Will Smith Was Offered To Play Captain America
Before Chris Evans, Will Smith Was Offered To Play Captain America After The Success Of Hancock (Picture Credit: IMDB)

Chris Evans’ portrayal of Captain America is often considered to be one of the finest casting choices Marvel Studios has ever made. While the actor joined the MCU after being a member of the Marvel movies from the Fantastic Four movies, the character has seen a journey of its own. However, as the actor is not seen as a member of the MCU, there was a time when Oscar-winning actor Will Smith was rumoured to take on the role of Steve Rogers.

Fresh from the success of Hancock, Smith’s name was circulated when Marvel proposed a movie version of Captain America. While no one ever thought that a black actor would be taking on the role of Steve Rogers, it has become a reality as Anthony Mackie will be seen playing the role in the MCU.



During a conversation with MTV News, the Biker Boyz actor Derek Luke mentioned how Will Smith is being considered for the role of Captain America. As the actor had no connection with Marvel, he said, “I heard they offered Will Smith ‘Captain America’”. In the comics, the character was shown to be the whitest white guy ever to wear spandex, Marvel Studios planned for a huge step. Derek added it “shows how times have changed.”

After the success of Hancock, the actor did have one hell of a stretch, and his chances would have been great. As he went on to give a huge box office success during the release of the movie, do you really think he would have looked great as Star-Spangled Avenger?

However, this would not have been the first case when Marvel Studios planned to cast an actor different in colour from the actual comics. The original Nick Fury was a grizzly old white guy – a cigar-chomping tough guy in the comics. However, as shown in The Avengers and the first Iron Man movie, he was re-cast as Samuel L. Jackson, and fans haven’t really did not had an issue with it.

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