Lynda Carter To Reprise Wonder Woman In The Flash (Pic credit: Movie Still)
The Flash To Have Lynda Carte Play Wonder Woman Again(Pic credit: Movie Still)

There is no doubt that Gal Gadot is an amazing Wonder Woman and that she has made a special place for her in our hearts. But while on that, it is also true that no one can ever replace the veteran Wonder Woman Lynda Carter who played the iconic character back in the ‘70s. As we revisit the moment, Warner Bros is planning to give us a nostalgia tour as Carter might just revive the superhero character in it next to The Flash, and below is all you need to know about the same.

Lynda Carter embodies Diana Prince from 1975 to 1979 for the hugely popular TVs how that ran for three seasons and 59 episodes. The legendary actor went on to be the face of Wonder Woman for decades. So much that the comics even adapted the traits that she had improvised in the character while playing it.



Now as we are eager for The Flash, turns out the makers are planning to bring back Lynda Carter to play a version of Wonder Woman in the film. The 69-year-old actor will be seen playing the character alongside Michael Keaton who reprises his character, Batman. Both the actors are roped in to have cameos in the film. Whether it will be an appearance or an extended role is yet unknown.

Not Just Lynda Carter but The Flash has been speculated to have cameos by many superhero veterans in one. Michael Keaton, Ben Affleck and others are almost sure to play their characters. The film is turning out to be a reunion of sorts.

Meanwhile, The Flash was being shot as per the schedule, but yesterday it was reported that the shoot was brought to a halt due to a team member testing COVID-19 positive. The member was asymptomatic and was detected positive during the test protocols. The makers have stopped the shoot and following the guidelines.

As per reports, they are now contemplating a date to restart shoot for The Flash with all the safety measures insight. How excited are you for Lynda Carter coming back as Wonder Woman? Let us know in the comments section below.

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