Zayn Malik Smoking During Insta Live Session Sparks Meme Fest On Twitter
Fans Wonder If Zayn Malik Was High While Interacting During A Recent Insta Live Session (Photo Credit: Instagram/Zayn Malik & Twitter)

There is no doubt that Zayn Malik has millions of fans who are eagerly awaiting his new music. The singer recently dropped a new album, ‘Nobody is Watching’ and has been actively promoting it. But now, his Insta live session for the same is in the news for another reason altogether.


During yesterday’s (January 17) interaction with fans on the social network, the singer was seen smoking a cigarette (which many fans thought was a joint). Owing to this, the Dusk Till Dawn singer has been receiving mixed reactions on Twitter.

While some fans are still crazy over his – and his smoking – others aren’t too happy. One Zayn Malik fan wrote, “this my mood for 2021 Relieved face zayn wanna have a smoke sesh ?? @zaynmalik #ZaynMalik” Another fan wrote, “#ZaynMalik #LoveZayn Life is Funny Love You Honey♡!!Kissing face with closed eyesSmoking symbol @zaynmalik” A third fan tweeted, “Omg he is so high but so hot Woozy face #ZaynMalik #NobodyIsListeningParty”


Some more responses Zayn Malik received included a user tweeting, “One of goals is to get high with @zaynmalik one daaayyyyyy #ZaynMalik” Another commented writing, “How I look like waiting for @zaynmalik live video #zaynlive #ZaynMalik” Another wrote, “Smoking a weed/cigarette or wtv is smoking, whether it be Zayn or any commoner, it’s not attractive and nobody does it for attraction” Another netizen wrote, “I can’t believe that these girls are putting up statuses of Zayn Malik smoking a cigarette. Smoking was, is, and will never be a cool or a hot thing fgs.”

Zayn even went on record and clarified that he was smoking a cigarette and not a joint as many assumed. He said,

Coming back to his Instagram live session, Zayn Malik sent love to all his fans in India by writing “Love you India”. In fact, in his latest song ‘Tightrope’ the singer even crooned a part of ‘Chaudacin Ka Chand.’

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