When 'Friends' Lisa Kudrow Recalled David Schwimmer Creeped Her Out On 'Web Therapy', "He Got So Creepy & Was Insisting On Anal S*x"
When ‘Friends’ Lisa Kudrow Recalled David Schwimmer Insisted On Anal S*x, Creeping Her Out On Web Therapy; Here’s What Happened (Picture Credit: IMDb)

American sitcom Friends is widely regarded as one of the most popular and beloved television shows of all time. The show’s success can be attributed to its relatable characters, clever writing, and strong ensemble cast, which includes Lisa Kudrow, David Schwimmer, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry, Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox.

Schwimmer’s portrayal of Ross Geller, a palaeontologist with a complicated love life and a geeky yet lovable demeanour, was widely appreciated by audiences. Schwimmer’s performance captured the nuances of Ross’s character, from his awkwardness and intellectual nature to his romantic misadventures and tumultuous relationships. But did you know he once creeped out Lisa? Scroll down to know more.

Talking to HuffPost Live, Lisa Kudrow recalled David Schwimmer came on her show Web Therapy, and things got a little uncomfortable. For the unversed, her former ‘Friends’ co-star played a man who had witnessed an affair between his father and Kudrow’s character, Fiona, in college. Schwimmer’s character was then advised by another therapist to have s*x with Fiona in order to purge himself of the scarring memory.

Schwimmer was so creepy. The character he chose got so creepy and was insisting on anal,” Lisa Kudrow said through laughter. “Can that be on Huffington Post?”

The subject matter didn’t make it awkward for Kudrow, but his insistence on the act did. “It was more that his character was so insistent. ‘It’s going to happen, whether you like it or not.’ Well, OK, now that’s rape.” Take a look at the video below:

Both David Schwimmer and Lisa Kudrow received critical acclaim and were recognized for their performances on “Friends.” They each received several award nominations throughout the show’s run, including Primetime Emmy nominations. The chemistry among the entire cast, including Schwimmer and Kudrow, played a significant role in the success of “Friends” and contributed to its enduring popularity, even long after the series ended.

Off-screen, David Schwimmer and Lisa Kudrow have a great bond of friendship as well.

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