Jennifer Aniston Kissing Ellen DeGeneres
FRIENDS Star Jennifer Aniston Kissed Ellen DeGeneres On The Lips(Photo Credit –Instagram)

Jennifer Aniston, who played Rachel in the iconic sitcom Friends finally knows how to BREAK! Well, that is some reference that only Friends fans would have noticed. We can not comment upon Rachel’s relationship but once Jennifer shared a sweet kiss moment with Ellen DeGeneres.

The Ellen DeGeneres Show host Ellen DeGeneres is known for her wild antics on her show. Back in 2019, The Friends star Jennifer was present as a guest and both of them gave one of the best moments of the talk show. Read on to find out more about what happened next!



During the Ellen DeGeneres show, the Friends star Jennifer Aniston asks the host Ellen, about her last kiss with Howard Stern on the show. In reply Ellen says, Is this something that’s going to turn you on? Do I need to… Why is this important?” Aniston replied, “Not when we’re with so many people.”

Following the incidents, Ellen quickly asked Jennifer Aniston, “When was the last time, you kissed a girl?”. Aniston says, “I don’t kiss girls on the girls” and as she says, Ellen DeGeneres leans towards Jennifer Aniston and says, “Is this what it was like?” Audiences cheered and clapped when both exchanged a sweet kiss on the lips. Watch the video below!

After the sweet moment, Ellen DeGeneres laughed and said, “That’s what they wanted to see, they’ve been wanting that for years!”. Jennifer Aniston also embraced the experience and said. “You have very soft lips,” to which Ellen replied, “So do you, that’s why I do what I do. No razor burns, soft lips.”

The “soft” lip lock was surely one of the most famous Ellen DeGeneres moments in the history of TV. The audience’s reaction speaks more than a thousand words. Jennifer Aniston can now proudly say ‘I kissed a girl and I liked it.’ Well, let’s just hope Ross and Rachel were on a break when this kiss happened because no one can go through it all again!

Let us know what do you have to say about this incident!

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