7 Bridgerton Filming Locations That Will Blow Your Mind
7 Bridgerton Filming Locations That Will Blow Your Mind. (Photo Credit – Instagram)

Since its debut, Bridgerton has been the home to (pun very much intended) some of the most picturesque buildings that serve as the filming locations for this lush period piece.

From Queen Charlotte’s receiving room to the Bridgerton’s London seat, the Netflix drama has unapologetically flaunted some of the best locations.

Scroll down below to have a glimpse of the exquisite architectures of Great Britain where the sensuous period drama has been filmed.

1. Hampton Court Palace

Hampton Court Palace, once the residence of King Henry VIII, finds a special place in the canon of the Bridgerton houses. The magnificent Tudor structure, truly befitting a King (or in this case, a Queen), serves as the principal location for Queen Charlotte’s scenes. The property gets prominence in the fourth episode of the third season, and is located in the borough of Richmond upon Thames near London.

2. Ranger’s House

Quite befittingly, a Georgian house lends its stately facade as the enchanting exterior of the house the Bridgertons call their home in the show. However, contrary to their elite Grosvenor Square address (an ample number of historical romances made it clear that the aristocrats mostly live here), the charming house is actually located in Greenwich. Like the charming family, the facade of the house is covered with vines and wisteria.

3. The Holburne Museum

The Holburne Museum needs a special mention as this house becomes the ultimate place where Penelope debuts her exquisite look in the emerald green dress! The house, which has been maintaining a steady presence since Season 1 of Bridgerton as Lady Danbury’s home, is located in Sydney Pleasure Garden in Bath, Somerset. In the first episode of the third season, the house hosts Lady Danbury’s magnificent Four Seasons Ball.

4. Osterley Park and House

What is a good Regency romance without balls and parties? And what makes the balls spectacular? The houses obviously! The magical Full Moon Ball that took place in the second episode of the series took place in the grand Osterley Park and House. The historic Georgian country building is located in west London in the London boroughs of Ealing and Hounslow.

5. Kingston Bagpuize House

Kingston Bagpuize House serves as the new home of Will and Alice Mondrich after their young son inherits the title of Lord Kent. This stately house boasting of a grand staircase is comfortably tucked in the Vale of White Horse district, in Oxfordshire county.

6. Claydon House

Not only the exteriors but Bridgerton has made some prudent uses of the stately homes as their indoor locations. In the second half of the show, Colin and Penelope partake in their wedding breakfast in an ornately decorated room. The room is located in the Claydon House in Buckinghamshire.

7. Wilton House

Last but not the least (who are we kidding, probably the grandest) location of Bridgerton is the Wilton House, the country seat of Earls of Pembroke near Salisbury and Wiltshire. Still wondering which building we are talking about? Well, the gilded drawing room of the house has been used as the Queen’s Presentation Room throughout all the seasons of Bridgerton.

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