Sylvester Stallone Took Digs At Marvel Films & Compared It To A 'Fireworks Show': "The Machines Do The Work..."
Sylvester Stallone Took Digs At Marvel Films & Compared It To A ‘Fireworks Show'(Photo Credit –wikimedia)

It’s safe to say that it’s a dream of every actor to star in an action movie. Isn’t it? Well, one such actor who dreamt of it was Sylvester Stallone, who rocked the silver screen with his epics like ‘Rambo’, ‘The Expendables’, and more. However, action movies have taken a hard turn ever since CGI has come into play, thanks to the giants like Marvel Studios and DC. While they bring billions of dollars at the box office, Stallone has some cruel thoughts on the same.

The 77-year-old slammed Marvel movies around the time when Avengers: Endgame dropped, which was no less than a historic event. The movie grossed over $2 billion at the worldwide box office and quickly became a benchmark for action movies. However, for Stallone, these movies are just “fireworks” where “machines” do all the work. Let’s check out his comments.

Sylvester Stallone told Variety back in 2019, “These films now are scientific. They’re made by techno-wizards. They don’t have to interact with actors to the extent you used to, because the machines do the work. And that’s not to denigrate the actors. In a Marvel film, you’re not going into the subtleties. You’re dealing with a canvas so big, so huge, that it becomes to me almost like watching a fireworks show.” Stallone then goes on to compare the big budget MCU films with some classics.

The ‘Rocky’ actor continues, “Whereas with the earlier action films — “Dirty Harry,” even “Bronson” — it was slowed down. You actually saw this guy thinking and you could say, ‘You know, I’m on board with this. I know that feeling.'” Sylvester Stallone then draws a comparison to an important Marvel character, “Whereas it’s tough to get into Thor’s head. I don’t know what it’s like to be that guy. So you’re swept away by this magnificent display of technology.”

What do you think about these comments made by Sylvester Stallone about Marvel movies?

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