Nisha Rawal Accuses Karan Mehra Of Being Involved With Another Woman & Shares Disturbing Images Of Injury From Last Night
Nisha Rawal Shares Disturbing Images Of Injury From Last Night, Accuses Karan Mehra Of Being Involved With Another Woman(Pic Credit : Instagram/realkaranmehra, missnisharawal)

Karan Mehra and Nisha Rawal’s ugly spat has been grabbing the headlines since morning. Reports claimed that the Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai actor has been arrested after his wife Nisha filed a complaint against him for assaulting her in Goregaon Police station.


However, later Karan was released on bail and made an explosive allegation against his wife Nisha and brother. He accused them of assaulting him and spoke about the entire incident. Now Shaadi Mubarak actress has made some explosive revelation about the entire incident.


During a press conference, Nisha Rawal alleged that Karan Mehra has been having an affair and he has been assaulting her for a long time but she kept silent. She also said that she didn’t want to be the woman who stays silent in the marriage any longer and as a result, she decided to take help from Police this time. She said, “I learnt about him being involved with another woman around a couple of months ago.”

Nisha Rawal went to share disturbing images of her injury from last night and revealed that he assaulted her in front of everyone at their residence. She said, “Karan has been having an affair with another girl, which I didn’t know about. When I came to know about it, he accepted that he has another girl in his life. I asked if he has physical relation if it’s a serious affair or an emotional one. He said ‘I love that girl. I have been having physical affair with her.’ “Take a look at the video below as she narrates the entire ordeal:

Karan Mehra, on the other hand, had said to India Today, “It is sad that after so many years of marriage this happened. We have been discussing this for the last one month because things have been a bit strange between us for a long time. So, we were thinking that if we should part ways or what should we do. So we were trying to fix things.”

He also said, “Nisha’s brother, Rohit Sethiya, had also come to improve things. Later, Nisha Rawal and her brother asked for an alimony amount, which was too high, and I said it was not possible for me. Last night also, we spoke about it. He came to me at around 10 pm. When I said it won’t be possible for me, he suggested taking the legal way. After the conversation, I came to my room. I was talking to my mother over the phone when Nisha barged in and started hurling abuses at me, my parents, and my brother. She started shouting loudly, and not only that, Nisha even spat on me. When I asked Nisha to go out, she threatened me by saying ‘see what I do now’ and went out. She then smashed her head on the wall and told everyone that I did it.”

Karan Mehra further said, “Nisha’s brother came and raised his hand on me. He assaulted me…slapped me, and hit me on the chest too. I told his brother that I had not hit Nisha, and he could check it on the camera of the house, but the cameras were already switched off. They started recording all the videos, and then they called the police, but the police also did nothing because they know what the truth is. If they file a false case, the truth will come out. If tomorrow an investigation is conducted, the truth will be out.”

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