When BTS Member V Cried After Arguing With Jin & Leader RM Had Comforted Him With A Hug
BTS Member V Once Got Teary-Eyed After A Fight With Jin ( Photo Credit – Wikipedia )

The South Korean megaband BTS have become a worldwide sensation. The group has accomplished so many things that the other bands haven’t. The boys have set unprecedented milestones by becoming the first K-pop group to be nominated to receive a Billboard Music Awards and the first to win an American award. Other than that, several of their songs have broken endless records and become a major hit.

There are seven members in the group, Jin, Jimin, Suga, J Hope, RM, V and Jungkook. These members are always there for each other, regardless of becoming huge and gaining a fan following in millions. This can be proven from years ago, when some drama went down between them, leading to one member crying.



Back in 2017, BTS was on a tour for their album ‘Wings’. Jin and V found themselves caught in a rift that even took the BTS ARMY off-guard. According to the reports, the argument began ten minutes before the showtime when RM mentioned that there is a timing flaw between V and Jin. To fill the gap, V suggested that he would have to move from his current stage position to position two and for this to happen, he told Jin that he would need to increase his pace to get to the first position.

To this, BTS member Jin mentioned that he had trouble judging the distance between the markers. As per the reports, after this, the argument started to become heated as the two kept on answering back to each other. V kept complaining while Jin maintained that he was doing his best. It reached its peak when Taehyun said, “You used to be fast, now suddenly you can’t.”

If the reports are to be believed, by this time, other members chimed in, and Jin apologised to V, who was on the verge of crying. Being the good leader he always is, RM checked up on V while Jimin comforted Jin. Later on, V apologised for ‘talking in a disrespectful manner’ to Jin and behaving ‘selfishly’.

The Bangtan Boys have been together ever since their debut. The boys are seen supporting each other in their own ways. Currently, there are big plans for BTS, who are collaborating with Coldplay for ‘My Universe’ and will also hold a Permission To Dance concert online.

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