Dheeraj Dhoopar EXCLUSIVE On Naagin 5 Being Trolled: "People Used To Troll Sasural Simar Ka Also But..."
Dheeraj Dhoopar EXCLUSIVE On Naagin 5 Being Trolled: “People Used To Troll Sasural Simar Ka Also But…” (Photo Credit: Instagram/Dheeraj Dhoopar)

Celebrities, unfortunately, can’t escape online trolling no matter what they do. Whether it’s their food, clothes or any simple pic, some people find it a reason to bring down these actors. Many are even trolled for the TV shows and movies they do. Naagin 5 is an apt example of being trolls’ favourite. The fifth season started with Hina Khan, Dheeraj Dhoopar and Mohit Malhotra.

After a few episodes, Surbhi Chandna, Mohit Sehgal and Sharad Malhotra took Naagin 5’s mantle ahead. However, recently, the show was unnecessarily trolled for a photoshopped picture. This is happening since the first season; especially when the show is one of the most-watched shows in India.



Koimoi spoke to Dheeraj Dhoopar and we asked his reaction to unnecessary trolling of a big show like Naagin 5 and other such supernatural dramas. The Kundali Bhagya actor said, “I don’t react to these things much. As you said Naagin is such a big show and it’s a hit. That means people are loving and accepting it. Our country is very vast and the audience is very big. The best thing in our country is there is a different audience for different kind of shows.”

Dheeraj Dhoopar added, “I am doing Kundali Bhagya which is such a realistic show and people are accepting it. The other show I’m was doing is Naagin 5, which is a supernatural drama. People still accepted me and loved me.”

The Naagin 5 actor stated, “When it comes to trolling, I did a show called Sasural Simar Ka. People used to troll it also. But it was a number 1 show and a supernatural show later on. We also laugh on the script, but between action and cut, we are the very serious actors. It is a good thing as an actor who does a supernatural show. It helps in brushing up your skills. It helps in enhancing your imagination and perform accordingly.”

Dheeraj Dhoopar concluded by saying, “After doing Sasural Simar Ka, these trolls don’t matter to me at all.”

What do you have to say about Dheeraj’s response to people who troll Naagin 5 and other such shows? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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