The Great Indian Kapil Show Ep 4 Review Ft. Sunny & Vicky Kaushal: Gets Over Within 10 Minutes As Sunil Grover Blurts Out A Screwed Script!
The Great Indian Kapil Show Episode 4 Features Vicky Kaushal & Sunny Kaushal (Photo Credit –Instagram)

Another episode of Kapil Sharma’s new show is here, and after we witnessed The Great Indian Kapil Show taking off finally with Diljit Dosanjh‘s episode, we hoped that it wouldn’t be a one-episode wonder and the laughter would stay. Looking at the promo of Vicky Kaushal and Sunny Kaushal added a pinch of hope as well.

Nothing seems to have changed for this Netflix weekly, which is a live show, but neither is a chat show nor a comedy show. And while it could have been an interesting cocktail if it could entertain with some fresh content, this old wine does not taste good at all!

And while we are getting into the rhythm of this slow-paced show, we are trying to figure out and dissect why exactly The Great Indian Kapil Show does not seem to work despite trying to make every bit of an effort.

A Scattered Lineup

This new show has been modeled on the same blueprint that Kapil Sharma’s shows have been following. A celebrity guest and a bunch of comics trying to put up several acts through a one-hour episode. However, with the Netflix version of the show, all the independent acts look scattered, despite being a part of one show, which we are still trying to figure out falls in which category. Honestly, if they are trying to pull some Western Show, then clearly, we still cannot get hold of whom they are trying to model.

No Anecdotes

What would you expect out of two same-aged Punjabi brothers on a talk show? At least we would expect a non-stop anecdotal comedy. But even with the weirdest Gutter anecdotes, the brothers could not synchronize with the energy of this show. Remember when Salman Khan and his brothers graced this show, and it was a riot?

What Is The Purpose?

With the fourth episode this season, we are still trying to figure out the purpose of this show. Krushna Abhishek is trying to bring out a little laughter shower with her Sham Kaushal jokes. Sunil Grover tries to save the episode yet again with two appearances and two acts, but even he struggles to dig laughter out of stale jokes.

As the episode starts, Vicky Kaushal engages with the script, and Sunil Grover blurts out – ‘Poori script hi kharab kar di.’ We guess he honestly blurted out the truth of the episode. It is all punches and no laughter yet again. Despite being a Punjabi get-together, literally!

Hoping for another fun episode soon where the guests and the comics come in synch to deliver what they used to deliver with the same jokes since inception!

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