Bridgerton stars reveal the spicy kiss between Colin and Penelope was inspired by ‘New Girl’ and ‘Felicity’
Bridgerton stars reveal the spicy kiss between Colin and Penelope was inspired by ‘New Girl’ and ‘Felicity’ ( Photo Credit – IMDb )

Caution: Bridgerton Season 3 Part I spoilers ahead

In the third season Bridgerton on Netflix, Penelope Featherington (Nicola Coughlan), who has spent her entire life fantasizing about kissing Colin Bridgerton (Luke Newton), musters the nerve to ask him for the long-desired kiss.

It’s intended to be a kiss that bridges the gap between a practice and a pitiful embrace, something to hold Penelope over should she be so unfortunate as to never find love. But when Colin places a peck on her in the Featherington garden, what may have been a fleeting kiss blossoms into something much more profound.

While this seems to be one of the most important scenes of the season, actors Caughlan and Newton told the media about the different inspirations they used to create that perfect moment.

Birdgerton’s Colin and Penelope turned to shows such as ‘New Girl’ and Felicity’

Jess Brownell, showrunner for Bridgerton, told Entertainment Weekly about meticulously planning to create the scene with the actors.

“Nicola, Luke, and I talked endlessly about that first kiss and what we wanted it to feel like. The three of us were on a group chat during the season, sending each other clips of some of our favorite television first kisses and negotiating. Should it be that they slam together with passion, or should it be softer, more gentle, and more delicate?”

Looks like they found the answers in famous shows ‘New Girl’ and Felicity’

“I was very specific about wanting it to be softer,” Brownell says. “More tentative at first, and then growing with surprising passion. As a woman, soft kisses are really nice, and they look nicer on television, but there are some more passionate slamming-into-each-other kisses to come.” Those are where New Girl and Felicity came more directly into play.”

Why is Colin and Penelope’s first kiss so crucial?

At one of her lowest moments, Penelope feels like she has nothing left to lose, setting up a pivotal moment for both the characters and the show. But this kiss becomes crucial when Colin eventually admits his feelings for Penelope. Not only could this kiss lead to their romantic relationship, but it could also be a starting point of another drama considering Penelop’s hidden identity as Lady Whisteldown.

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