Bigg Boss 17 TRP Report Card: The OG King Sidarth Shukla 'S13' Is 157% Higher Than The Worst Performing One (S15), Comparing All The Ratings...
Bigg Boss 17 TRP Report Card: The OG King Sidarth Shukla ‘S13’ Is 157% Higher Than The Worst Performing One (S15), Comparing All The Ratings… (Picture Credit: IMDB, Voot & Youtube)

Which has been your favorite Bigg Boss season? If you ask the show’s fans, many will answer it with Bigg Boss 13, which will always be remembered for Sidharth Shukla. He would probably also be the best contestant this show has ever witnessed.

But how many of them would answer this question with Bigg Boss 17? Umm, we don’t think anyone would choose this season to be the best one. Even the TRP has to portray the same story, but what makes it even more enjoyable when you compare it with the last four seasons up till the 13th?

This time around, the makers yet again tried to experiment with the format by dividing the BB house into three parts – Dil, Dimaag & Dum. Also, Bigg Boss became more conversational with the contestants eliminating the tasks that were the soul of the show. Munawar Faruqui, Abhishek Kumar, Ankita Lokhande are tracking well as far as the votes are concerned.

Before deep-diving into what’s interesting about TRPs of Bigg Boss 13 to 17, let’s take a look at how they’ve scored over the years:

Bigg Boss 13:

(Picture Credit: Youtube)
  • Opening Episode: 2.8
  • Finale episode: 4.9

Bigg Boss 14:

(Picture Credit: IMDb)
  • Opening episode: 2.2
  • Finale episode: 3.2

Bigg Boss 15

(Picture Credit: IMDb)
  • Opening episode: 2.0
  • Finale episode: 1.9

Bigg Boss 16:

(Picture Credit: IMDb)
  • Opening episode: 1.3
  • Finale episode: 3.3

Bigg Boss 17:

(Picture Credit: Voot)
  • Opening episode: 2.3
  • Current: 2.0

Why didn’t we take ratings before Season 13?

Because over the years, the methods to measure television ratings have been drastically changed, and even these are reported ratings on the internet. But we could have a rough idea about how the show has been doing over the past few years.

Shehnaaz Gill & Sidharth Shukla’s Season 13 is the OG King!

From the highest opening ratings to the highest finale ratings, the audience’s favorite season is ruling the charts, and how? If you compare Season 16 to 13, it’s a 53% crash in the TRP, and that proves how the interest has been decreasing over the years. The success of Bigg Boss OTT Season 2 might be a big reason why Bigg Boss 17 got a good start with a TRP of 2.3.

Winner of the winners!

Even as far as the finale numbers go, Bigg Boss 13 is way ahead of every other season with a TRP of 4.9. Comparing it to the worst performing season, i.e., 15th at 1.9, it’s over 157% higher. Even if you compare it with the best performing one, i.e., 16th at 3.3, it’s still 48% higher.

It had a ten million+ viewership during the time when everyone used to watch the show only on television & that’s why it’s huge.

S13 had an average of 2.1-2.5 TRP every week, which is better than the grand finale rating of Season 15.

Is Bigg Boss 17 the worst of them all?

Well, the opening episode got an excellent viewership compared to the past few seasons; in fact, it’s the second-best post-season 13. And, even the average rating isn’t as bad as the previous ones. But, it took almost three months to enter the top 10 list of shows with the highest TRP. Public feedback might be towards negative, but people are still watching it. Call it a ‘hate-watch,’ but it’s still a ‘watch.’

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