Martin Lawrence "Slow & Off!" Bad Boys Interview With Will Smith Sparks Concern Online
Martin Lawrence Bad Boys Interview Sparks Concern Online(Photo Credit –Instagram)

Martin Lawrence triggered widespread Concern online after fans noticed the actor appeared to take long pauses and slur his words as he sat down with Will Smith to discuss “Bad Boys: Ride or Die” with ExtraTV. On May 19, 2024, Martin Larence, 60, sat down for an interview alongside Will Smith with ExtraTV to promote their movie “Bad Boys: Ride or Die.”

The interview published on YouTube triggered a volley of comments expressing Concern for Martin Lawrence’s well-being, who appeared slightly bereft and slower throughout the interview.

The “Wild Hogs actor” also appeared to stare into space and, at times, slur his words during the interview. Lawrence’s behavior sparked Concern online, with fans wondering if he was okay. “What’s Wrong With Martin?” a social media user wondered before another noted, “Martin seems a little slow and off! Like he’s had some kind of medical issue.”

Meanwhile, another fan speculated, “The way Martin is balling up his fist is a Telltale sign of Brain Damage!! So sad to witness him like this.”

Fans Defend Martin Lawrence In Wake Of “Slow and Off” Interview

As commenters began speculating about the actor’s health, several social media users defended Martin Lawrence, pointing out that he was grieving the recent loss of his brother and friend.

During the interview, when asked whom he considered his ride-or-die, Martin Larence revealed he recently lost his brother Larry and friend Sean Lampkin, who were his staunch supporters in his personal life. In the wake of the revelation, a fan wrote, “Martin has been through a lot, and now he’s grieving the death of his brother, and you can tell Wil got his back.”

Another added, “The passing of Martin’s brother must have really made him look like he had a light stroke.”

Martin Lawrence sparked Concern over his health earlier this year.

This is not the first time “The Blue Streak” actor has triggered speculations about his well-being. The renowned actor’s recent appearance during the 75th Primetime Emmy Awards ceremony had fans worried after he seemed to slur his words during a comedy bit.

Fans noted that the actor took long pauses while reading his lines and slurred his words at the award ceremony.

Although the actor has not disclosed any health issues in recent decades, fans highlighted that Martin Lawrence experienced several health complications in the ’90s after prolonged exposure to heat or dehydration.

Despite the concerns online, sources refuted the rumours and attributed the Emmy incident to a technical glitch.

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