Kamal Haasan Turned Down Hollywood After Working In Star Trek, Rambo 3 With Sylvester Stallone Only To Revolutionize Indian...
Kamal Haasan Turned Down Hollywood After Working In Star Trek, Rambo 3 With Sylvester Stallone Only To Revolutionize Indian… (Photo Credit: IMDb)

This has been Kamal Haasan’s week at work after learning something fascinating about his shelved dream project, Marudhanayagam, and how it almost starred Titanic’s Kate Winslet in an Indian film.

Today, we’ll talk about how Hollywood, with films like Star Trek: First Contact, and Rambo 3, welcomed him with open arms, but he never overstayed his welcome.

As in our Marudhanayagam article, we discussed about how Kamal thrives on the pure passion to design something unique every single time. Today, let’s talk about the time when he worked with Sylvester Stallone & how it really changed how he took his life.

Throughout the years, we’ve seen him adapting some unrecognizable looks on the big screen, but do you know where all of this started? Let’s take you back to the mid-90s when Kamal flew to Hollywood to be a makeup artist on the sets of Sylvester Stallone’s Rambo 3 and learn a lot about how prosthetics work.

Over there, he was trained by the Academy Award-winning make-up artist Michael Westmore. Remember this person’s name because he has played a pivotal role in shaping KH’s career the way it is today.

After working on Rambo 3, Kamal Haasan jumped to Star Trek, again working with Michael, and the film got nominated for the Academy Award for Best Make-Up but couldn’t win.

Why did Kamal Haasan himself go to learn about prosthetics? Because he believed no actor wanted to get his hands dirty, and only by doing this would he be able to bring a revolution in that department of Indian films. That is what he did; as soon as he returned, he started to execute his makeup in movies, going on to achieve characters in films like Avvai Shanmugi, Indian, Dasavathaaram & many more.

“As a child, I remember Kamal coming to the house with beautiful gifts from India. I was always in awe of him. Visiting him at his LA home was a dream, too. I’ll find photos,” she tweeted, to the delight of fans.

Upon talking about styling Sylvester Stallone, Kamal Haasan opened up on The Kapil Sharma Show, and he said, “I was working in the backlot. I made all the bumps on Mr Stallone’s face. I was learning makeup then, and I was there for a month and a half, learning prosthetic makeup. I wanted to learn the art because nobody wanted to learn that. It was such a pleasure because nobody knew me. I stopped at shops, drank cold drinks, and walked in the street.”

KH still holds the record of being an actor with the most number of film nominations.

Michael Westmore’s daughter, McKenzie Westmore, opened up about their relationship with Kamal & how she considers him her father. She tweeted, “Many have asked if I know @ikamalhaasan well here ya go my dad used to create his makeups when I was a little girl. We keep in touch but the last I saw Kamal was a few years back. The 2nd photo is me and my dad in beautiful clothing given to us as a gift from Kamal.”

Kamal Hassan = Dedication 🔥

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