Abdu Rozik Accuses MC Stan's Management Of Destructing His Cars, Breaking Panels!
Abdu Rozik Releases Official Statement Against MC Stan! ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

While Shiv Thakare is hopeful that the Mandali will stand united until he’s alive, reality seems to be slipping away far from his imagination. Bigg Boss 16 co-contestants MC Stan and Abdu Rozik have been indulged in an ugly fallout and it looks like even Sajid Khan couldn’t neutralise the bitterness between the two. Scroll below for the latest allegations in the matter.

For a long time now, Abdu has been speaking up on the matter, while MC has remained tight-lipped. He previously declared that his friendship with the Bigg Boss 16 co-contestant is over for good. He also claimed that he was accused of asking Stan to promote his song while he already enjoys over 8 million followers on Instagram and does not need help. The Tajikistani singer has tried to get in touch with the rapper on multiple occasions, but he wouldn’t respond to any of his calls or messages.



In the latest statement, Abdu Rozik claims that Sajid Khan visited him on the 10th of March and called MC Stan but he hung up the call saying he would call later. He also sent him a voice note but it looks like the rapper is not interested in any kind of communication. The Chota Bhaijaan singer claims that he was in Bengaluru and wanted to support Stan during one of his concerts. He reached out to his management, saying he “wanted to support his brother by attending, not performing” but his proposal was refused.

The statement by Abdu Rozik’s team added, “Abdu then thinking this was a mistake from Stan’s team, tried to go to the venue as a normal guest with a ticket only to be sworn at very bad words by Stan’s management and to be turned away at the normal entrance and have the car damaged and panels broken.”

Apparently, two independent record labels wanted to collaborate with Abdu and MC but the rapper refused the offer. “Abdu was naturally disappointed and saddened due to the response as he believed him and MC Stan are friends and naturally out of manners and respect discussing these things privately first before public hears is more respectful,” his statement added.

Abdu Rozik concluded his statement saying, “As little or large an issue may be respect is so important between brothers and between fans and their idols. We condemn anyone who is being racist, body shaming, bullying, height shaming, and defaming Abdu and will take action against the specific group of accounts who are doing this.”

Only time will tell if MC Stan decides to break his silence.

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