When Jason Momoa Performed 'Haka' Dance During The Audition For The Role Of Khal Drogo
Game Of Thrones Trivia #9: When Jason Momoa Performed ‘Haka’ Dance During The Audition For The Role Of Khal Drogo (Photo Credit: Instagram & YouTube)

Game Of Thrones brought the world together and made them fall in love with a fantasy land. The American fantasy drama series gave some of the iconic characters and one of them is Khal Drogo played by Jason Momoa. Did you know how he landed on the role? Scroll down to know.

After playing roles in syndicated action drama series Baywatch: Hawaii, and Conan the Barbarian, the actor was looking for a big break that will give him much-needed recognition in the entertainment industry. Fortunately, the American fantasy drama came his way and he auditioned for the role of Khal Drogo.


Jason Momoa came in and did the Haka, a traditional dance that has origins in the Māori culture. It is the same dance Dwayne Johnson used in a scene in the Fate of the Furious to help pump up his daughter’s soccer team. Take a look at the video below:


The production team of Game Of Thrones was so impressed by his performance in the audition that he landed the role of Khal Drogo on the series. Jason even spoke about his thought process during the audition in an interview with New York Times.

Jason Momoa said, “On Game of Thrones, [Drogo] doesn’t say much. So how do you convey him? There’s nothing in the script. So I said: ‘I have this idea. Is it O.K. to do [a dance] before the audition?’ And they were like, ‘Oh, sure.’ Then I did the Haka. It was challenging to do the audition afterwards — I couldn’t stop my heart from beating. The first time I did it, they were very scared. But then they wanted me to come back in so they could put it on tape.”

Jason played the role convincingly and spoke the Dothraki language as Drogo that some people didn’t even realize he was American. The actor said to Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show, “People didn’t think I spoke English.”

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