Abhidnya Bhave Opens About Her Connection With Co-star Ankita Lokhande & How She Felt About Her Being Trolled
Actress Abhidnya Bhave Backs Ankita Lokhande Against Trolls(Photo Credit: Instagram)

Marathi movie and television actress Abhidnya Bhave is one of the most talented and versatile actresses in the industry and is known for her roles in shows such as ‘Khulta Kali Khulena’, ‘Tula Pahate Re’, and many more.

Koimoi got a chance to have an interview with Abhidnya Bhave where the actress spoke about her connection with co-star Ankita Lokhande, her reaction to her co-star getting trolled, and much more. Given below are the excerpts from the interview with the actress:


How’s your equation with Ankita Lokhande?


“In a very short span, we became a very good friend’s whole credits go to Ankita because I am a very introverted kind of person and I just open up in front of the camera Otherwise I don’t talk quickly with anyone but I think Ankita is the one who eased me, who made me feel comfortable and who invited me into her life very beautifully with open arms I think she has a very beautiful heart and she is very innocent and genuine sole if you live with people like that you start reflecting in your life as well. I always told her that I crave such a kind of company that creates so much positive energy around and I am really glad to be a friend of hers and thank you for choosing me as your friend,” Abhidnya Bhave replied.

What’s your take on Ankita Lokhande being trolled?

“I think if you want to know somebody you have to get into his shoes and I never went in the shoes of trollers because I don’t which kind of mentality they have Frankly. I don’t understand how it satisfies your ego by just talking about somebody without knowing how that person is without knowing the background of that person is I think trolling happens only when the trollers want attention and trollers just crave attention and they go very low in the matter of attention. If we are talking about them now they are getting more importance now also there is no point in discussing them”

“They just sit and comment on anyone’s life as it is behind the phone. The person who lives that life and goes through a lot of obstacles and stands up courageously back that person knows what it takes if you love someone and you are someone’s fan then you should know that person will never like such kind of things and he’ll never want anyone would troll by his name I think this is very basic which people should know or else they don’t want to understand it. They just use something like a shield to fire on people for no reason without any knowledge about it. These kinds of people belong to a very low mentality and there is no point in running after them genuinely.”

Apart from this, it was also confirmed by Abhidnya Bhave, that she is here to stay for a long time. ” Yes, I am here to stay I have already aimed that I’ll do come back where I started from because it is very special for me. But I don’t know the situation didn’t come like that and Opportunity never came like that. I think so it was a good plan to bring me back to Hindi with such a popular show and I respect his plan even after nine years. Yes, I am here to stay now and God has also given me the opportunity.”

Concluding the interview, Abhidnya Bhave gave a short message for her fans saying that, “I would just like to say that I worked hard to come where I am right now and I know for a matter of fact I had a long way to go. I just want people to know that I am here to do good performances and to create some kind of awareness through my work and also I’ll entertain you all with good performance and I will make sure that I will put more and more effort into my performances so that you would love it.”

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