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Ram Gopal Varma On Adipurush & HanuMan(Photo Credit –Instagram/IMDb)

Ram Gopal Varma, aka RGV, is known for speaking his mind. His bold statements about his movies or about other people’s movies always grab headlines. The Satya director never shies away from expressing his views on something he likes or doesn’t like. The director has now made comparisons between the budgets and VFX of Adipurush and HanuMan movies.

Adipurush, based on the Hindu mythology Ramayan, is a 2023 movie directed by Om Raut. The film stars Prabhas, Kriti Sanon, and Saif Ali Khan. It was made on a budget of approximately 700 crore but was a box office flop. On the other hand, HanuMan is a 2024 Telugu superhero movie directed by Prasanth Varma. It stars Teja Sajja and Amritha Aiyer. The film was made with a budget of at least 40 crores but earned more than 300 crores at the box office.

RGV On VFX and Big Budgets Of Movies

In an interview with Film Companion, Ram Gopal Varma reveals how a director told him he had to choose a VFX company for a particular scene in his movie. He had a choice between two companies charging 25 crore and 25 crore. As both companies are big, the director was clueless about who would do better VFX on his movies.

Adipurush Trailer

RGV reveals, “The director told me, ‘Sir, I don’t know who can make it better. Both are big companies. I don’t know how the VFX process is done. I am not an expert technician on that. But after thinking, we decided to go with the Rs 35 crore company only because we had the money. We thought the more they ask, the better they will do.’

In the same interview, RGV compared Adipurush and HanuMan and their budgets. When the Prabhas and Kriti Sanon starrer’s teaser and trailer were released, the masses were unhappy with its VFX. Many trolled Om Raut’s film for poor VFX when the movie was released. Ram Gopal Varma stated how a foreign company did Adipurush VFX and “god knows how many hundreds of crores and this guy, Prasanth Varma (Hanuman director) got it done in Karimnagar town or wherever they made it.” The Sarkar director believes that Prasanth Varma made his 2024 movie at a lesser cost and didn’t reveal the actual budget.

HanuMan Trailer

Ram Gopal Varma added, “These days, you are scared to say lesser cost because they might say cheap film, koi aayega nahi (no one will come). But in comparison, no matter how much he says, compared to Adipurush, it is a super cheap film, and we know the results at the end of the day.”

Meanwhile, except for Saif Ali Khan, none of the cast members reacted to Adipurush’s failure. On the other hand, Prasanth Varma is all set to treat the audience with the HanuMan sequel, Jai Hanuman. Prasanth has promised that the sequel will be one of the biggest movies the Indian audience has ever seen.

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