Rating: 2.5/5 Stars (Two and a half star)

Star Cast: Shah Rukh Khan

Director: Maneesh Sharma

Fan Movie Poster
Fan Movie Poster

What’s Good: Shah Rukh Khan finally offers something great on the acting front. His distinct characters of Gaurav and Aryan are impressive.

What’s Bad: The outrageously flawed script. This logic-defying drama is cringeworthy in the second half.

Loo Break: Sometime in the Second half would be a good.

Watch or Not?: Watch if you are a true SRK fan because after a long time he performs on-screen as an actor. If you were looking for a thriller then this will disappoint.

User Rating:

Gaurav Chandna (Shah Rukh Khan) claims himself to be junior Aryan Khanna (SRK) a Bollywood superstar. Is it just because he looks like him? Yes! Gaurav has all his life imitated Khanna at his local Inder Vihar competitions and been a winner. On the occasion of the superstar’s birthday, Gaurav decides to go to Mumbai and meet his God.

While millions of fans turn up at Aryan’s doorstep, Gaurav soon feels neglected. To grab Aryan’s attention and meet him, he gets into trouble. When his first meet with the superstar turns out ugly, Gaurav decides to teach the star a lesson.

His devotion turns into obsession and all hell breaks loose for Aryan.

What will Gaurav’s harmful obsession do?

Shah Rukh Khan in a still from movie 'Fan'
Shah Rukh Khan in a still from movie ‘Fan’

Fan Review: Script Analysis

The first glimpses of Fan had made one believe that the film celebrates the spirit of fandom. Unfortunately, once we learnt that the film is a thriller, all such expectations were badly shattered. The script as we earlier suspected does borrow little from a few Hollywood films such as Robert De Niro’s King Of Comedy.

Taking off with Gaurav’s journey of becoming a fan since his childhood, the script sadly does not dig into the character’s nuances such as being a 20 something who runs a cyber cafe, how come Aryan has not been mocked by his friends for his obsession towards a celebrity. Also, how strangely his parents find nothing wrong in their son being so crazy about a personality.

Jarringly irritating things in the script remain a bad portrayal of Delhi and its inhabitants in more than one scene. I wish the writers had thought it important to create a better image for the city than put it in bad light.

Aryan’s character seems bang on. With a hint of celebrity narcissism as we see Shah Rukh Khan’s interview clips and award speeches works well for building Aryan’s character.

Gaurav on the other hand is shown to be sly but his moves to get back at the star seem unintelligent. At no point did I feel any kind of sympathy for him since the character itself is flawed.

Logic defying second half had our fan Gaurav moving around London and Croatia quite easily. I wonder if the UK visa is that easy to get!

In a social media age, it is practically impossible for an imposter to cook up such a storm, least of all in a foreign country but I am guessing that is what we call cinematic liberties in Bollywood.

They take it literally “Ab Star Fan Ke Peeche Bhagega” and sadly not figuratively.

The dialogues by Habib Faisal/Katariya are not exceptional and only a few will stay in your head.

A shoddy climax disappoints even more!

Fan Review: Star Performance

Shah Rukh Khan is back and how! We truly missed his ‘acting’ since long. His portrayal of the Delhi bred Gaurav is superb. The complete body language shift is commendable. He proves he is a great actor in the scenes where Gaurav is heart-broken and cries his heart out when he sees the true face of Aryan Khanna. Another scene where he excels is the one where Aryan imitated Gaurav, that’s a classic transformation.

Deepika Amin (Gaurav’s Mother) does a good job. As a mother who knows her son has lost his way, she emotes well in one scene.

Yogendra Tiku (Gaurav’s Father) does not get much screen time. But as a doting father who packs his son’s bags, he is good.

Sayani Gupta plays Aryan’s manager and fits for her role perfectly.

Newbies, Shriya Pilgaonkar and Waluscha De Sousa hardly leave an impact.

Fan Review: Direction, Music

Maneesh Sharma was often quoted saying Fan could be Shah Rukh’s best film. That could be counted true if only one keeps in mind, Shah Rukh’s act. He keeps this film afloat.

Sharma’s camera captures the middle class, small town life well. The first twenty minutes give you a full Delhi flavor. His choice of locations of the capital is quite impressive.

Cinematography wins you over with the long shots of Dubrovnik and London. It is a breathtaking view and the entire chase sequence gives you much time to marvel this place than find logics as to why a Bollywood superstar is running helter skelter behind his fan.

The first half is a little slow but important to suck you into this story. The real deal of the thriller is of course the second half which is pacy but weak on the script front.

The VFX of the film are cutting edge but if only the film could have been equally intelligent.

Casting SRK in a film without songs and romance is a difficult task and Sharma takes up this brave move. Luckily SRK performs exceptionally well in spite of a poor script. So that still makes Fan a special film.

Fan Review: The Last Word

Shah Rukh Khan performs brilliantly in a film that is flawed conceptually. I am going with a 2.5/5 for the film.

Fan Trailer

Fan releases on 15th April, 2016.

Share with us your experience of watching Fan.


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  1. Comment: Awesome Excellent superb movie FAN… SRK u rocked man.. u r d god of acting… Really u made me a Jabra FAN of urs

  2. Awesome performance by the king .. only he can deliver such a performance…..
    The worst review ever in koimoi….. must b enemy of SRK

  3. tu jo bhi bol bhai …we all srkians dont care your review …we all know that …u .r ..not a good critics .And u dont deserve that tag …#lol …… how u ..bacame critcs ☺

  4. Relax guys. Dont be harsh on critic. Its her opinion. Personally i thought the movie was a solid 4/5. However we should not abuse the critic.
    I loved the movie and SRK the king is back.

    • If critics are hoing to rate the movie on their personal opinion then there is no any difference between them & us….what make them critics is that how they analyse the movie & define the taste of the viewers who will going to watch them……..foolish koimoi critics reviewrs.. Lost their mind completely..

  5. #FanFirstDay …. At the end when lights switched on you can see every audience eyes with tears…
    SRK have given lifetime performance & remember he had given it with FAN as a FAN to a FAN … It’s emotional moments for a FAN like me & others …
    Thank you SRK

    With love
    Your FAN (Sharath Kumar N)

  6. The reviewer has become obsessed to the story line.. That’s the real effect of FAN..
    You should be neutral while reviewing a big film.. If you are searching for a thriller in fandom I just want to say MAY GOD HELP YOU…

  7. The reviewer seems to be too intellectual to review a film for the audience. Never coming back to your site again.

  8. Indian critics are exceptional. They search for logic in all Bollywood movies and end up giving them average remarks. I don’t know what happens when the are judging a Hollywood movie.
    Consider the jungle book(2016). Mowgli is shown falling from cliffs a hundred times and he doesn’t receive a cut! The monkey king- king louie is shown so large that even Sher khan will pee ?. The buffaloes hit Sher khan but don’t even touch Mowgli. There were a lot of experiments with the original script. But guess what, our critics don’t care. a grand thumbs up with 4.5 stars.
    Similarly, The revenant had so many logical loopholes, but they all were covered by the shining on screen presence of Decaprio and Hardy and our critics went ahead with 4 stars. After all who are we to take away the stars? The movie is a global winner!!

  9. Honest Review, All r either paid or srk fan sites, so definitely will give 4 stars, in case of Indicine actually it isn’t, it’s SRKCine.. so I except much from them, I know that site is of an SRK fan, they gave 4 stars to Ra1, Don2, JTHJ, HNY, CE, Dilwale n now to Fan n everyone know well how all these films are….
    1 min silence for those who thinks Indicine (SRKCine) is neutral site….

  10. The critic must have been paid to give anti SRK reviews. Please dont give reviews from now on. Koimoi was a trusted site but I seriously doubt the credentials of the critic now. How can Kick get 3.0 when fan gets 2.5 ..talking about logic..it is ioditic that you find kick more logical than FAN. Please get a life and stop mis influencing with partial reviews..SRK hater

  11. What a faltu review…and what a top movie.
    Never seen a movie before in which every moment was cheered by audience.
    You should see people cheering before writing this review.

  12. superhit movie review gaya bhaad mein… jiski jalti hai na pheeche se wo aysa review deta hai… jao enjoy karo movie ko

  13. Its not just excellent its a miraculous acting done by DR SHAH RUKH KHAN,i am proud to be his fan no doubt thus his best work in coming five years nd the best part is that u cant predict whats gonna happen in the very next moment ……thts what we call thriller awsome movie sir

    • What Acting Yaar shahrukh ka fan shahrukh Ki nakal kar raha hai so wat is new,ur seeing Garav chandna but he is acting like shahrukh apni khud ki nakal karna wat is big deal in dat

  14. U r a biased about the review on the fan.
    I mean seriously
    2.5 star I not a flim could get
    It’s a 4 star film purely
    I suggest u to see the film again
    As u had seen some other film

  15. BAKWAS MOVIE EVER I WATCHED , Jo bhi Is Movie Ko Like Karega wo sr-gay ka fan hi rahega like ullu lIke Gaurav Chandna

  16. Seriously…critics must think before uttering a word…we look frwrd to their review as we believe in them….don’t be such a badass on such an extraordinary movie…
    The drama schools must show their students FAN over and over again and teach the new comers how to act..

    Srk ws gone fr a while…but now we all know he is back…stronger than ever…and he’ll shut all the mouths of critics like her with his work…jst wait fr some days and u shall se it fr urself…

  17. achi movie ko to achy reviews diya karo ap log hadd hai yar cinema ko kuch new chahiye jo srk ne fan movie se diya tum log 2.5 star de rahe ho why???????
    4 star wali movie hai fan
    Koi nahi srk tumne aur maneesh ne jo cinema ko fan ke roop mein diya uske liye hats off main kisi ka fan to nahi lakin jo movie achi hoti hai wo achi hoti hai aur Fan ek achi movie hai srk your acting milestone

  18. waist of money waist of time plzzz plzzzz don’t go by any one review its worst move of SRK. whole theater was empty and guess what Jungle Bool was house full… waist of money.

  19. Very bad Movie. Only thing good in the movie is SRK acting and Makeup of Junior SRK. The story is really bad and the climax is super bad. All and all a bad movie.

  20. If this movie was played by any other actor no one will go and watch the movie. Super bakwas unrealistic movie. A mega movie star doing stunts, fighting and running around without any security and police. Leave your brain at home and watch movie just because you are fan of SRK. Other wise complete waste of money and time.

  21. SRgay K Fan’s box office collection hi bata raha hai How Movie it is ,Surabhi Redkar THUMS UP Good Review

  22. Sperb movies of fan in this year,sale kch chamche ise kharab btane me lge hue h.aisa lgta h ki srk se uski personal dushmani h.sale jb tm lg ko prem ratan dhan payo jaisa bkwas movie gd lgta h.then fan me kya kharabi h

  23. I think the person who wrote this hates SRK.and we thought journalism should be subjective??
    For people who haven’t watch the movie , this review is Bullshit. Contrairely to this review FULL of hatered , Fan has an amzing Thriller it keeps u on the edge of your seat , the dialogue is GOOD and there are lines that will et stuck up in ur head…for the climax, TRUST ME, it’s the best Indian Thriller movie …and if u still think it sucks after watching it then u re just another ignorant HATER.

  24. Please meri is baat ko ghor se parnha mujhe nahi pata k SRK ne aisa Q kaha ke india mai intolerance hai lekin Amir khan ne bhi tu kaha hai na k india intolerant country hai phir amir khan Q discuss nahi hota.. Mai aap sab friends se ye kahoonga ke bollywood ko international market mai introduced karwanay wala SRK hain main ne Singapore, Dubai aur Malaysia mai SRK ki movies restaurant or hotels mai lagi hoi daikhi hai jisay formers kitna enjoy kartain hain SRK india ka ambassador hain please aap log apnay mulk ke ambassador ko eik ghlti ki itni bari saza nahi de sakte.
    Zara Socho

  25. Dear friends,

    I am not a fan of any movie star. But one should appreciate the good work of any actor or film maker. He be may be anybody. After Amitabh Bachhan, Amir and Shahrukh are good top bracket actors. Shahrukh’s past few movies like Happy New Year and Chennai Express were blockbusters and entertaining but Shahrukh’s acting was not very good. But this movie is exceptionally good and with marvellous acting by Shahrukh. The reviewer is not justified because this movie deserves at least 4 stars.

  26. Fan is one of the best and exceptional movies of bollywood. King Khan’s performance is phenomenal. Maneesh sharma’s direction is excellent. The ending is the best part of the movie. It will not be liked by the single screen audience but class audience will like it.
    Review Rating: 4.5/5


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