1920: Horrors of the Heart

1920 horrors of the heart Plot
1920: Horrors of the Heart

Release Date:

Cast: Avika Gor, Naveen Singh, Rahul Dev

Writer: Mahesh Bhatt, Suhrita Das, Aman Puranik

Director: Krishna Bhatt

Producer/s: Mahesh Bhatt & Vikram Bhatt


1920 horrors of the heart Review

1920: Horrors of the Heart Movie Review Rating:

Star Cast: Avika Gor, Rahul Dev, Randheer Rai, Barkha Bisht, Danish Pandor, Ketaki Kulkarni

Director: Krishna Bhatt

1920: Horrors of the Heart Movie Review!
1920: Horrors of the Heart Movie Review Out! ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

What’s Good: It’s a horror film from Bollywood which means you won’t be able to see anything anyway because everything is so dark

What’s Bad: It claims to be a horror film but the only time it’ll scare you is during the interval the fact that you’ll have to go through sixty more minutes of this

Loo Break: Whenever you want and you’ll still be able to get the story

Watch or Not?: The song starts and ends with the song ‘Lori Sunau’ (Singing Lullaby) which ironically is what you’ll need when this film will bore you to sleep

Language: Hindi

Available On: Theatrical Release

Runtime: 122 Minutes

User Rating:

Meghna (Avika Gor) loses her failed author father Dheeraj (Randheer Rai) who dies by suicide and decides to leave a book of secrets for his daughter. Soon after his demise, she gets the book and reads how her step Mother Radhika (Barkha Bisht) has been a b*tch to his father ultimately leading to his suicide.

She decides to destroy Radhika and her current family with the help of her father’s spirit (yep, don’t ask how, why or any such logical questions). Her father’s spirit tags along with her to create destruction in the house but eventually she gets to know that her mother wasn’t a b*tch but her father was a dog. The tables turn and now she decides to not help her father’s spirit, but you’ve seen how clingy Bollywood ghosts have been in the past.

1920: Horrors of the Heart Movie Review!
1920: Horrors of the Heart Movie Review Out! ( Photo Credit – YouTube )

1920: Horrors Of The Heart Movie Review: Script Analysis

Mahesh Bhatt and Suhrita Das’ story & screenplay are stuck back in the 1920s when you had to force jumpscares to the narration because they felt ‘scary’. You can’t be serious about the writing when you make the lead ghost say “Mujhe jaan na hai tujhe bistar pe kaun zyada khush rakhta tha… Main ya woh?” (I always wanted to know who gave you more satisfaction on the bed, me or him?). You can’t be serious about the story when you drop the ghost-dad suddenly post a s*x scene of her daughter and confronts her semi-n*de telling her how lust has made her forget life’s real motive.

Shweta Bothra’s dialogues are pretty ordinary and heard in numerous mediocre horror films before. Converting foreign to ‘vilayat’ is the max research done on giving the dialogues a vintage 1920 touch. Prakash Kutty’s cinematography doesn’t help in any way the gloomy production design by Naushad Memon. The camera provides nothing to make this a screamy affair.

Mosses Fernandez’s action, too, fails to provoke any excitement in this horrific tale. Shriyanka Sharma’s costumes look like they’re sourced from a thrift store that specialises in “vintage clothing”. Kuldeep Mehan’s editing keeps this just under 2 hours helping us from bearing even a minute more of this mess.

1920: Horrors Of The Heart Movie Review: Star Performance

Avika Gor is the only performer from the lot who tries to take her assignment seriously. Owing to her television experience, she manages to nail the emotional sequences despite their shabby writing. Rahul Dev as Meghna’s step-father sleepwalks throughout, doing a dead recitation of his dialogues at best. Randheer Rai, for some reason, looked like Aftab Shivdasani and I’d personally apologise to Aftab for cursing him throughout the film.

Barkha Bisht as Meghna’s mother is just about okay, doing her job of delivering lines without adding anything. Danish Pandor is the worst of the lot, when he’s not angry he sucks and that’s a weird compliment for an actor to receive. Ketaki Kulkarni as the kid-ghost flies to a good start but her character turns out to be monotonous without contributing anything despite being a scary creature.

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