When Halle Berry's N*ked Scene Made John Travolta Go Off Script
When Halle Berry’s N*de Scene Made John Travolta Forget His Lines (Picture Credit: IMDB)

Halle Berry and John Travolta are two of the renowned actors in Hollywood, with Berry known not just for her acting chops but her divine figure as well, which made even Travolta go off script for a moment. The duo shared the screen for 2001’s Swordfish, and there was one particular scene that created a lot of buzz and the actress was asked about in many of her interviews.

For the unversed, the film also starred Berry’s X-Men co-star Hugh Jackman alongside Don Cheadle and others; it was an action thriller by Dominic Sena under Warner Bros. Pictures. Berry is undoubtedly a s*xy woman who is very confident about herself, but the n*de scenes still do cause some kind of uneasiness, and Travolta, with his response during the said scene, did not make it easier for the actress.

Halle Berry and John Travolta both appeared for an interview with Cinema as per a report by CheatSheet, where the actress talked in detail about her infamous n*de scene in the film Swordfish where she said, “I did the scene because it showed you that the character was in control of her sexuality and very comfortable with herself. The challenge for me was to pull it off and not just sit there naked and looking scared to death like I initially felt.”

However, John Travolta’s contribution to comfort his co-star Halle Berry was next to zero, and honestly, nobody can blame him for that as the actress is divinely gorgeous. Berry was supposed to strip in front of Travolta and Hugh Jackman, and the Grease star’s actual line was “This is friendly,” but as soon as he saw an undressed Halle, he went off script and blurted out, “OH MY GOD, just look at that body, can we applaud that, please?”

The report suggests that people started laughing after he went off-script like that and let his inner thoughts out; ultimately, his improvised dialogue was kept in the final cut of the film Swordfish, starring him and Halle Berry.

There were also rumours claiming that Halle did that part after she was offered more money for it, but dismissing them all, the X-Men actress said, “I don’t think n*dity is ever necessary. I think you can make every single movie and never show anything, and it’s fine. I think it’s a choice you make, and it was a bold choice on my part. But it was written in the script, and when I was offered the part, I was told, ‘That’s who this girl is, and it’s not negotiable to be taken out.”

That said, sometimes, unplanned moments make the best moments, and a similar thing happened in the case of John Travolta and Halle Berry for their film Swordfish.

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