Doja Cat Slammed 'Stranger Things' Star Noah Schnapp By Calling Him A 'Snake'
Doja Cat Once Called ‘Stranger Things’ Star Noah Schnapp A ‘Snake’ For Posting Their Private Conversation Online (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Noah Schnapp, who started off as a child actor in the popular Netflix web series Stranger Things, is now a worldwide famous name. He received overnight popularity after portraying Will Byers’ character in the supernatural thriller show. However, do you remember his feud with Doja Cat when the songstress slammed the actor and called him a ‘snake’? Well, today, we have brought the throwback report; scroll ahead and read it!

Doja is one of the leading Hollywood singers who has been breaking records with her chartbusters. Be it ‘Let Me Be Your Woman’ or ‘Paint The Town Red,’ every song has become a trending one ruling over musical platforms and social media.

Last year in July, an intense situation circulated all over social media between Doja Cat and Noah Schnapp after the Stranger Things actor went ahead and posted their private chats about Joseph Quinn, who played Eddie Mundson’s character in the same show. Apparently, Doja had approached Noah to help her begin a conversation with the actor as she found him super hot.

Noah Schnapp had posted a video on his TikTok handle, where chat screenshots of their private conversation where Doja Cat can be seen asking, “Noah can u tell Joseph to hmu? Wait no. Does he have a gf?” went viral. Noah had even suggested the songstress make the move and slide into his DMs. However, when the video started gaining attention, it left Doja bothered.

The rapper and singer then uploaded a TikTok video slamming Noah. She can be heard saying, “I think that… to be fair, let’s try to be chill about it. To be fair this is like a kid. Like Noah is like I don’t know how old he is but there’s no way he’s over like 21 (Noah is 17). And he might be, and I could be wrong. But like, when you’re that young you make mistakes, you do dumb s**t. I’m just trying to be super fair. You do dumb s**t, you say dumb s**t, you f**king f**k up relationships with people, you make mistakes. You’re supposed to so that you know not to do it in the future. I did my fair share of f**k ups, so that I don’t f**k up again.”

She further blasted Noah for publicizing their chats and called him a ‘snake’, “But the fact that this person, that Noah did that, like went and posted a private conversation between me and him is so unbelievably like socially unaware and wack and like you know what I mean… that’s like borderline snake s**t, like that’s like weasel s**t. And I’m not saying that that encapsulates his entire personality, like Noah is not like the definition… like I wouldn’t imagine he is. Maybe he is a snake, you know? But like, I didn’t see him that way.”

But when the audience started the hate comments against Doja for asking a teenager to be her wingman, the songstress tweeted, “Y’all are so cringe and lame and nobody wants to hang w u that’s why y’all be on here unironically writing replies to s*** that makes you mad.” But neither Joseph Quinn nor Noah Schnapp made any official comments.

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