When K-pop Idol Jungkook Expressed His Fears Of Getting Prank Calls By Sasaeng
When K-pop Idol Jungkook Expressed His Fears Of Getting Prank Calls By Sasaeng. (Photo Credit – Instagram)

The recent announcement of a new song by Jeon Jung-kook, the youngest member of the popular South Korean boyband BTS (Bangtan Sonyeondan), surprised the band’s fans. The song “Never Let Go” will be released on June 7, marking the group’s 11th debut anniversary. The fans of BTS, popularly known as ARMY, were already in a great mood as the group’s oldest member, Kim Seok-jin, is said to be returning from the military on June 12, and the new song was a cherry on top.

While the love between a celebrity and their fans is something really special, sometimes this also takes an ugly turn when certain obsessive fans try to invade the privacy of these stars. Let’s look at the incident when the golden maknae, a.k.a. JK had a crazy sasaeng encounter.


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On April 5, 2022, when Jungkook was in Las Vegas with all his members, he encountered a crazy prank call incident. The K-pop idol was in a rather chatty mood when he started his VLive, but it turned out to be creepy for him instead. During the live, he was in a hotel room, enjoying music and having fun chatting with his fans when, suddenly, the room’s phone started ringing.

Jungkook told his fans who were watching that he had just gotten a call and would answer it. But the phone rang only once and went silent. This confused the K-pop star and made him believe someone must have dialled the wrong number. But when the phone rang again, he realised that that was not the case. Jungkook walked away from the camera to answer the call, and when he returned, he said, “Who is it? Please don’t prank call me.”

Once again, the phone started to ring, and an exasperated Jungkook reiterated on his VLive, “That phone ringtone is a bit upsetting to me now. It’s a little creepy. You’re watching this, right? Who is it? Who are you, and why are you prank-calling me? Who is it? Don’t do it. I don’t like this phone’s ringing sound. It’s annoying. I’m scared. I feel uncomfortable. I’m surprised and get goosebumps when I hear that sound.”

Thankfully, staff members who were monitoring the livestream intervened and put an end to the prank calls by taking the phone away. The fans who watched their favourite K-pop idols live were furious over the sasaeng. They took to social media to condemn the act.

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