The Great Indian Kapil Show Ep 10 Review Ft. Mr & Mrs Mahi Janhvi Kapoor & Rajkummar Rao: Kapil Sharma Jokes Retired Hurt, Sunil Grover Pulls A Sixer In A Losing Match!
The Great Indian Kapil Show Ep 10 Review Ft. Mr & Mrs Mahi: Janhvi Kapoor & Rajkummar Rao (Photo Credit –Instagram)

The Great Indian Kapil Show arrived with yet another episode featuring Mr and Mrs Mahi Janhvi Kapoor and Rajkummar Rao. The episode built up on the old traditional pati – patni jokes where the patni is the villain, bhoot and everything terrible one can associate with!

Interestingly, there was no comeback from the other side, as we witnessed Archana Puran Singh and Janhvi Kapoor laughing at all the digs on wives. And no, this is not about feminism or equality; it is just a balancing act.

Earlier, Kapil Sharma’s team used to have Sumona Chakraborty, and she used to give it back to Kappu for roasting wives as a community! But this time, all the wives had to giggle and let the roast rise!

But honestly, this is not even a problem for The Great Indian Kapil Show since the team has survived on such jokes for a long. The problem with these jokes was – they were stale. You have probably heard them from the same team on some other channel!

The tenth episode of The Great Indian Kapil Show had Janhvi Kapoor and Rajkummar Rao promoting their upcoming film Mr & Mrs Mahi. Unfortunately, while their partnership could not sustain long innings, Kapil Sharma’s joke went back to retiring hurt. None of the punches landed on the slippery field.

Rajkummar Rao and Janhvi decided to stick to the ground, but they were interrupted by acts that did not work. There was also a crowd work where audiences lined up for Janhvi Kapoor‘s Swayamvar out of nowhere. Earlier, while these jokes worked at someone’s expense, making fun of the audience, this time, it did not work that way as well. Wasting about 10 minutes in a 50-minute show was not the brightest of the content ideas we can bet on!

In the last over, Sunil Grover arrived as Navjot Singh Sidhu‘s mimicry, and he created some giggles with random and baseless things he kept doing, which nonetheless generated laughter. However, a discomfort crept in when his version of Navjot Singh Sidhu started selling shoes! Or probably it was just me overthinking!

All in all, this cricket match is not a safe bet at all!

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