Did You Know? Burger King Was So Gross It Helped Robert Downey Jr Quit Drugs! Iron Man Once Recalled
Throwback To When Robert Downey Jr Spoke About How The ‘Disgusting’ Food He Had From Burger King Helped Him Quit Drugs ( Photo Credit – Movie Still )

Fast food is bad for your health – how many times have you heard this statement? Well, seems like this same fast food was a boon for Iron Man fame Robert Downey Jr. It’s known to all that RDJ has had some serious struggles while battling his drug addiction. While his will to conquer it helped him make a name in Hollywood and give his career a second chance, did you know, Burger King played a huge part in it?

In a past conversation, the top actor opened up about how the food from this fast-food burger joint opened his eyes and made him change the route he was on. Let us tell you, it’s not something you will expect.



In an August 2008 interview, which ran in the New York Daily News, Robert Downey Jr opened up about how and why he decided to quit drugs. The article quoted the actor saying that he’d been driving a car that had “tons of f*cking dope” in it when he decided to take a food break. He stop at Burger King – a popular fast-food chain for grub when he had an epiphany and decided to clean his life and get rid of the drugs.

In the Daily News article, Robert Downey Jr said, “I have to thank Burger King.” The Iron Man actor added, “It was such a disgusting burger I ordered. I had that, and this big soda, and I thought something really bad was going to happen.” The Avengers stars then said that it was at that moment that he decided to go clean. He said he tossed his drug stack that was in his car into the ocean and got cleaned after that.

Robert Downey Jr also claims that the “American cheeseburger” scene from the first Iron Man was a special tribute to Burger King saving his life. The scene in question saw him asking Happy (Jon Favreau) to get him 2 American cheeseburgers as he was hungry after just returning from being held hostage in the Middle East.

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  1. Why TF did he have to throw his stash into the ocean? Seriously? I would have rather heard that he stayed on drugs and made the decision not to throw his dope into the ocean. That would have been a better story. Do we really not care about the ocean anymore to give this guy a pass on throwing “tons of f*****g dope” into the ocean. Shame on you Robert Downey Jr.!


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