Game Of Thrones Trivia: When Kit Harington’s Night Of Partying Resulted In Stand-Ins With Jon Snow’s Wigs Substituting For Him In Season 3
Game Of Thrones Trivia: Here’s Why Kit Harington Gifted Line Producer A Bottle Of Whiskey During The Production Of Season 3(Photo Credit: Imdb)

Game Of Thrones has a special place in our hearts and even the debacle we saw in the finale season make can’t shake it from there. While the show is special to all, its characters too have a niche for themselves. One such much-loved character is Kit Harington as Jon Snow. But, while the saying is ‘Jon Snow knows nothing,’ we bet you didn’t know this trivia related to the actor.


In a 2013 conversation, Kit revealed how a night of partying led to the production of GOT season 3 almost getting derailed. From having body doubles stepping in to feeling guilty in the end, read on to know all about the incident.


As per a 2013 EW article, Game of Thrones Kit Harington had gone out to party the night away in London in July 2012 only to return home to his London flat and realize he lost the keys. The actor didn’t go full-on Hulk and try and break the door but felt a little acrobatic and just climb into his first-floor window. Unfortunately, he fell off and sprained his ankle.

Recalling the incident about his shattered ankle and shooting Game of Thrones thereafter, Kit Harington said, “Everyone always says you must have done it on set horse riding or running across glaciers or something cool. I was an idiot. The ‘invincibility of youth’ and all that. I couldn’t even blame it on a film set. And I had avoided skiing for ages because I thought I’d break my ankle!”

Continuing further, the actor explained how the sprained ankle affected the shooting of GOT. Kit Harington said the season three of the show – which saw him resuming his role as the Nights Watch Jon Snow was set to start production a couple of weeks after his mishap and it had loads of action. He said, “I looked at scripts this year and there was a lot of action, more than last year.” Adding that the bulk of his scenes — particularly those shot in Iceland — weren’t scheduled until the winter, the actor stated, “But we could have been in more trouble had it happen [later in the year].”

Kit Harington went on to says that the producers weren’t fazed by the situation and dealt with it very well. He said, “I’m sure they were cursing my name behind my back,” before adding, “I bought the line producer a nice bottle of whiskey because I felt so guilty.” The Eternals actor added that actors’ schedules were rearranged to give Harington maximum time to recover, and the Iceland shoot was pushed back a couple of weeks. In fact, the production also occasionally used a double for a few scenes, such as showing Snow walking in the distance with the help of wigs.

Well, did you notice someone else walking around as Jon Snow in Game Of Thrones Season 3? Stay tuned to Koimoi for more such trivia.

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