Keanu Reeves Once Called Kissing Sandra Bullock The Most Memorable Part of Shooting the Lake House!
Keanu Reeves Once Called Kissing Sandra Bullock the ‘Most Memorable’ Part of Filming! ( Photo Credit – Facebook )

Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock made for one refreshing pair on screen in Speed (1994) and The Lake House (2006). Both the actors confessed to having crushes on each other a few years ago; however, they never ended up dating. To date, fans have mourned the potential of what could be one of the most powerful couples in Hollywood.

Both of the top Hollywood stars, Bullock and Reeves, are known for their decorated film careers. Sandra gained unprecedented popularity with her roles in films like Speed, While You Were Sleeping, and A Time to Kill, while Reeves established himself as a bona fide movie star with The Matrix, The Devil’s Advocate, and John Wick.

Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves first starred together in 1994 film Speed, and their undeniable onscreen chemistry spurred dating rumors between the two screen icons. The two reunited for the 2006 romance fantasy The Lake House, a remake of the 2000 South Korean film Il Mare. The pair had such amazing chemistry that one of their steamy kisses even went on to bag the award for best lip lock. Keanu, describing he kiss, once said that kissing Bullock was one of the most memorable parts of shooting The Lake House. Scroll ahead to learn more.

While promoting The Lake House, Reeves and Bullock were asked how it was to reunite after co-starring in Speed over a decade ago. Calling it an exciting experience, Reeves said, “You have great trust and comfort, which is nice to have going into something, and it was exciting.” He added, “I’ve said it before, but I enjoyed the first and second days where we worked together,” noting it was “the dance sequence.” The actor added, “And then the first kind of kiss—that was the most memorable film day for me.”

The memorable moment for Reeves also won him and Bullock the Teen Choice Award for “Choice Lip lock” in 2006. When asked if the two would recreate their iconic lip kiss, Bullock tried to get away with her politically correct answer, saying, “You say, ‘Do it again.’ But I’m a married woman now. It’s true. You have to understand… Hot kisses… and warm and tight, like that, I can’t do anymore.”

Keanu asked her, “Sandy? Weren’t you married when we did that kiss?” to which Bullock jokingly replied, “I’m in so much trouble right now.”

Both Keanu and Sandra revealed that they had crushes on each other on The Ellen DeGeneres show, but in different episodes. In 2018, Bullock admitted that she had a crush on Reeves when they co-starred in Speed. When Ellen showed him the clip of Bullock’s confession in 2019, Keanu replied, “She didn’t know I had a crush on her, either.”

When asked why they did not translate their feelings into a romance, Reeves said that they were professionals who were working to deliver a goal, adding, “She’s such a wonderful person, such a wonderful actress.”

Keanu Reeves has been dating visual artist Alexandra Grant since 2019, while Sandra Bullock was married to Jesse James from 2005–2010.

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