From Duke to Viscount: Ranking All 8 Bridgerton Novels
From Duke to Viscount: Ranking All 8 Bridgerton Novels. (Photo Credit – Instagram)

While the latest release of Bridgerton Season 3 Part 1 can only satiate the fan’s curiosity for some time, who says you must wait again for the next instalment?

Koimoi recommends returning to the 8 Bridgerton novels, the basis for Netflix’s popular series. Written by American author Julia Quinn, each novel centres on one of the eight Bridgerton siblings and their—often scandalous, always chaotic—search for true love and wedded bliss.

While all novels are filled with exciting twists and turns, some of the novels didn’t quite land as others did. Keeping that in mind, Koimoi has ranked all of Julia Quinn’s 8 Bridgerton novels from worst to best.

8. The Duke & I

It all began with the publication of The Duke and I in 2000. The novel takes place in 1813, following the fake courtship of Daphe Bridgerton and Simon, Duke of Hastings, ultimately leading to a passion-driven marriage.

Why has the first novel gotten the worst ranking? Well, a lot of readers have felt that even though the novel was filled with exciting chemistry between the two, the story was filled with certain problematic moments. In particular, after Daphne discovers that Simon has been lying about not being able to conceive, he goes out to get drunk. When he comes back, Daphne starts having sex with him while he is unconscious, which is akin to sexually abusing him. It’s sufficient to draw the reader out of the narrative.

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7. To Sir Phillip, With Love

Aside from their disinterest in attending the marriage mart, the series Eloise (Claudia Jessie) and the book Eloise have very little in common. In To Sir Phillip, With Love, Eloise has a secret letter buddy (Phillip Crane) that neither her family nor her best friend knows. On a whim, she leaves her house to meet the widower Sir Phillip Crane, and when Eloise stays to look after Phillip’s mischievous twins, mayhem breaks out. To Sir Phillip, With Love is ranked lower in the list of Bridgerton books because of Eloise and Phillip’s inadequate motivations for pursuing a relationship, their waning emotions, and their blink-and-you-miss character growth.

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6. On the Way to the Wedding

The eighth and final book in the series, On the Way to the Wedding, finds love for Gregory, the youngest Bridgerton boy.

Gregory Bridgerton is charming, but the novel’s conclusion is such a maze that it gets annoying. Gregory fantasizes about being in love with Hermione Watson, but she does not reciprocate, so her best friend, Lucy Abernathy, tries to assist Gregory in winning her hand. Then it’s discovered that Hermione is actually loved by Lucy’s brother. At last, Gregory realizes he is in love with Lucy; nevertheless, once Lucy becomes engaged to someone else, Gregory finds himself trying to call off the wedding.

Although Gregory’s romantic nature is endearing, the novel devotes far too much attention to his feelings for Hermione, leaving readers eager for the genuine love story between Gregory and Lucy to start!

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5. The Viscount Who Loved Me

The plot of Anthony and Kate’s narrative is similar to that of Daphne and Simon in The Viscount Who Loved Me in that their hurried marriage occurred after Violet, Portia, and another mother discovered them in a precarious situation after Anthony started to worry about Kate’s safety due to a bee. Also similar to Simon, Anthony faced a challenge associated with his father’s passing.

But unlike Daphne and Simon, Anthony and Kate were the epitome of the enemies-to-lovers cliché; they had a long way to go before they could meet halfway and understand each other’s perspectives. Furthermore, even though Kate was her father’s daughter from a previous marriage, her story still involved her coming to feel a part of the Sheffield family, which made her character development stand out more than that of other characters, even though the majority of her and Anthony’s coming to terms with their feelings also occurred toward the end of the book.

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4. It’s in His Kiss

The youngest Bridgerton siblings typically get controversial book rankings, but It’s In His Kiss is actually a joy to read. In the world of literature, Hyacinth bears many similarities to Eloise from the Netflix series. She struggles to keep her mouth shut, is highly read, and fiercely independent. In fact, Hyacinth Bridgerton doesn’t hold back when she expresses her feelings to Gareth St. Clair, who is also Lady Danbury’s grandson, making her one of the story’s fiercest ladies. As Gareth St. Clair and Hyacinth collaborate to solve a case involving hidden diamonds, he can’t help but fall deeply in love with her. This novel is Ideal for readers who like historical romances with a hint of mystery and detective work.

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3. When He Was Wicked

Not only is When He Was Wicked one of the series’ best standalone novels, but it’s also arguably one of the steamiest. After his cousin John passes away unexpectedly, Michael Stirling finds himself in command of his estate and falls in love with Francesca Bridgerton, the cousin’s wife. While the closeness makes it difficult for Stirling to hide his feelings, Francesca starts developing hers, and the two then eventually deal with their feelings head-on.

Francesca isn’t as green as Quinn’s previous heroines because she’s been married before, so it’s actually fun to see a heroine who knows precisely what she loves instead of the blushing brides we’re used to reading in romance novels.

This book stands out from the rest because of the way it addresses the pain and guilt that two individuals who experienced a similar loss feel as they work to find a solution to allow themselves to be happy together.

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2. Romancing Mr. Bridgerton

Romancing Mr Bridgerton’s story of Colin and Penelope combines thrilling action sequences with their progressively developing romance, even though Colin doesn’t completely understand his feelings until about halfway through the novel. This one is more entertaining than other Bridgerton novels because it features many threats hanging over the heads of its protagonists, including Cressida’s blackmail of Penelope and Colin’s revelation of Penelope as Lady Whistledown.

However, the best aspect of this work is the discovery of Lady Whistledown’s identity after three novels of speculation, as well as Penelope’s ownership of her authority as Colin navigates his envy of her successful literary career.

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1. An Offer From A Gentleman

An Offer From a Gentleman is a Cinderella story, but Benedict defies society’s expectations and marries his sister’s maid. Sophie Beckett is among the most adored heroines in the realm of literature about Bridgerton. Her intelligence means that she will not put up with Benedict’s stupidity.

An Offer from a Gentleman is one of Bridgerton’s most enjoyable tales because of Benedict and Sophie’s romance, which features action-packed developments and two similarly stubborn characters who grow individually and together before defying the ton and pursuing their love match.

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