Zendaya Was Scared To Film Intimate Scenes With Timothée Chalamet During Her Dune Audition Because Of This Reason
Zendaya Was Nervous While Filming Scenes With Timothée Chalamet During Her Dune Audition ( Photo Credit – Zendaya, Timothee Chalamet / Instagram; Poster from Dune )

Zendaya was nervous while filming intimate scenes with Timothée Chalamet during her audition. Daya and Chalamet starred alongside each other in the highly anticipated 2021 film adaptation of Frank Herbert’s novel with the same name. The Denis Villeneuve directorial was praised for its magnificent cinematography and music score, which was produced by Hans Zimmer.

The film soared to the box office, making a whopping $400 million at the box office worldwide. The only complaint that the fans had was the screentime of Daya, which was just a mere 7 minutes. Due to her high presence in the promos, it was believed that she would have a bigger role in the movie.

Despite that, Dune did well, and now Zendaya has recalled the time when she was nervous filming scenes where she will be close to Timothée Chalamet during her audition. While speaking with the W Magazine, the Euphoria actress revealed, “I had just gotten my wisdom teeth taken out.”

Zendaya continued, “My biggest fear was that my mouth would be vile, and then I would have to do a scene with Timothée where we have to be really close, and he would smell my possible dry socket breath,” while explaining why she was nervous for her Dune audition with Timothée Chalamet. It’s funny because that’s why I love acting so much. It’s the one space in which I can feel safe being spontaneous because I’m not myself; I’m someone else. There are no consequences,” she further added.

Thankfully the audition process went well, and both the actors delivered a phenomenal performance in the film. Moreover, the two also created a strong bond during the filming of the movie. They discussed their friendship several times and said that they will be pals forever.

After Dune, Zendaya went onto star as MJ in Tom Holland’s Spider-Man: No Way Home and the hit HBO series Euphoria. Meanwhile, Timothée Chalamet appeared in The French Dispatch and is now busy filming ‘Wonka.’

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