After HanuMan Teja Sajja Embarks On a Thrilling Quest As Super Yodha, First Look Of 'Mirai' Evokes Goosebumps!
The first look of Teja Sajja’s next Super Yodha Film ‘Mirai’ Was Released Today. ( Photo Credit – People Media Factory / YouTube )

It’s been quite the start for major south releases. After HanuMan‘s major success, Tejja Sajja is ready to star in another major hit. People Media Factory, a thriving production house in Tollywood, just revealed their upcoming project, Production No. 36. Directed by the incredibly skilled Karthik Gattamneni, it stars Super Hero Teja Sajja as Super Yodha.

TG Vishwa Prasad, who possesses impeccable taste and is highly passionate about filmmaking, is financing the film on a massive scale, with high production and technical standards. As promised, the makers revealed the film’s title, first-look poster, and teaser today. The film’s name is Extraordinarily Mirai, meaning “Future.” The Title logo is designed in a Japanese font. In the first-look poster, Teja Sajja stands atop an exploding volcano, sporting a Super Yodha appearance and holding a Yo (Staff Stick). He seems fierce beyond belief. An eclipse is visible in the backdrop.

The glimpse is meant to depict the film’s backstory. It is centered on King Ashoka and his secret 9. The Kalinga War is still a dark spot in Ashoka’s historical record. That confession unveiled the heavenly mystery. The extensive understanding of the nine texts elevates man above the divine. They enlist nine warriors to guard them for future generations. An eclipse approaches such knowledge. Then, it takes a birth that stops the eclipse. It is an inevitable great battle for generations. The movie is based on a profoundly historical and mythical plotline.


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A Buddhist monk’s story binds us together. The storyline makes us shiver and prepares us for something we’ve never seen before. The glimpse shows how hard Karthik Gattamneni worked in the pre-, production, and post-production stages. The story delves into historical matters with excitement. In the opening, the character Teja Sajja is depicted as a powerful Yodha, determined to thwart the eclipse from reaching Ashoka’s Secret 9. Stick fighting, Karra Samu, and other fighting styles are skills he possesses. He delivers an impressive performance in the Super Yodha role, making him an excellent choice. Ritika Nayak was granted a significant part as the female lead.

The visual effects work in Sajja‘s next is also excellent. We get the impression that we are seeing a global film because of People Media Factory’s fantastic production values. The stunning sneak peek has us excitedly awaiting more news. With each frame as beautiful as a diamond, Karthik Gattamneni demonstrated his mastery of cinematography.

Gowra Hari’s thunderous score has elevated the story. The screenplay is written by Karthik and Manibabu Karanam, who also wrote dialogues. Sri Nagendra Tangala is the movie’s art director, whereas Vivek Kuchibhotla is the co-producer. Krithi Prasad is the Creative Producer, and Sujith Kumar Kolli is the Executive Producer.

Despite the makers announcing a release date, Teja Sajja’s movie will still be a year away.Mirai will be released in multiple languages—Telugu, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Bengali, Marathi, and Chinese—on April 18th in the summer in 2D and 3D versions, exactly one year after its release. With all this excitement, we can’t wait to see what Teja Sajja brings out next!

Watch The First Look Here:

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