Shweta Tiwari’s Ex-Husband Raja Chaudhary Reacts To Controversy With Abhinav Kohli!
Shweta Tiwari’s Ex-Husband Raja Chaudhary Reacts To Controversy With Abhinav Kohli!(Pic Credit : Instagram/abhinav.kohli024, rajachaudhary, shweta.tiwari)

Shweta Tiwari has long been embroiled in controversies over her personal life. She’s currently in Cape Town shooting for Khatron Ke Khiladi 11 but her estranged husband Abhinav Kohli has made several allegations on the actress. She’s been accused of neglecting their child and things reached to the extent of an FIR. Here’s what ex-husband Raja Chaudhary has to say about it all!

For the unversed, Shweta married Raja back in 1998. The couple is even blessed with a daughter, Palak Tiwari, who was born in 2000. Almost after 9 years of marriage, the actress filed for a divorce and accused her husband of domestic violence and alcoholism. She even revealed that Chaudhary would beat her up daily and even reach the sets of her shows and misbehave with her.



Shweta Tiwari married Abhinav Kohli in 2013 but her luck wasn’t great in this relationship either. The recent allegations claim that the actress left her son in a hotel room to shoot for Khatron Ke Khiladi 11 in Cape Town. Abhinav states that he even ran from ‘hotel to hotel’ to search for Reyansh and tried to file an FIR. Raja Chaudhary has now reacted to it all and said Kohli should be allowed to meet the son.

Raja Chaudhary told Hindustan Times, “The pattern is the same and that is why people are questioning Shweta. See, there is no doubt that Shweta is an excellent mother and a very good wife. It is just a sheer coincidence and her bad luck that history is repeating itself with her and her second marriage too has failed. But then this doesn’t make her wrong or a bad person.”

He continued, “One thing I would like to say that Shweta should allow Abhinav to meet his son. She needs to understand that as a couple no matter what the problems might be in a relationship, a father will not harm his own son or daughter. Rest, whatever is happening between them I don’t want to get into that at all.”

We wonder what Shweta Tiwari has to say about it now!

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