Bigg Boss 17: Vicky Jain's Mother Shaming & Insulting Ankita Lokhande's Parents On National Television Is The Lowest Start To Another Regressive Year On Indian TV!
Bigg Boss 17: Vicky Jain’s Mother Shames & Insults Ankita Lokhande’s Parents On National Television(Photo Credit –Instagram/Reddit)

The internet has got the shock of a lifetime after seeing Bigg Boss 17‘s new promo. This week, family members are supposed to enter the house, and Vicky Jain’s mother displays why marriages and in-laws in India are called walking red flags. As the promo went viral, the internet called out Ankita Lokhande’s toxic sasuraal and begged her to run away from this relationship.

In the promo, Vicky’s mother is seen cracking lame jokes, and then she takes Ankita to a side and tells her, “Jis din tumne Vicky ko laat maara, papa tumhari mummy ko phone kiye aur pooche ki aap bhi apne pati ko aise laat maar thi?” The more disgusting part was Vicky’s mother saying this statement all welled up, believing she had the right to seek sympathy over such a regressive statement.

Ankita Lokhande, who could not believe what she heard, said, “Aapne meri mummy ko kyun phone kiya, wo akeli hain wahan par. Mere papa ki death ho chuki hai.” The internet poured sympathy for the actress and requested her to leave this toxic relationship and even more toxic family.

As the promo went viral, it was shared on a Reddit thread where people dropped in their comments. A user wrote, “The fact that Vicky‘s family called Ankita’s mom to ask such a rubbish question shows their downgraded class!!! That seems so disrespectful!” Another comment read, “Can’t even think of how Ankita and her family must be dealing with Vicky and his family outside!” One more user wrote, “And I am not even a fan of Ankita, but I felt so bad looking at this promo. Like uske dad ki death ho chuki hai & u r asking her mum ki aap apne husband ko aise hi treat karti thi kya ? WTF is wrong with Vicky’s family …God I hope Ankita leaves Vicky soon !”

People were so irked with Vicky Jain‘s mother that they asked her the same question. “Toh kya Vicki ke papa ko bhi poocha jaaye ke AAP apni wife ko disrespect Karte the baaki girls k saamne?” wrote a user. Another comment read, “Kyon hai ANKITA Vicky ke sath? Vicky toxic hai, Vicky ke Maa Baap bhi utne hi toxic hain. ANKITA yarr get out of this toxic family please…we love you so much #AnkitaLokhande.” One more user asked, “Vicky k papa bhi ese married hoke bhi doosri ladkiyon pe line maarte the, aur aapko chaata dikhate the kya?”

Another comment read, That last conversation seems ugly to talk on national TV about laat marna. What to say, that’s how hidden Indian society is. Does anyone else find it unsettling, too?”

For the unversed, Ankita Lokhande‘s father passed away earlier this year. Vicky Jain’s mother dragging her daughter-in-law’s father and mother on National Television is the lowest Indian TV could get. Even if she said it, airing it on TV was the most uncool thing. While the internet continues to call out this typical patriarchal behavior of Vicky’s mother, you can watch the video here.

Vicky’s mummy : jab tumne laat mari thi, vicky ke papa ne tumhari mummy ko phone karke bola tum apne pati ko aise hi laat marti thi?
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