Discover the 30-Hour Journey of Elizabeth Debicki's Transformation into Princess Diana for 'The Crown'!
Discover the 30-Hour Journey of Elizabeth Debicki’s Transformation into Princess Diana for ‘The Crown’!(Photo Credit –Imdb)

Cate Hall, the distinguished hair and makeup lead for “The Crown,” has recently divulged the intricate process behind Elizabeth Debicki’s metamorphosis into Princess Diana for the acclaimed Netflix series. As anticipation builds for The Crown Season 6, set to release on November 16, Hall’s revelations to Entertainment Tonight on November 7 unveil the painstaking detail and time invested in perfecting the royal look. Debicki’s transformation into the cherished Princess of Wales required over 30 arduous hours in the styling chair, reflecting the series’ commitment to authenticity.

This dedication extends to capturing Diana’s most private moments away from the public eye—moments with her children, Prince William and Prince Harry, that demanded the team’s utmost finesse to balance believability with the show’s dramatic narrative. The upcoming season not only explores Diana’s complex persona but also brings to life her sudden and tragic demise in 1997, heightening the portrayal’s intensity and significance.

Elizabeth Debicki’s portrayal of Princess Diana in The Crown Season 6 extends beyond mere appearance, delving into the emotional resonance of her iconic fashion statements, like the “revenge dress,” which symbolizes a pivotal moment in royal history. Last year, Debicki shared with E! News the enormous task of recreating the Christina Stambolian masterpiece worn by Diana in 1994, acknowledging the garment’s profound symbolism and the intricate effort involved in its reproduction. The authenticity achieved in replicating this dress underscores the series’ commitment to detail, an ethos that is mirrored throughout the much-anticipated final season.

As viewers eagerly await the release of The Crown Season 6, they can expect to revisit significant royal events and relationships, including Diana’s romance with Dodi Fayed and Prince William‘s journey into adulthood. The season promises to continue the series’ legacy of intimate storytelling, coupled with historical reflection, featuring characters such as Rufus Kampa and Fflyn Edwards as the young princes, and in a turn of time, Ed McVey and Meg Bellamy depicting a maturing Prince William alongside Kate Middleton.

The Princes

In the initial episodes of “The Crown‘s” last chapter, viewers are introduced to Rufus Kampa and Fflyn Edwards, who assume the roles of young Prince William and Prince Harry, respectively. The casting choices reflect the series’ attention to the princes’ formative years and their complex relationship with their mother.

Diana & Her Boys

Elizabeth Debicki, who steps into the role of Princess Diana, has previously expressed to TUDUM the emotional weight of portraying the late princess, particularly the devastating events leading up to her untimely death. Debicki trusts in the series creator Peter Morgan’s narrative, which serves as her guide through the emotional landscape of Diana’s final days.

Diana & Dodi’s Romance

The unfolding of Diana’s relationship with Dodi Fayed, played by Khalid Abdalla, is set to be a focal point in the show’s narration of her life, offering a deeper look into the private chapters of her life.

Ed McVey as Prince William

As the narrative progresses, actor Ed McVey takes on the mantle of Prince William, offering a portrayal of his progression into a young adult and future heir to the throne.

Ed McVey and Meg Bellamy as Prince William and Kate Middleton

Capturing the burgeoning relationship between Prince William and Kate Middleton, the series features Ed McVey and Meg Bellamy, presenting a glimpse into the early dynamics of the couple that would eventually become the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Flashback: Season 5

Reflecting on the fifth season, “The Crown” showcased the early years of Princes William and Harry, with actors Will Powell and Senan West portraying the young royals. Season six is set to continue the narrative with Elizabeth Debicki and Dominic West reprising their roles as Princess Diana and Prince Charles, providing a continuity that fans of the series have come to appreciate.

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