Justin Bieber Once Claimed His Ex-GF (Selena Gomez) Was His Inspiration Amid Hailey's Statement Of Being Her Husband's Muse
Justin Bieber’s Old Video Resurfaces When He Claimed His Ex-GF (Selena Gomez) Was His Inspiration Amid Hailey’s Statement Of Being JB’s Muse (Picture Credit: Instagram & IMDB)

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have not been together since 2018, and yet we cannot stop imagining how things would have turned out if they were still together. Their on-and-off relationship for eight years gave hope to their fans for a forever future, but it faded away with time. Now, Selena is happy in her own life, and Justin has married Hailey Rhode Baldwin and is quite content with her. However, the fans never stop comparing his ex-girlfriend and wife, and create quite a stir on social media platforms.

The nonstop comparison ignites the feud between Hailey and Selena even more. Now, an edited video got out on social media where the Hailey fans and Selenators start to bicker over who has been Justin’s muse for his songs.

We all know singers tend to use their life stories as their songs’ lyrics. And the Baby singer Justin Bieber has done it too. In the recently going viral video shared by Aria.___ on Instagram, Hailey Bieber can be heard saying that “It’s really hard being the muse of a whole album”. But does Justin Bieber also think so? Well, in the next clip, in an old interview, Justin can be seen responding to a question when asked who inspires him to write music. And the singer replied, “Probably my ex-girlfriend.” And we all know who she is (Selena Gomez)!

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As soon as the video hit the internet, people started to comment. One wrote, “Imagine how Selena feels, she has been the muse of multiple. Must be exhausting 😮‍💨”

While a Hailey Bieber fan commented, “Using an old interview clip and haileys statement from his newest album definitely doesn’t fit the narritive.”

One of the Selenators penned, “Selena deserves better”. Another one wrote, “I can understand why Hailey acts the way she does when her husband is literally still obsessed with Selena and doesn’t ever have anything nice to say about Hailey.”

A few even clarified that the two videos are from two different timelines and wrote, “Justin’s clip was 2015 when him and Hailey were not together. Haileys clip was from 2020 seasons video and she is clearly joking.”

Well, what are your thoughts about this never-ending feud? Let us know in the comments.

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