When Brad Pitt Seeked Love & Affection From A Pitbull By Putting Apple Sauce On His Face While Declaring Himself Braver Than Tom Cruise: "My Friend Will Tie Himself..."
Brad Pitt Once Compared Himself With Tom Cruise & Proved He’s Braver Than Him (Picture Credit: Wikimedia)

Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise are two of the biggest Hollywood stars with unparalleled fame and recognition; where Cruise is known for his dangerous and deadly stunts, Pitt once poked fun at him with one of his shenanigans. The actors shared the screen in 1994’s Interview With The Vampire, based on Anne Rice’s novel. It was the only time these two iconic actors came together on screen, and after that, it never happened again.

As per reports, Pitt and Cruise could have starred together in the 2019 film Ford v Ferrari which ultimately went to Matt Damon and Christian Bale, but due to budget problems, things did not work out. During the same time, Pitt’s Once Upon A Time In Hollywood with Quentin Tarantino was released, and the director once revealed that he approached Cruise for the role Pitt ended up playing.

Brad Pitt, in one of his appearances on the popular and controversial Ellen DeGeneres’ The Ellen Show, compared his and Tom Cruise’s gallantry. During the show, he revealed that his courageousness came from when he allowed a pitbull to lick his face and neck in his film Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. The video of him making a comparison has been going viral on Instagram, shared by Brad Pitt Support.

Ellen DeGeneres shared the mentioned photograph of Brad Pitt with the pitbull, and at that time, the actor said, “Tom Cruise, my friend, will tie himself to the side of an airplane, and it will take off and land; I put apple sauce on my neck so a pitbull would give me love and affection. I don’t know who’s braver.”

Netizens’ reactions to this video is also remarkable as one wrote, “Hey Brad why didn’t you just ask? I would give you soooo much love & affection on any day”

Another Brad Pitt fan wrote, “No applesauce needed here”

One of them agreeing with the Fight Club actor said, “Definitely he was more brave”

Followed by another fan writing, “I want to be à pittbull …and I dont need appelsauce……,” “Oh my sweetheart. He’s so funny and naive; he looks like a kid telling a mischief, I adore him, he’s exquisitely sweet, and tender.”

And “I Also can give you love and affection”

Check out the throwback video here:

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