Lucifer 5B: Makers Hint God Is Staying Back(Pic credit: Instagram/dennishaysbert)
Makers Of Lucifer 5B Reveal God Has An Extended Appearance(Pic credit: Instagram/dennishaysbert)

The evilest people on Earth have to be the makers of Lucifer who left us on a delicate cliff-hanger with the first half of season 5. In the finale episode of the first half, we got to see that God had to come down to sort things and that was one highlight of a scene. But what if we tell you that God might just stay back, and we may get more of him on-screen. Well, it is not us, but the makers themselves are hinting it. Read on to know what this is all about and do not miss the tweet.

Spoiler Warning! We all saw how the finale of season 5 first half ended in hell. We saw the brothers, Lucifer played by Tom Ellis and Amenadiel D.B. Woodside indulged in a quarrel which only took a pause when their father God landed on Earth. This left the fans of the show in awe as the God coming down has to be a big deal.



The makers of Lucifer understand that too, looking at which it seems like they have extended his role in 5B. As per a Tweet in Lucifer’s official Twitter handle they were talking about the release date which is still under the curtains. The tweet further assures some is staying somewhere for a bit longer than expected. Now we all know who that can be.

The Tweet reads, “when could the release date of Lucifer 5B possibly be? we can’t reveal that but what we can reveal: get ready for ***’s extended stay on *****.”

For the unversed, God has never been seen in the show in flesh and bone. It has always been a voice-over, that too a very few times. Neil Gaiman has been the voice to God. This news makes one thing sure that Haysbert is not just a small cameo but will have some more scenes than expected.

Meanwhile, the release date of Lucifer 5B is one of the most wanted things on the Internet right now. The makers were shooting for the show as per the deadline when the pandemic hit the shores.

How excited are you with God staying back? Let us know in the comments section below.

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