WWE Legend Booker T On Rebellion Crossover Between Impact, AEW & Chris Jericho's Thoughts On It
Booker T Criticizes Rebellion Crossover (PC: Instagram)

Rebellion pay-per-view was one unique experiment that saw the main event crossover between two promotions – AEW and Impact. It had a title vs title match between Rich Swann and Kenny Omega. Even though the pay-per-view was a huge hit, WWE legend Booker T has criticized it.

Recently, Booker shared he didn’t like the concept of Kenny Omega emerging victorious as Impact gained nothing out of it. For such comments, Booker even faced a major backlash. But now, addressing the criticism, he has once again shared his stand of why the crossover thing wasn’t a good idea.



Talking on The Hall of Fame Podcast, Booker T first addressed the wrath of fans by quoting, “I haven’t been able to sleep properly these last few days man. All this stuff on the internet, I try to stay off the internet, but sometimes it breaks my heart. I got feelings too, people always got comments and whatnot, I was just making an opinion about Impact and AEW. AEW World Champion going over to Impact, winning the Impact World Championship, I just did not think it was a good idea beating Rich Swann, I just did not think it was a good idea from a company perspective.”

Booker T also shared that not just him but even Chris Jericho didn’t feel good about the crossover. Not that Jericho is against the concept, but he feels that AEW has so much going on within itself and such invasion is not really necessary at this point.

On the same point, Booker T added, “For me personally, I don’t think Chris Jericho bought into AEW to go work for Impact. That’s a totally different contract. I have no time to even entertain something like that unless I was one of the executive producers, getting one of those kinds of checks. Am I wrong or is Chris Jericho wrong?”

Do you agree with Booker’s views on Rebellion crossover?

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