When Justin Bieber Was 'Turned On' By Hailey Bieber's BFF Kendall Jenner & Said "Because You're Sitting Right There", Here's What She Replied - Watch!
Justin Bieber Once Admitted He Was Turned On With Hailey Bieber’s BFF Kendall Jenner’s Presence – Watch! (Picture Credit: Instagram)

Popular Hollywood pop singer Justin Bieber has always been swamped with ladies. He was previously linked with Selena Gomez for eight years and then got married to Hailey Bieber. However, before marrying Hailey, he was linked with her BFF Kendall Jenner. And this ongoing viral video might also give cheeky proof to it. Keep scrolling to find it out.

There was a time when Justin and Kendall were spotted together quite a few times, cosying up to one another and creating quite a buzz around their romance rumours. However, finally, JB tied the knot with her BFF Hailey Rhode Baldwin, and they are all now cordial to each other.



Once, in front of a camera, Justin Bieber asked Kendall Jenner, “Are you turned on right now?” Kendall, who can only be heard in the video, cross-questioned him and asked, “Are you?” Justin said, “Yeah, I’m turned on.”

When Kendall Jenner further pestered him and inquired, “How come?” The singer shared, “Because you’re sitting right there…what you mean?” Jenner further can be heard saying, “Oh, ditto”, and left Justin Bieber blushing in front of that camera.

Check out the video shared on YouTube:

As soon as the video hit the internet, netizens started to comment on the video. One of them wrote, “Now she’s friends with his wife, what in the world.”

One of the Selenators came in support of Selena Gomez and penned, “I’m so happy for Selena to get rid of him. She will get true man, love and happiness which she deserves.”

Another one commented, “This is actually why Selena unfollowed the Jenners because Kendall was messing with him.”

One of the comments can be read, “This is a tripppp. Hailey was into him around this time- Hailey really married the boy with the worst f boy reputation & w her bestie of all people.”

A few even called Justin Bieber “a playboy”.

Well, what are your thoughts about this bizarre video? Let us know.

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