The Crown Season 6: The Queen's Ex-Press Secretary Calls Out Insensitive Details Related To Princess Diana's Death!
The Crown Season 6: Royal Staffer Says “Dramatic Licence Gone Bonkers” Thrashing Makers For Insensitive Portrayal of Princess Diana’s Death (Picture Credit: IMDb)

The recently-premiered season six (part 1) of Netflix show, The Crown, which also chronicles the life and journey of Princess Diana, has received mixed reviews. The latest season painstakingly takes viewers through the death of Princess Diana, a misfortunate event that has been radically discussed and extensively covered by the British press. Many netizens had earlier pointed out that the final moments of Diana have not been dealt with the utmost sensitivity in the show, and Queen Elizabeth II’s former press secretary has now echoed the same views. Scroll through for more (Note: Spoilers ahead)!

For those who may not be aware, Princess Diana died as a result of a car crash in Paris on August 31, 1997. The first part of Season 6 of The Crown was released on Netflix on November 14 and centered on Princess Diana‘s life after her divorce from Prince Charles. Over the course of four episodes, it also explored her relationship with her children, Prince William and Harry, and her partner, Dodi Fayed. In the third episode of the Netflix show, the events leading up to Princess Diana’s death have been recreated, while in the fourth episode, which is the final segment in the first part of Season 6, we witness the dramatized version of Diana and Dodi’s final moments. The fourth episode, titled Aftermath, also highlights reactions to her death from The Royal and how Prince Charles broke the news to Princes, William and Harry. The portrayal of the princess’s death and subsequent event have come under much scrutiny, with many believing the makers could have done a better job of filming such private details with sensitivity.

Dickie Arbiter, who previously worked for Queen Elizabeth II, has accused the showrunners of taking creative freedom way too far, according to Deadline. He thrashed creator Peter Morgan, saying “dramatic license has gone bonkers.” Reportedly, the former staffer, whose character also featured briefly in the series, has specifically called out the scene where Prince Charles breaks the news of Diana’s death to her sons.

“The sequence of Charles telling his sons of their mother’s death was so insensitive, it was so unnecessary,” he told Deadline. “The death of their mother is still raw with both of them.” He added, “The scenes between Charles and his mother, in which he blurted out that she wanted Diana to come back in a Harrods van, were absolute nonsense. It just didn’t happen like that. Of course, an aircraft was going to be made available [to bring her body home from France]. The Queen was the first one to agree to that.”

The Buckingham Palace spokesman also denounced the scenes of the show that involved preparations for Diana’s funeral; as he recalled, it was Diana’s brother rather than the Queen who vouched that she should have a public ceremony. He revealed that he was in charge of media arrangements that week and her brother thought that since Diana was a public figure who was loved by many, it’s only fair to make it a public event rather than a hush-hush family account.

Morgan, who has written every single episode of the show, earlier called The Crown a “love letter” to Queen, admitting the show intertwines “acts of imagination.”

The next part of Season 6, including two episodes, is set to premiere on Netflix on December 14.

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