The Kapil Sharma Show Controversy: Mahabharat's Gufi Paintal AKA Shakuni Mama Opens Up On Mukesh Khanna & Gajendra Chauhan's Fight
The Kapil Sharma Show Controversy: Mahabharat’s Gufi Paintal AKA Shakuni Mama Opens Up On Mukesh Khanna & Gajendra Chauhan’s Fight

The Kapil Sharma show is known to make all its audiences laugh their hearts out. Kapil Sharma and his show have always grabbed eyeballs for all the right reasons. But, this time the battle between Mahabharat actors Mukesh Khanna and Gajendra Chauhan which began through this show is putting Kapil and his show in a bad light. Many actors have expressed their views on the same, and the recent one is Shakuni Mama, actor Gufi Paintal.

The impact of this fight is visible on the rest of the actors of Mahabharat. Paintal, who appeared in Mahabharat in a conversation with a famous website, has reacted to the controversy. Continue reading further to know more.

Talking about the battle between Gajendra Chauhan and Mukesh Khanna, Gufi Paintal said, “These two people who are fighting among themselves are so naive that they do not understand that they have played only the characters of Mahabharata. In reality, he is neither Dharmaraja Yudhishthira nor is he Bhishma Pitamah. What makes me most sad is that due to the ignorance of both these sacred texts, which we worked so hard to make, our purity and reverence should not be affected. Because for the last 32-33 years, we have remained a symbol of people’s faith and belief. It should not be destroyed by any of our ignorance.”

Along with this, Gufi Paintal also said, “Whatever Mukesh Khanna said about Kapil Sharma’s show, it was his personal opinion, and if anyone had the right to reply to it, then he was entitled to Kapil Sharma’s team and Sony TV Was. None of us has any right to reply to Mukesh Khanna. I want Mukesh and Gajendra to forget their mutual estrangement and become friends and live with love.”

By the way, if we talk about the show, Mahabharata was given a lot of love from the fans, and every character of the show won the heart of the fans. But, what do you think about Gufi Paintal’s statements regarding Gajendra Chauhan and Mukesh Khanna’s fight? Post your thoughts in the comments section below.

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