Bad Boys: Ride Or Die Ending Explained: How Does The Story End For Marcus And Mike?
Bad Boys: Ride Or Die Ending Explained: How Does The Story End For Marcus And Mike? (Photo Credit –YouTube)

The fourth installment of the Bad Boys franchise featuring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence ended with yet another fiery and thrilling adventure as they find themselves trying to solve a conspiracy involving drug cartels and Miami police corruption. The film wraps up several unresolved plot threads from previous movies as the bad boy duo reunites again.

After five years, the new chapter reveals significant retcons, including Captain Howard’s death as part of a secretive plot focusing on Miami. Moreover, Mike and Marcus face personal challenges as Mike’s relationship comes into question with his son Armando and Marcus has a near-death experience. While the movie resolved many of the storylines, it surely leaves space for potential future films in the franchise.

Bad Boys: Ride or Die’s Franchise Retcons Explained

The latest chapter of the Bad Boys franchise subtly retcons two previous films by linking them through a vast conspiracy between drug cartels and the Miami police. One of the major revelations involves Lockwood (Ioan Gruffudd) and James McGrath (Eric Dane) who are exposed as part of a cartel conspiracy as they allowed drug transportation into Florida in exchange for their help in monitoring the border. Although the plan was initially meant to protect the nation from terrorists after 9/11, it ultimately led to corruption within Miami’s authorities.

Moreover, the movie also reveals that the drug trafficking in Bad Boys 2 and Isabel Aretas from Bad Boys For Life was part of a larger conspiracy. After the events of Bad Boys 2, Captain Howard became suspicious and spent years investigating this conspiracy. This resulted in him being targeted and killed by Armando on Isabel’s orders. This revelation ties all the films together through an overarching plot where police and military power were exploited to advance the drug trade in Miami.

What was the Real Meaning of Bad Boys: Ride or Die?

The core themes of Bad Boys: Ride or Die are legacy and family. The revelation that Captain Howard was secretly investigating a conspiracy for 15 years before his death highlights the perilous nature of their work. While the movie’s three main parent/child relationships show how the elder’s trust in their children benefits the world, Mike’s faith in his son Armando helps them to take down McGrath. Moreover, Marcus’ son-in-law Donnie earns his respect by saving his family and Callie stepping in front of Armando prevents Judy from killing her savior.

Such moments pay off in the long run, salvaging Howard’s legacy and uncovering the truth about McGrath. The movie was built on themes from Bad Boys For Life and highlights how Mike and Marcus’ brand of justice thrives in others, as they remain dedicated to their duty. Bad Boys: Ride or Die’s ending brings out the value of fighting for the truth and carrying out justice for future generations.

Bad Boys: Ride or Die is running in theaters.

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