Happy New Year Movie Poster
Happy New Year Movie Poster

Rating: 2/5 Stars (Two stars)

Star Cast: Shah Rukh Khan, Abhishek Bachchan, Boman Irani, Sonu Sood, Deepika Padukone, Jackie Shroff, Vivaan Shah

Director: Farah Khan

What’s Good: The actors are all earnest and the opulent canvas sure works in retaining your attention.

What’s Bad: It lacks Farah Khan’s witty streak. The heist track just doesn’t work and the film’s second hour is plain unconvincing. Low on the needful IQ that could have made the robbery believable, the film’s thrill tapestry was on the weaker side.

Loo break: Spend a good chunk of post interval in the loo.

Watch or Not?: Happy New Year is two distinct films rolled in one. While the first hour is breezy, fun and pretty watchable, the second hour is a convoluted mess with a heist angle that doesn’t work, a romantic track that seems forced, the vivaciousness lacking from the camaraderie of the characters and the sappyness of a dukhbhari daastan of a backstory. It is a half baked film that uses all the regular formulaic heist tools and naturally offers nothing unseen or unexpected. The predictability of the climax was the most fatal blow for the film. It isn’t unwatchable but horridly disappointing. Farah Khan has better mettle I believe and her funda of keeping it simple, garbed in floss doesn’t work this time.

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Charlie (Shah Rukh Khan) is looking to avenge the humiliation of his father who was put in a wrong spot by Grover (Jackie Shroff). Following him and tracking him for 8 years led him to the momentous day when Grover will keep protected a handful of rare diamonds.

Charlie builds a team of people whom he calls Charlie’s Angels to participate in World Dance Championship which will lead them to the diamonds they want to steal. Nandu Bhide (Abhishek Bachchan), Jags (Sonu Sood), Tammy (Boman Irani) and Rohan (Vivaan Shah) along with their dance teacher Mohini (Deepika Padukone) train for the championship.

How a bunch of losers manage to sneak out the diamonds from the world’s safest locker is what the film entails. A series of events and a tight climax leads to the downfall of Grover that Charlie had plotted for 8 years.

Vivaan Shah, Deepika Padukone, Boman Irani, Shah Rukh Khan, Sonu Sood and Abhishek Bachchan in a still from movie 'Happy New Year'
Vivaan Shah, Deepika Padukone, Boman Irani, Shah Rukh Khan, Sonu Sood and Abhishek Bachchan in a still from movie ‘Happy New Year’

Happy New Year Review: Script Analysis

Farah Khan keeps the story simple indeed. It’s neatly written but the problem is she chooses a wrong theme to tell simply. I wish Farah had restricted the film to her forte, dance! But she tries too many things. There is a feeble backstory of a loser, who we are told is a Boston University Topper. Clearly daddy issues cost him a career and he is currently an unemployed loser. He gets a bunch of co-losers to assist him on an ambitious heist project to avenge the humiliation his father was put through. At one of the film’s initial scenes, Jackie Shroff announces at a press conference, almost as an invitation to robbers all over the world about how his security system is foolproof and will be guarding a bunch of diamonds worth a fortune.

Charlie takes up the challenge and makes a team of people who in all likelihood will fail at robbing the bank next to your house. The first half of the film isn’t brilliant either but atleast it is kept thick and consistent. There is a lot of dance and a lot stupidity because Farah couldn’t let go off her genetic affinity towards churning out no-brainers. Being the older and the more intelligent one of the ‘Humshakals‘ siblings, Farah keeps falling back to dialogues of Shah Rukh’s previous films. King Khan’s tendency of self referencing is clearly used as a crucial clap trap here.

However, in the second half all the eerie things in the world begin happening. The dance team of amateurs take a Dubai trip by blackmailing in-the-closet Gay judges and hacking vote bank in their favor. Once they are in Dubai, the film forgets its entity as a revenge saga and becomes a patriotic film. Deepika even does a SRK’s Sattar minute speech from Chak De India. All hunky dory, the second hour is low on everything that was the best thing about this film. There’s no dance. They are just a bunch of buffoons who are stalking a few diamonds. Farah even draws inspiration from brother Sajid Khan and creates a Humshakals angle here.

The climax was utterly wasted in melodrama. The biggest problem with Happy New Year is its inconsistency. It isn’t a revenge drama because the villain is never made to stand out. The theft is unintelligent. And what’s left is a bunch of talented people getting themselves mocked. The film was a hotch potch and by the end of it, if you survive, you are lucky.

Happy New Year Review: Star Performances

Shah Rukh Khan looks droolworthy. I am not a fan of the Superstar but the actor’s caliber despite remaining unused in the films he takes up, he easily is one of the things in the film that keeps you latched. The role doesn’t do justice to his caliber but the SRK swagger helps in an underwhelming film like this.

Deepika Padukone is earnest and doesn’t have merely an arm candy role. Though her screen space isn’t a lot, the actress has done a terrific job.

Abhishek Bachchan is effortless and hams well. But then again, despite a lot of screen presence his character is not well invested in the film.

Boman Irani brings in his wicked humor and is immensely endearing in his role. Though a lot of the antics, Farah made him do were weird, Irani pulled it all off smartly.

Sonu Sood goes almost unnoticed and wasted. I think he shouldn’t accept such thankless roles where all he is required to do is flaunt his body.

Vivaan Shah wasn’t as much a misfit as one would have thought. He is good and blends in smoothly with the rest of the cast.

Jackie Shroff goes wasted despite his menacing demeanor. Farah doesn’t build his character into anything meaty and anyone could have easily filled in for him. Shroff doesn’t get his usual quirk because the role barely allows him anything.

Happy New Year Review: Direction, Editing and Screenplay

Farah Khan has created a confused film. Happy New Year is a misguided, misfired product that doesn’t know where it wants to end up. The humor was lame and though the design calls for it, one expects better from the other half of Sajid Khan (for some strange reason). I am glad, atleast the film doesn’t go vulgar and offensive, that would have been the final nail. Not attempting to sound preachy and righteous but it also  warranties misdeeds in a very ‘Karma bites back’ tone. Had Farah stuck to one theme, Happy New Year could have been a much better film.

As far as the editing goes, a three hour long film is enough to convey the expertise of the editing department. On the brighter side, it could have been a tirade probably but we were saved because of them.

The forgettable music of this apparent dance film is another flaw with the film.

Happy New Year Review: The Last Word

Happy New Year is a muddled mess which has its own warm moments but as a package fails to work. Three hours of Shah Rukh flaunting his abs and swagger gets too much to take minus a strong storyline. Farah Khan has redeemed Tees Maar Khan but Happy New Year is her most mediocre work. I am going with 2/5. It’s a magnum opus which is pretty much hollow from within and remains an all frills, no thrills show.

Happy New Year Trailer

Happy New Year releases on 24th October, 2014.

Share with us your experience of watching Happy New Year.

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  1. Enjoy the Movie, This is not award winning movie, it is totally commercial & Family entertainer Movie…….
    300 crore sure………………
    Rok sake to rok lo…..aa gaye INDIAWALE…..

  2. We just got back from watching in first show. I am not a SRK fan or supporter but honestly speaking HNY is a very good family entertainer. We enjoyed every second of this film. I must say it’s paisa wasool…very nice film and it will cross Rs 300 crore and will be a big blockbuster….

  3. I haven’t seen the movie nor plan to do so but i am willing to stick my neck and say this:The movie like most of SRK’s movies will be completely useless but will end up being a super duper hit like Salman’s atrocious movies.The salt on the wound will be SRK winning several awards for his “splendid”performance in this highly “entertaining”movie.Gosh I wonder when the day will come when the Indian public at large will completely reject this pure unadulterated garbage from these “stars”

  4. Mr Arvind Khan, where was you when dhoom 3 got released???. Dhoom 3 was the first robbery movie without any actual robbery scenes and probably the last one too..they where too lazy to shoot a heist scene or too dumb either way go and change MR Perfectionist first..

  5. Great movie. Loved it. Full paisa vasool. Srk and deepika were stars in this highly entertaining yet funny story, loved the other actors performance as well.

  6. As expected !! Who watch these sort of craps !! Anything comes from the family of Farah khan should be banned or garbaged !! Logo ko torture karte hai ye log :p SRK only running after money these days. His class is a myth now !!

  7. just came back from the movie,,,,its entertaining movie,,u wont be disappointed guys….above all its a family entertainer. Huge crowd waiting for next show. Go and watch the movie…FULL PAISA WASOOL

  8. Fullyyyyyyyy bbbbaaaakkkkkkkwwwwaaasssssshhhhhh movieeee 1st show dekhene gaye the, isse achcha 465₹ (320₹➕ 145₹) ka patakha forh dena chahiye tha

    • dear friend,

      I am agree with you. they all are talking rubbish about happy new year.i had saw frist show at indore ,central mall,occupancy 95-100% and every buddy was happy after watching happy new year..


  9. To All Of My Enemies,

    This is Best Movie i ever saw. This is Great movie even than Yaariyan, Ra one.
    No Other movie even compete to this movie.
    Only Joker Movie is as Good as this movie.

    So Please watch this movie.

  10. its not even that bad… its a good family entertainer…. but hope srk will make more sensible movies from next time… u can watch hny if u want to spend a decent time with your family this diwali…….

  11. Just watched HNY. I think the first half was decent. Some really hilarious stuff there I must admit. Boman Irani and Abhishek Bachchan’s comic timing was brilliant.

    It was the second half which was largely disappointing though. The execution of the heist was predictable and in just a matter of few minutes..BOOM! The diamond is stolen. All the planning of the heist which was interesting actually went into the drain with that execution.

    Overall, I think the songs were good but the emotional scenes were torturous and plain boring. The dance angle in the heist was something new but Farah just messes it up big time. Overall result – Excessive focus on the dancing part and screwing up the heist part.

    Hats off to Vishal and Anurag Basu for that hilarious cameo appearance.

    Sonu Sood could have definitely played a much more pivotal role in the movie considering his excellent performances in all his past movies. This surely would be a movie which he would not be proud of.

    SRK and Deepika’s chemistry was okayish but nothing compared to their performances in Chennai Express and OSO. The romantic angle between the lead pairs is something not to look forward to in this movie.

    Overall, a one time watch with some excellent action sequences and some really hilarious comedy. The movie was good in phases but DEFINITELY not worth the hype.

  12. it is one of the most entertaining movie of srk’s life and farah’s best better than CE . surely cross 200 and 300 is very possible .

  13. OK OK type movie…Zyada khas bath kuch nahi hai..one time Watch..Max 200 crore collect karega..Because of SRK stardom…!!

    • so wt u wantd?? intellect?? d makers made dis muvi in accordanc wid every1 so every1 can digest d content n enjoy it.. sinc srk has mentiond it’s family muvi… if u wan2 test ur intellect watch hitchkok muvis…

  14. Bahut acchi aur entertaining film hai ye critics to kuch bhi kehte hain critics ne to ce aur dhoom 3 ko bhi 2 se 2/5 star diye the aur result sabko pata hai. Asli critics janta aur fans hote hain. Ye ek bahut hi entertaining film hai maine 1st day 1st show dekha single screen theater me poora housefull tha aur dusra show bhi housefull lag raha tha bheed ko dekhte hue. Paisa vasool movie.

  15. All those who watched the movie:

    In the trailer, there’s a desert sequence being shown with cars jumping and all..Was that there in the movie or is my memory really that bad?

  16. M a big SRK fan..
    and honestly.. this movie is entertaining.. nonsense comedy of farah khan but still the charm of SRK will make u to sit thriugh the whole film.. u’ll have a ride of laughter the whole film.. that i guarantee… it its 3 nd half star..
    Koimoi thoda theek se review diya karo.. khud gir gir ke hasa hoga ye critic movie dekh ke itni comed thi movie me.. idiot critic -_-

  17. Poor repeated jokes,actors trying to be comic by wearing odd outfits…nonsensical dialouges….and extremely stupid robbery sequences…..an actor like SRK must have completely avoided this type of bakwaas movie…

  18. Wasted my time such a boring movie Its better to watch rajpal yadav’s “HELLO HUM LALAN BOL RAHE HA” rather than SRK

  19. nothing new, nothing interesting shahrukh capability is unutilized. the worst part is the direction which failed the charm in the movie.

  20. Its okk okk movie not good
    If u already watched ocean 11( hollywppd movie of bredd Pitt) then this movie is boagas bakwas for uu
    So it u want to watch this then please watch ocean 11 first
    Good thing in movie is only it is typical Indian movie.
    Srk take revenge of his father like always in Indian movie.
    So my rating is 2/5.

  21. Movie acchi hai ek baar dekha jaa sakta hai , bt movie me twist bahut kam hai auditions ko pahle se pta hota hai aage kya hone waala hai … bt overall Movie ek baar dekha jaa sakta hai Abhishek Bachchan ke liye nd some dance sequence …. my rating for this movie 2.5 star out of 5

  22. Look how much the writer is biased with SRK. Dhoom three was given 4 star, kick 3 star and HNY just 2 star. Although salman has only made two quality movies in his whole career and those also in the initial 5 years of his career. Aamir has no doubt done many unforgettable roles but Dhoom 3 was the worst of the dhoom series and also the worst in terms of acting and story by Aamir. But still 4 star for doom 3 as it was mere a 2 star movie. If doom 3 was a 4 star then HNY surly be 5 star keeping in view the standard of the writer.

  23. i think natha is getting depress because no one is puutting money on him as he wants to make movies,please appreciate good family movie like HNY not stupid movie bang bang which is frame to frame of knight and day which you give 4 star

  24. watched HNY today…my opinion: very entertaining…just go for it..Music also works well in the movie..especially lovely, manwa laage, satakli

  25. Well it is worth for 200 cr… but its not worthy to watch….
    I think ths sibling(farah & sajid khan) workng hard to ruin the IQ …. and ofcourse it takes a lot of guts to make ths type of crap…

    Is qism ka atyachar band hna chahiye…

  26. I totally disagree with koimoi review. This is the best movie I saw in last few years. Full entertainment and full paisa vasool

  27. What is your educational status Mr Author? You appear as a utter sadist, who can’t see anything good. You are downplaying the year long efforts of 500 people in making this movie.

    • maam plz watch both the movies again…they are in no way similar to each other…kindly keep your foolishness wd urself….

    • have you seen “now you see me” it was 1000 times better than HNY . its just another bakwas bollywood movie……. indian audience are mad!!!!!

  28. This is Movie is First Day business Highest Gross Record India That mean This is best Movie Happy New Year broken All Indian Movies Record I hate Shahrukh Khan but i like This Movie Coz This is Good Entertainer Family Movie Best of Luck HNY all Team Happy Dil Wali

  29. Koimoi gave similar review to kick and sigham and they worked brilliantly. This is even better than them. So its review never matters. You are MAD Koimoi ! RIP

  30. good decent movie we can watch with whole family without any hesitation. srk rock it is a gift in this diwali season.
    i dont know why these all haters come here to say bad things abut the movie. if movie is bad then why they are wasting their time in commeting here.

    • Agar bakwas film hai to
      first day 40.9
      Second day 40
      Third day 42
      Kaise business kiya itna
      . the film is good go again watch it

  31. 1st day 44.9cr
    2nd day 42 cr
    3dr day 42 cr
    4rth day 30cr
    5th day 23cr
    6th day 20cr
    7th day
    unbelievable total of 221 cr nett in 1st week. This looks unstoppable at the moment.

  32. U need to appreciate movie when it really deserves not becoz sharukh acts , even i am fan of asharukh but believe it was scrap…just time pass and time killing …if u want to entertain just get Charlie Chaplin dvd , u get ample reason to laugh….don’t be fools , what is good is good , what is bad is bad….becoz of some idiots these morns make such crap movie becoz end of day people buy tickets on huge …so give proper feedback ….

  33. Itna bakwas movie maine aaj tak nehi dekha hai.
    Aur india ke log bi itna budhoo hai ki chale tate hai budhoo hone ke liye sorry guy’s but film is totally waste to time and chattas movie.

  34. Bahut maxt movie hny aur sab kuch hny me jese dance,comedy,roberry,action and romance bhai kasam 3 bar dekh chuka hai paisa wasool plz jarur jaye dekhne

  35. same series dhoom3 robbery, kick robbery ,hyn robbery

    plzz save ur money hopeless movie

    agar is movie se SRGAY ko hatao to it will b flop as humshakals

  36. I think …even the movies without any I.Q.(HNY/TMK/RAAVAN/HUMSHAKALS) can make money these days…that is power of indian economy.
    But i am happy still some sensible cinema is being made……..

  37. It was an awesome movie guys….do watch it HNY rocks i am not a fan of any actor. i am a fan of good movies soo HNY is very nice movie …..afterall King is KING only.. :) soo i suggest you too have 3hrs and 4 min for this movie this weekend.. :)

  38. srk has snatched eidi from my pocket …….

    plz koi disprin dedo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!………ranveer ki lutera se to bach gaye??????????? …..magar hame kya pata tha hay ram …..sorry!!!!! AbRam…..bakwas movie……plz sharukh thoda to move karsakte the yaar ….khade khade movie bana di…

  39. I am a giddy srk fan–he is the best! I did not like this film. I was In a Los Angeles theater with all Indians, exept me—and they seemed bored. Don’t do this ever again—please!

  40. SRK has taught the film industry how to act and how to market the films. He is the marketing Don.Winner of King of world Box Office award by The Star Box Office Magazine.
    SRK if had not rejected the films of Raj Kumar Hirani, think where still he would have been.

  41. It’s not very good.But still better than Kick,Singham Returns & Bang Bang. My ratting is 3/5. And Bollywood lost their mark in the case of big film.

  42. Its a good movie fully entertained. You will feel bore. But they could have skip the dance part and cincentrate of thrivery part. But anyways the movie was eventually good. I like it and rate it 3/5.

  43. Most worst movie of SRK. He should try to make a good movie rather than making money out of it… Srk should retire from bollywood, he is a good business man not a actor. Farha khan go for direction school..Don’t encourage such movies. It deserves 0.5 starts.

    • I am against of the this film…. wake up bro u r in wrong way… the film will not decide how much we love our country .. there is plenty of people who never watch a single film that means they are not an Indian….
      your are fan of shahrukh khan that a very good you love the film very good we are also supporting hindi cenema…
      but don’t point out… Anyway I love that film also…

  44. Those Who Are Against This Film Is Not An Indian First Of All! Those Who Ha A Respect For India,Will Surely Loved This Film! First Day 144 Crores! Baap Baap Hi Hota Hai! love You SRK

  45. Honestly this movie deserve 4.5/5 stars. My questions to critics are : What do you want in an Indian movie? Don’t you want the Bollywood reaching a world platform?
    Honestly this was the first bollywood movie that I saw in my life which is really a world class. Though I am a big hater of Shahrukh for his arrogance but he is a real king in himself.

  46. This a very good movie, full of comedy, actions and ofcourse patriotism.I like it. Love you SRK and Happy Birthday..!

  47. This movie is one of the examples why Bollywood movies are becoming extremely unbearable. I was a great fan of SRK, but now he is concentrating on money more than movie content. I think if we can spend money on this film or alike films, we MUST stop complaining about inflation in India.

  48. the king of the world srk not a salman and aamir only one man in army srk one record ddlj. chennai express and happy new year all time record of bollywood srk box office or flim ihdustery ka baadshah srk

  49. kisi ne ya bola k srgay one man army hai leking ye kitna bewakoof hai , one man army use bolte hai jo film ko akele k dum pe le jaye jaise salman khan ka naam hi kafi hai super hit karne k liye, happy new year ki cast main bata deta hun srgay, abhisekh bacchan, sonu sood, boman irani, deepika, big director farah khan, aise film ko aap one man army nahi bol sakte, chennai xpress big director rohit shetty, deepika and tere naam one man army film new actress, jai ho no big star cast with new actress, dabangg with new actress, so pahle dimag ki batti kholo, samjho aur phir sahi comment karo,

  50. MY NAME IS KHAN may find favour with the élite audience but it will be rejected by the Indian masses.
    HAPPY NEW YEAR may not find favour with the élite audience but it will be accepted by the Indian masses

    In both cases your rating is 2/5. RIP Koimoi

  51. movie of the year.but I just managed to watch 15min then I got bad headache.so blame my health that kept me away from watching rest of the movie.srk is great.


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