The Deadpool and Wolverine Timeline is explained by the Director himself.
The Deadpool and Wolverine Timeline is explained by the Director himself(Photo Credit –Instagram)

Deadpool & Wolverine, one of the most anticipated films of the year, is now just a month away from hitting the theaters, and fans are all geared up to watch two of their favorite superheroes team up on screen.

The film marks a new beginning for Wade Wilson, aka Deadpool, as he gets pulled into a new mission after having resorted to a peaceful life at the end of Deadpool 2. This gives rise to the obvious question of where do the events of Deadpool & Wolverine fit into the overall franchise’s timeline. Well, the film’s director has now answered the question himself.

Deadpool & Wolverine Picks Up After the Events of Deadpool 2

The events of Deadpool & Wolverine are set six years after the climax of the previous film of the franchise, Deadpool 2. This is in confirmation with the release timeline of the films as well, as the threequel is arriving in cinemas six years after Deadpool 2, which premiered in May 2018. The timeline was confirmed by director Shawn Levy in a recent interview.

“It [Deadpool & Wolverine] takes place six years after the last film. He’s [Wade Wilson] proving to be useless at selling cars, hawking Blind Al’s blood-pressure meds to make rent, and his beloved Vanessa has a new boyfriend,” the filmmaker revealed.

The Film Marks the Return of Wolverine to the Screen After Seven Years

The film is special in its own way as it brings the fan-favorite X-man, Wolverine, back to the screen after a long gap of seven years. Hugh Jackman last played the role in the 2017 hit, Logan. Joining him is Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson/Deadpool, whose impeccable comic timing and stellar performance in the franchise has won him a dedicated fan following.

Deadpool & Wolverine follows Wade Wilson, who has moved on from Deadpool and now lives a quiet life. However, the Time Variance Authority, an organization existing out of the space-time continuum, gets him into a new mission. With the universe in danger, Wilson reluctantly puts on the costume of Deadpool once again, and teams up with an even more reluctant Wolverine, on a mission that can change the history of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Deadpool & Wolverine releases in theaters on July 26, 2024.

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