can b compare wid the hollywood sci-fi’s but ha ha are u goin 2 compare the shit films like bodyguard wanted…. ha ha cant stop laughing..

  47. This movie Ra one is going to be the biggest hit in world cinema as it is a scientific fiction movie releasing in 2D and 3D

  48. SRK is the only one with balls to mix Sci-Fi-superhero genre & make a blockbuster out of it.

    Salman & Aamir only good enough to copy tamil & telugu already blockbusters into Hindi. Both play safe.

    SRK takes big risks. MNIK was a huge risk niche film & he made a hit out of it.

    When salman tried risky VEER, it was flop
    When Aamir tried risky Mumbai diaries, It was flop

    SRK over Aamir & Salman any given day.



  51. oh guys….tum sb fokat me lad rahe ho…yahan apne-2 fav ki bat nahi its a fact ki Raone will be much bigger hit than bodyguard nd at all…i think 3-idiots ka bhi tod degi…135 crores to pahle hi recovers ho chuke hai dost…nd 1 tickt bhi faayeda ka sauda hai….

  52. Ra-One May got a big Hit and may break al records in Indian cinema histroy. I hope that we will entertain and got peisa wasool

  53. 2006 ke pahele maltyplex nahin the jab se maltyplex shoru hye amr salman akshay ajay ye sab hit de rahen hai amir salman ko agar srk ke sat milana hai tum ko to galat hai amir salman ok but srk ka muqabla dilp sahab amitabh ji se hota hai ab tak amitab ji ki 20 hit movie hai don2 ke bad srk 21 ho jaye gi aur kya kar ke dikhaye srk…….

  54. srk ddlj ka mukabla tmhara salman or amir kya karega,salman ko bolo pahle shadi kare napunsak isi liye ladki usey chor deti hai or ek sath heroies,god tussi,marigold,yuvraj,mai or mrs khanna,jaane mann, london dreams,sub film ko duba diya or tm is buddha jiska baal tak original nai h,transplant hai uska comperison king khan srk se krte ho..sochna b mut srk is the god of bollywood…salman ko bol jakar k pahle acting krna sikhe.illetrate to hai hi salman or bewakuf b hai,jo srk se takkar leta hai 10th fail

  55. to sare records fad dega…aur salman aur aamir to abi bhut piche h use unko srk ko pane me puri umr gujar jaegi par pa ni skte srk is talented hero aur salman ko to acting hi ni krne ati usse ache to ajay devgan sala salman rota aisa h jaise koi bikhari has ra ho…aur difrnt typs of voice niklna b 1 art h jo slmn aur amir ko to bilkul ni ati…salman n aamir r arrogant!

  56. Everybody knw that k badsha kon he? King kon he?… Sirf 4 hit movie dene se koi super star nahi ban jata… Agar kisi ko normal quetion kia jae k srk k last flop movie kon c he? To har koi sochne lagega… B’cose… Srk ek hit machine he… Agar ser jangal se kuch waqt dur rahe to b ser… To ser hi raheta he… Agra ham srk k last movie per najar karege to hame pata chalega k that’s all different movie… My name is khan… Rab ne bana di jodi… Chak de…etc… Woh Srk ka hi magic he Jo 2008 me bomb blast hone k bavajood audience ko theater k aur khich… k release hote h pata chal jaega k who is king of bollywood?

  57. S r k king khan hai king khan ek hai aur koyi nahi bollywood main bhoot sare khan lekin unme se koyi king khan kiyu nahi . Bhut sare actor hai jo apne kuta ka naam srk rakha lekin srk nahi raka kiyon srk not only good actor but also very good human srk aap saat koyi hoga yeha nahi yoga lekin main hoon na i wish u raone big hits i love you srk

  58. bakwaas movie..
    SALMAN KHAN IS THE THE THE BEST ACTOR IN THE INDUSTRY . . . or any other superherores type films is n0t gng to work in front of SALMAN KHAN . HE IS THE BEST

  59. i m not fan of srk but after watching i realized this is very good movie of bollywood. and great VFX & used technolgy. rockzzzzz……..

  60. shabash mere dosto ap sub bilkul theek keh rahay ho k amir aur salman king khan ka muqabla ker hi ni saktay its impossible.aur dosri bat ye he k muqabla qabiliyat aur hunar pe kiya jata he sub king khan ke pas he.mere 1 bhai ne acha kaha k 4 hits films kiya di muqabla karnay niklay salman ki 70 percent filmay flp hochiki he aur he koi maa ka bacha jo kahay k king khan ka wo film flp hogaya ta king khan k 99 percent filmay block buster hoti he.

  61. Hey guys i am big fan of Salman khan , And i know that ra one will sure break all the box office record and even the DON 2 will But the nest year Dabangg 2‎ will break ra one & Don2 and Ek Tha Tiger will break all the rest so now king khan latter DABANGG khan he wins any way..

  62. Hi guyz, am from pakistan, yahan k comments parh k kafi acha laga q k really is a fantastic movie. Aur jo log SRK k khilaf bat kar rae hen, i ll ask them one thing, me aik pakistani hun but phr b SRK ko salute krta hun. But why u talk against him while u r indian and why u forget the biggest fact that SRK hi wo shakhs he jis ki waja se sari dunya Bollywood ko pehchanti he, SRK ap ka real hero he but you guys just dont have anything to do except blaming your hero.

  63. all u dumbasses and scumbags commenting on the greatest actor ever SRK in india.salman is d worst actor inn the bollywood who doesnt know anything other than showing his body and doing the remakes of hit south indian movies.aamir and sallu sucks.SRK is god of film industry and sachin of cricket.



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