Chris Jericho Talks About The Problem WWE Is Currently Dealing With
Chris Jericho Talks About Creating New Stars(Pic Credit: WWE Still)

Chris Jericho, after spending over two decades in WWE, jumped the ship to AEW. He has always been vocal about the problems he saw in his former company, which is why he’s still loved by his former colleagues and fans. Recently, he shared his honest opinion about the lack of ability in his former promotion in creating new pro-wrestling stars.

We do agree with Jericho to a major extent as Vince McMahon’s company has failed in creating major crowd pullers. Roman Reigns would be the last major attraction the promotion churned out. It clearly seems that there are 2-3 old guys who are carrying the brand on their shoulders.

Speaking on the Wrestling with Freddie podcast, Chris Jericho said, “I realized early on, as being kind of the face of the company, and the one guy that the national audience knew, besides Jim Ross, but the one guy that was in the ring. They knew Cody maybe, not really. Kenny and The Bucks were kind of more independent, or popular in other countries. I need to make new stars as quickly as I can.”

Chris Jericho further shared that WWE is failing in creating new stars, while AEW is unstoppable.

“Cody being one of them. Kenny Omega being another one. Then you move, and look at my first few programs, match-three at AEW was with Darby Allin, and Jungle Boy was around about that time. And then Jon Moxley, who had to be rehabbed when he came from WWE. Mox was not Mox when he first showed up. He was still Dean Ambrose, kind of the goofy guy that wasn’t funny, doing all that sh*t they made him do. We had to make him into a star right out of the bat,” he added.

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