Exclusive! Nisha Rawal’s Friend Munisha Khatwani Reveals Details Of Karan Mehra’s Extra-Marital Affair
Exclusive! Nisha Rawal’s Friend Munisha Khatwani Shares Details Of Karan Mehra’s Extra-Marital Affair! (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Karan Mehra has been embroiled in a legal case since Monday night. The Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai actor has been accused of assault by his wife Nisha Rawal. Disturbing pictures of her injured forehead have been shared with the media as well. Adding onto that, there have been allegations of an extra-marital affair on the actor!


Yesterday, during her press conference with the media, Nisha claimed that Karan had an extramarital affair. She shared that she found it out through his phone and confronted him about the same as well. The duo was undergoing an amicable separation behind the curtains until the altercation on Monday night changed everything.


Reacting to the extra-marital affair claims, Karan Mehra called the allegations baseless. He even clarified that he hasn’t ever cheated on Nisha Rawal. Now, close friend Munisha Khatwani is reacting to the claims made by the actor.

In an exclusive conversation with Koimoi, Munisha Khatwani said, “It’s not baseless; we have facts to support the same. For sure, there was an affair even if it is not currently there. So, it’s not baseless, that’s all that I can say.”

Asked if she knew about the extra-marital affair all long, Munisha Khatwani shared, “About a month, because it’s not going on for ages. Even Nisha discovered it about a month and a half ago.”

Nisha Rawal also revealed that she was diagnosed as bipolar after she lost a child in 2014. Karan Mehra’s wife even accused him of not being available and beating him.

Was Munisha Khatwani a part of that phase? She responded, “I was there during that time with them. What is bipolar? It is just a mood disorder. Anybody who would lose a child is bound to go through any sort of mental trauma. So, if in 2014 she went through that trauma, and you are judging her for it till date, she’s not taking any bipolar medicines at the moment. You can check with her psychiatrist, she has given the doctor’s names who she’s consulting. She was having some anti-anxiety tablets till last year, 1 year ago. It’s anxiety and it’s a very normal thing and it’s nothing to do with her bipolarity. She hasn’t been detected as a bipolar patient, anytime recently.”

Munisha also mentioned that she was friends even with Karan Mehra.

Asked if she ever tried to speak to him regarding it all, Munisha Khatwani answered, “Regarding this, not so much because it was not my space. Of course, when I did want to talk to him regarding all of this, he was in quarantine for almost 2 weeks plus. He was COVID positive. By the time, he was out of quarantine, I didn’t get a chance to meet him because he just came about a week ago. In that much time, all of these things happened overnight and it was really difficult to sort. I was trying to meet Nisha for the last couple of days but she was dealing with all her lawyers and they were amicably trying to work out. You have to give a couple that privacy and space. Nobody expected this sort of a thing.”

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