Games Of Thrones Trivia: Jon Snow’s Role Was A Flip Between Iwan Rheon AKA Ramsay Bolton & Kit Harington
Games Of Thrones Trivia: Here’s All Iwan Rheon AKA Ramsay Bolton Has To Say About Auditioning For Kit Harington’s Jon Snow (Photo Credit: IMDb & Wikipedia)

Game of Thrones has a special place in all our hearts and so do all of its characters. While some actors received tons of hate for the negatively they portrayed (kudos to actors like Iwan Rheon, Lena Headey, Jack Gleeson), others have a home in our hearts for the troubles they faced and overcame. One actor who left a positive impression on all was Kit Harington as Jon Snow.


But did you know, another GOT actor was in strong contention to land the role that made Kit a household name and global star? Well, this actor in question was Iwan.


In a past conversation, Iwan Rheon, the actor who played the much-loathed and immensely disliked Ramsay Bolton, revealed he had previously auditioned for another part, well parts in Game Of Thrones. While his first audition was for Viserys, Daenerys’s brother – you know the one that got literal molten gold put on his head, and the other one he gave was for Kit Harington’s Jon Snow.

During a 2016 conversation with Interview Magazine, Iwan Rheon opened up about his different Game of Thrones audition saying, “When the pilot first came it was a general audition. I think it was for Viserys, Daenerys’s brother. And then they were like, ‘Can you come back in and read for this other character, Jon Snow?’ At the time I didn’t know much about it. So I auditioned for Jon Snow, but so did a lot of other people probably.”

Talking about the audition process for the Kit Harington role, Iwan Rheon said, “I think it was between me and Kit [Harington], which is quite crazy. It could’ve been so different. I’d be dead now. [laughs] I think they made the right choice; it would’ve been a very different Jon Snow if I’d played him. I don’t think there’s much point in dwelling on these kind of things.”

He concluded by saying, “You’re inevitably going to know other actors going up for parts and you have to be open about it. The majority of the time it’s a specific thing they’re looking for, which could easily come down to how you look, and there’s not an awful lot you can do about that.”

Do you think Iwan Rheon could have played Jon Show, a character that was the exact opposite of the person he essayed – Ramsay Bolton? Let us know in the comments.

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